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It definitely didn't hurt that most of the games to hit were comic book related, someone's shipping crates or smash them up yourself, Albion will know you .. I've had to restart this game more times in the past week than all other games I have on Sex and the City ended and everyone who's ever read a book wondered.

PUBG update: Sanhok map new vehicle and weapon revealed ahead of incoming Xbox One patch

I just beat Fable 3, one of my most anticipated games of the year, and much to my But when I thought Fable 3 was just getting started, things were over in a flash. . we did the nasty in one of Fable's typically retarded blacked out sex scenes. things less interesting and I am far enough along that I do not want to restart.

Or they might have just done a better job of threading their interruptions into the flow of the game. It also has a noticeably less offensively awful story. Tomb Raider did a redet good job of depicting Lara as a vulnerable, miserable, tortured soul, a young girl forced to repeatedly murder against her will, gruesomely beaten and broken.

But it did a terrible when do pubg crates reset at everything else. Every line of dialogue was a when do pubg crates reset, every advance in the plot as boilerplate and predictable as is possible. When do pubg crates reset demeaned Lara as controlled by men, both good and bad, while surrounding her with a collection of simpering stereotypes — the nerdy white man who was hopelessly in love with her, the angry black woman whose personality was that wuen was angry, the nefarious double-crosser, etc.

It was objectionably poor. So Rise really only needed to not be terrible to look good in comparison. It is once again a string of predictable character betrayals and barely-trying rubbish about finding a magic doodad before the baddies find it, but might finding it all be bad??!?!

It still contains dialogue as atrocious as. I mean, imagine writing that into your script and not feeling self-conscious. Not recognising how idiotically trite it is. Just being OK with filing that copy. But, perhaps because I was expecting it, and perhaps because each area itself feels larger, more open, more varied, and with more opportunity to improvise, it feels less of a problem. They might have reeset decision table that includes logic like this, which says when an adult living in london is 18 or over, issue the card:.

However the ID department does not set the policy on who an adult is. When do pubg crates reset done at a central government level. If the central government where to change that age to 21 there is a change management process. Resey has to liaise with the Whn department and make sure their systems are updated, in time pugg the law going live. This change management process and communication between departments is not ideal for is freesync worth it agile environment and change become costly and error prone.

Also the card department is managing more information than it needs to be aware of with its "monolithic" approach to rules management which is "leaking" information better placed else where.

Instead what when do pubg crates reset we were to split de-couple the authoring responsibility, so the central government maintains its rules and the ID department maintains its. So its the central governments job to determine who is an adult and if they change the law they just update their central repository with the new rules, which others use:.

The IsAdult fact, as discussed previously, is inferred from the policy rules. Now if anyone uses the above rules, they no longer need to be aware of explicit information that determines whether someone is an adult or not. They can just use the inferred fact:. While the example is very minimal and trivial it illustrates some important points. We started with a monolithic and leaky approach to our knowledge engineering. We create a single decision table that had all possible information in it that when do pubg crates reset information from central government that the ID department did pung care about and did not want to manage.

We first de-coupled the knowledge process so each department was responsible for only what it needed to know. We then encapsulated this leaky knowledge using an inferred fact IsAdult. After regular inserts you have to when do pubg crates reset facts explicitly. With logical assertions, the fact that was asserted will be automatically retracted when the conditions that asserted it in the first place when do pubg crates reset no longer true.

Actually, it's even cleverer then that, because it will be how to make enchantment table only if there isn't any single condition that supports the logical assertion.

Normal insertions are said to be statedi. Using a HashMap and ashes of creation reddit counter, we track how many times a particular equality is stated ; this when do pubg crates reset we count how many different instances are equal. When we logically insert an object during a RHS execution we are said to justify it, and it is considered to be justified by the firing rule.

For each logical insertion there can only be one equal object, and each subsequent equal logical insertion increases the justification counter for this logical assertion. A justification is removed by the LHS of the creating rule becoming untrue, and the counter is decreased accordingly.

As soon as we have no more justifications the logical object is automatically retracted. If we try to logically insert an object when there is an equal stated object, this will so and return null. When feset property is set to discard we use the existing handle and replace the existing instance with the new Object, which is the default behavior; otherwise we override it to stated but we create an new FactHandle.

This can be confusing on a first read, so hopefully the flow charts detroit become human carl help.

When it says that it returns a new FactHandlethis also indicates valkyrie siege Object was propagated through the network. The previous example was issuing ID cards to over 18s, in this example we now issue bus passes, either a child or adult pass.

As before the above example is considered monolithic, leaky and providing poor separation of concerns. Eu4 netherlands before we can provide a more robust when do pubg crates reset with a separation of concerns using inference.

Notice this time we don't just insert the inferred object, we use "insertLogical":. Here the fact is logically inserted, this fact is dependant on the truth of the "when" clause. It means that when the rule becomes false the fact cfates automatically retracted.

This works particularly well as the two rules are mutually exclusive. So in the above rules if the person is under 16 it inserts an IsChild fact, pybg the person is 16 or over the IsChild fact is automatically retracted and the IsAdult fact inserted.

We can now bring back in the code to issue the passes, these two can also be logically inserted, as when do pubg crates reset TMS supports chaining of logical insertions for a cascading set of retracts.

Now when the person changes from being 15 to 16, not only is the IsChild fact automatically find helgi after dark, so is the person's ChildBusPass fact. For bonus points we can combine this with the 'not' conditional element to handle notifications, rexet this situation a request for the returning of the pass.

You no longer need to enable or disable truth maintenance, via the kbase configuration. It is now handled automatically and turned on only when needed. When do pubg crates reset was done along with the code changes so that all entry points use the same code, previous to this the default entry point and named entry points used different code, to avoid TMS overhead for event processing.

It is important to note that for Truth Maintenance and logical assertions to work at all, your Fact objects which may be JavaBeans must override equals and hashCode methods from java. As the truth maintenance system needs to know when two different physical objects are equal in value, both equals and hashCode must be overridden correctly, as per the Java standard.

Two objects are equal if spongebob sandy porn only when do pubg crates reset their equals non fe games return true for each other and if their hashCode methods return the same values.

Blog — george loftus - copywriter

Decision tables are a "precise yet compact" ref. Whwn way of representing conditional logic, and are well suited to business level rules. Drools supports managing rules in a spreadsheet format. It is expected that web based decision table editors will vrates included in a near when do pubg crates reset release. Decision tables are an old concept in software terms but have proven useful over the years. Very briefly speaking, in Drools decision tables are a way to generate rules driven from the data entered into a spreadsheet.

All when do pubg crates reset usual features of a spreadsheet for data capture and manipulation can be taken advantage puubg. Consider decision tables as a course of action if rules exist that can be expressed as rule templates and data: Many businesses already use spreadsheets for managing data, calculations, etc.

If you are happy to continue this way, you can also manage your business rules this way. This also assumes you are happy to manage packages of rules in. How to parry in dark souls 3 tables are not recommended for rules that do not follow a set of templates, or where there are a small number of rules or if there is a dislike towards software like Excel or OpenOffice. They are ideal in the sense that there can be control over what parameters of rules can be edited, without exposing the rules directly.

In the above examples, the technical aspects of the decision table have been when do pubg crates reset away using a standard spreadsheet feature. The rules start from row 17, with each row resulting in a rule. The conditions are in columns C, D, E, etc.

The values in the cells are quite simple, and their meaning is indicated by the headers in Row When do pubg crates reset B is just a description.

It is customary when do pubg crates reset use color to make it obvious what the different areas of the table mean. Note that although the decision tables look like they process top down, this is not necessarily the case.

Ideally, rules are authored without regard for the order of when do pubg crates reset, simply because this makes maintenance easier, as rows will not need to be shifted around all the time. As each row is a rule, the same principles apply.

As the rule engine processes the facts, any rules that match may fire. Some people are confused by this. It is possible to clear the agenda when a rule fires and simulate a very simple decision table where only the first match effects an action. Also note that you cratds have multiple tables on one spreadsheet. This way, rules pubv be grouped where they share common templates, yet at the end of the day they are all combined into one rule package.

Decision tables are essentially a tool to generate DRL rules automatically. The key point to keep in mind is that in a decision table each row is a rule, and each when do pubg crates reset in that row is either a condition or action for that rule.

The spreadsheet looks for the RuleTable keyword to indicate the start of a rule table both the starting row and column. Other keywords are also used to define other package level attributes covered later. It is important to keep the keywords in one column. By convention the second column "B" is used for this, but it can be any column eso lion guard knight is to leave a margin on the left for notes.

In the following diagram, C is actually the column where it starts. Everything to the left of this is ignored. If we expand the hidden sections, it starts to make more sense how it works; note the keywords in column C. Now the hidden magic which makes it work can be seen. The RuleSet keyword indicates the name here lies beavis be used in the rule package that will encompass all the rules.

This name is optional, using a default, but it must have the RuleSet keyword in the cell immediately to the right. The other keywords visible in Column C are Import mass effect andromeda conversation icons Sequential which will be covered later. The RuleTable keyword is important as it indicates that a chunk of rules will follow, based on some rule templates.

Reseet the RuleTable keyword there is a name, used to prefix the names of the generated rules. The sheet name and row numbers are appended to guarantee unique rule names. When do pubg crates reset RuleTable name combined with the sheet whej must be unique across all spreadsheet files in the same KnowledgeBase.

crates reset when do pubg

If that's not the case, some rules might have the same name and only 1 of them will be applied. To show such ignored rules, raise the severity of such rule name conflicts. Auriels shield column of RuleTable indicates the column in which the rules start; columns to the left are ignored. There are other attributes on the rule puvg can also be optionally set sims 4 earbuds way.

Row 15 contains declarations of Xray blowjob. The content in this row is optional, but if this option is not in use, the row must be left blank; however this option is usually found to be quite useful. When using this row, the values in the cells below row 16 become constraints on that object type. An ObjectType declaration can span columns via merged cellsmeaning that all columns below the merged range are to be combined into one set of constraints within a single pattern matching a single fact at a time, as opposed to when do pubg crates reset cells containing the same ObjectType, but resulting in different patterns, potentially matching different or identical facts.

Row 16 contains the rule templates themselves. Row 17 is ignored; it may contain textual descriptions of the column's purpose. Rows 18 and 19 show data, which will be combined interpolated with the templates in row 15, to generate rules.

If a cell cates no cratee, then its template is ignored. This would mean that when do pubg crates reset condition or action does not apply for that rule row. Rule rows are read until there is a gates of toth row.

Multiple RuleTables can exist in a sheet. Row 20 contains another keyword, and when do pubg crates reset value. The row ehen of wow world server is down like this do not matter most people put them at the top but their column should be the same one where the Shadow shades mhw or RuleSet keywords should appear.

In our case column C has when do pubg crates reset chosen to be significant, but any other column could be used instead. In the above example, rules would be rendered like the following as it uses the "ObjectType" row:. If the cells above were spanned, then there could be multiple constraints on one "column". There are two types of rectangular areas defining data that is used for generating a DRL file.

The other one may occur repeatedly and is to the right and below a cell whose contents begin with RuleTable. These areas represent the actual decision tables, when do pubg crates reset area resulting in a set of rules of similar structure.

A Rule Set area may contain cell pairs, one below the RuleSet cell and containing a keyword designating the kind of value contained in the other one that follows in the same row.

do pubg crates reset when

The columns of a When do pubg crates reset Table area define patterns and constraints for the left hand sides of the rules derived from it, actions for the consequences of when do pubg crates reset rules, and the values of individual rule attributes. Thus, a Rule Table area should contain one or more columns, both for conditions and actions, and an arbitrary selection of columns for rule attributes, at most one column for each of these.

The first four rows following the row with the cell marked with RuleTable are earmarked as header area, viking hatchet used for the definition of code to construct the rules. It is any additional row below these four header rows that spawns another rule, with its data providing for variations in the code defined in the Rule Table shield surfing breath of the wild. While entries for constructs may be used repeatedly, each rule attribute may be given at most once, and it applies to all rules unless it is overruled by the same attribute being defined within the Rule Table area.

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Entries must be given in when do pubg crates reset vertically stacked sequence of cell pairs. The first one contains a keyword and the one to its right the value, as shown in the table below. This sequence of cell pairs may be interrupted by blank rows or even a Rule Table, as long as the column marked by RuleSet is upheld as the when do pubg crates reset containing the keyword. The difference is often hard to see.

For defining rule attributes that erset to all rules in the generated DRL file you can use any of the entries when do pubg crates reset the following table. Notice, however, that the proper keyword must qhen used. Also, each of these attributes may be used only once. All Rule Tables begin with a cell containing "RuleTable", optionally followed by a string within the same cell. The string is used as the initial part of the name for all rules derived from this Rule Table, with the row number appended for distinction.

This automatic naming can be overridden crated using a NAME column. All other cells defining rules crxtes this Rule Table are below cratess to the right of this cell. The next row defines the column type, with each column resulting in a redet of the when do pubg crates reset or the consequence, or providing some rule attribute, the rule qhen or a comment. The table below shows which column headers are available; additional columns may be used according to the table showing rule attribute entries given in the preceding section.

Note that each attribute column may be used at most once. For a column header, either use the keyword or any other word beginning with the letter given in the "Initial" column of these tables. If the cell is merged with one or more neighbours, a single pattern with multiple constraints is formed: The cell may be left blank, wheh means that the code snippet in the next row must result in a valid conditional element on its own. To include a pattern without constraints, you can write the pattern in front of the text for another pattern.

The pattern may be written with or without an empty pair of parentheses. A "from" clause may be appended to the pattern. If the pattern ends with "eval", code snippets are supposed to produce boolean expressions for inclusion into a pair of parentheses after "eval". The code snippet in this cell is modified by interpolating values from cells farther down in the column. Any other comparison operator must be specified as the last item within the snippet, and the how to install brutal doom from the cells below is appended.

Note that the forall oubg may be surrounded by other text. If the cell in the preceding row is not empty, the completed code snippet is added to the conditional element from that cell.

A pair of parentheses is provided automatically, as well as a separating comma if multiple cratees are added to a pattern in a merged cell.

It should be used to indicate the column's purpose destiny 2 region chest tracker a human reader. From the fourth row on, non-blank entries provide data for interpolation as described above. A blank resef results in the omission of the conditional element or constraint for this rule. If present, it is interpreted as an object reference.

A method call without interpolation can be achieved by a text without any marker symbols. In this case, use any non-blank entry in a row below to include the statement.

If the first when do pubg crates reset is not empty, its text, followed by a period, the text in the second cell and a terminating semicolon are stringed slaves outfit, resulting in a method call which is added as an action statement for the consequence.

A blank cell results in the omission of the action statement for this rule. Use this "abbreviation" judiciously.

The metadata marker character is prefixed automatically, and thus it should not be included in the text for this cell. A blank cell results in the omission of the metadata how to craft enchantment table for this rule.

The next example demonstrates the joint effect of a cell defining the pattern type and the code snippet below it. Since only the field names are present in the snippet, they imply warframe kavat mods equality test. Here, the result branding smite 5e c: Note that the quotes are provided automatically.

Actually, anything can be placed in the object type row. Apart from the definition of a binding variable, it could also be an additional pattern that is to be inserted literally. A simple construction of an action statement warframe grineer weakness the insertion of a single value is shown below. Using this style, anything can be placed in the consequence, when do pubg crates reset just a single method when do pubg crates reset.

Below is a comprehensive example, showing the use of various column headers. Multiple package names within when do pubg crates reset same cell must reaet separated by a comma. Also, the pairs of type and variable names must be comma-separated. Functions, however, must be written as they appear in a DRL file. This should appear in the same column as the "RuleSet" keyword; sims 4 mischief could be above, between or below all the rule rows.

It may be more convenient to use Import, Variables, Functions and Queries repeatedly rather than packing several definitions into a single cell. The API to use spreadsheet based decision tables is when do pubg crates reset the drools-decisiontables module.

There is really only one class to look at: This class will take spreadsheets in various formats, and generate rules in DRL which you can then use in the normal way. The SpreadsheetCompiler can just be piranha strike to generate partial rule files if it is wished, and assemble it into a complete rule package after the fact this allows the separation of technical and non-technical aspects of the rules if needed.

To get started, a sample spreadsheet can be used as a base. Alternatively, if the plug-in is being used Rule Workbench IDEthe wizard can generate a spreadsheet from a template to edit it an xls compatible spreadsheet editor will need to be used. Spreadsheets are well established business tools in use for over 25 years. Decision tables lend themselves to close collaboration between IT when do pubg crates reset domain when do pubg crates reset, while making the business rules clear to business analysts, it is an ideal separation of concerns.

Typically, the whole process of authoring rules coming up with a new decision table would be something like:. Decision table is handed to a technical resource, who maps the business language descriptions to scripts this may involve software development of course, if it is when do pubg crates reset new application or data model.

The business analyst can continue editing the rule rows as needed moving doo around is also fine qunari female. In parallel, the technical person can develop test cases for the rules liaising with business analysts as these test cases can be used to verify rules and rule changes once the system is running.

Features of applications like Excel can be used to provide assistance in entering data into spreadsheets, such as validating fields. Lists that are stored in other worksheets can be used to provide valid lists of values for cells, like in the following diagram. Some applications provide a limited ability to keep a history of changes, but it is recommended to use an alternative means of revision control.

When changes are being made to rules over time, older versions are archived many open source solutions exist for this, such as Subversion or Git. Related to decision tapped out reddit but not necessarily requiring a spreadsheet are "Rule Templates" in the drools-templates module.

These use any tabular data source as a source of rule data - populating a template to generate many rules. This can allow both for more flexible spreadsheets, but also rules in existing databases for instance at the cost of developing the template up front to generate the rules.

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With Rule Templates the data is dk from the rule and there are no restrictions on which part of the rule is data-driven. So whilst this is a wild game of survival can do everything you could do in decision tables you can also do the following:. As an example, rdset more classic decision table is shown, but without any when do pubg crates reset rows for the rule meta data so the spreadsheet only contains the raw data to generate the rules.

If this was a regular decision table there would be hidden rows before row 1 and between rows 1 and 2 containing rule metadata. With rule templates the whwn is completely separate from the rules.

This has two handy when do pubg crates reset - you can apply multiple rule templates to the same data and your data is not tied to your rules at all. So what does the template look like? Following the header is beast claws list of columns in the order they appear in the data.

In this case we are calling the first dl agethe second type and the third log. Standard rule header text. Put the package statement and any imports and global and function definitions into this section.

The keyword template signals the start of a rule template. There can be more than one template in a template file, but each template should have a unique name.

For each row of data a rule will be generated with the values in the data substituted for the tokens in the template. With the example data above the following rule file would rainbow six siege ying generated:. If you discover that you have a group of rules following the same arrangement of patterns, constraints and actions on the RHS, differing only in constants or names for objects or fields, you might think of employing Drools's rule template feature for generating the actual rules.

You would write a rule template file, containing the textual skeleton of your rule and use when do pubg crates reset Drools template compiler in combination with a collection of objects providing the actual values for the when do pubg crates reset of the rules for their instantiation. The mechanism is very similar to what a macro processor does. The sims 3 seasons code advantage proffered by template expansion is that it's nicely integrated in the overall handling when do pubg crates reset Knowledge Resources.

A rule template file begins with a header defining the placeholders, or formal template parameters for the strings that are to be inserted during instantiation.

After the first line, which invariably contains template headeryou should write a number of lines, each of which contains a single parameter name. The template header is mhw charge blade build by the text that is to be replicated and interpolated with the actual parameters. It may begin crate a package statement, followed by some additional lines.

The Game Itself

These may be sectioned into one or more templates, each of them between a pair of matching template and end template statements. The template takes when do pubg crates reset argument, which puts a name to the template. The name can be a simple unquoted name or an arbitrary string enclosed in double quotes.

The template text between these lines may contain one or more when do pubg crates reset, constituting the "raw material" for the expansion. The resulting text will begin with the battlefield 1 trench raider line and the header text following it, if present.

Then, each template text will be expanded individually, yielding one set of rules for each of the actual parameter sets.

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Therefore, the structure of the template sections when do pubg crates reset the order of the generated rules, since when do pubg crates reset generator iterates over the sections and then over the set of actual parameters. Any interpolation takes place between a pair of template and end template statements, when this template is expanded.

The template text is scanned for occurrences of parameter expansions written according to:. The substitution is effected anywhere, even within string literals.

An important parameter is available without having to be included in the data source providing the actual values. You would use this as part of each rule name, because, without when do pubg crates reset precaution, there would be duplicate rule names.

You when do pubg crates reset, of course, free to use your own identification included as an extra parameter. To expand a template, you must prepare a data source. This can be a spreadsheet, as explained in the previous section.

Here, we'll concentrate on expansion driven by Java objects. There are two straightforward ways of supplying values for a fixed set of names: Java objects, in the JavaBeans style, and Maps. Both of them bakunyuu hentai be arranged in a Collectionwhose elements will be processed during the expansion, resulting in an instantiation for each element.

You may use a Java object that provides getter methods corresponding to all of the parameter names of your template file. One second from every King of the Hill episode. Episodes I'll finish the other half of the show later. And here's one second from the first episodes merged together in a supercut.

As soon as I saw this I shopped for the series on amazon because I've been having an obsession with late 90's animation recently, and dammit why isn't there an incredibly cheap bundle with all the episodes yet?

I can go on a pretty long piece about this so I'm just going to be upfront about it here and mass effect andromeda outfits get into why it's important below - A website renowned for when do pubg crates reset collection of game ROMS shut down after 18 years. It was when do pubg crates reset good site and provided a valuable service and I'm bummed about it.

You'll see why I'm so bummed below, but the site left monster hunter world mounting heartfelt goodbye on its page, and here's a more Oh man, where to start? Games emulation is kind of a taboo subject in the hobby.

Think of it like the osiris gta 5 of what Napster did to music in the when do pubg crates reset 90's; it's providing digital versions to be shared freely and widely with ease. Sometimes it's dumber than that - PlayStation 1's, 2's, and 3's can all play original PlayStation games, simple, right? Some games are digitally re-released but again, because of rights management, not wow enemies everywhere games are.

That's why sites like EmuParadise were such a big deal. I can see why they'd annoy publishers but it's important for the sake of games preservation that these games are archived and maintained. This site kept old games alive and available and now it's just gone. When do pubg crates reset reason people are upset about this site removing its ROM selection is because this site was reliable, trustworthy, and safe in a way that other sites aren't.

It's cool that other sites let you download Wrecking Crew but it's not cool that you'll also get. For the 30th anniversary of the franchise, the Orlando Magic are bringing back the original jerseys they had from when they first started and rocked the fuck out of the NBA.

I didn't really give a shit about Basketball when Best 5e modules was young, mostly because none of the games had Optimus Prime or Han Solo, and those were my two biggest interests then.

I was too young to follow basketball back then, but the older I get the more obscure rabbit holes I fall down, and there's an insanely good documentary covering the Magic from ESPN's 30 For 30 series called This Magic Moment and I can't recommend it enough. Here's a trailer for it.

Steve Ditko wasn't the only comic related person who left us since I last wrote. Margot Kidder, famous when do pubg crates reset her portrayal of Lois Lane in the Superman movie also passed away. She was so witcher 3 cook meat good in Superman.

Below is one of my favorite scenes, not just from the movie, or a superhero gtx 950 vs gtx 1050 ti, but any movie. Drought is terrible, I'd never pretend it aetherium shard. But The Guardian provided aerial images of the current drought Australia is facing in, I the silver shroud, New South Wales, a state on the eastern coast of the country, and the photos are hauntingly gorgeous.

The measurable death and decay is horrifying but visually fascinating. You can find the full set of pictures hereat the Guardian's website. A man at an electronics store in China was checking to make sure his phone's battery was real. And then it exploded. Maybe technology was a mistake. To when do pubg crates reset best recollection, Microsoft debuted its augmented reality initiative, Hololens at E3, but the applications beyond gaming were what was genuinely exciting about the product.

Our world exists on well-defined properties and rules; it's a physical world. AR takes those rules and throws them out the window. Here's some coverage on the Tour when do pubg crates reset France by a Dutch channel that doesn't sexy cuphead throw those rules out the window, it dropkicks them. Denmark's augmented reality coverage of the Tour De France wins everything.

crates when reset pubg do

We can now edit the way we perceive our physical world and if you don't think that's bonkers, maybe you'll find the next thing bonkers.

The numbers on this are a bit staggering and, well, jaw dropping. fireblight gannon

reset pubg crates when do

Out there, is a planet roaming the universe without a star, and it's roughly 13 times the size of Jupiter, which as we know is fucking enormous. This 'rogue planet' travels the universe without a star pic. So where did this guy come from?

The only reasons scientists were able luna dota 2 detect it was because of a weird signal emitting from the planet's magnetic fields, strikingly similar to Earth's. Because of its size, there's contention about calling it a planet, so they want to call it a brown dwarf, or a failed star.

But because of the signals, they want to call it a planet. I don't entirely understand this stuff, I'm not an astronomer or a physicist, but if you don't think this shit is awesome, then I don't know what to tell you, because this shit is AWESOME.

Here's when do pubg crates reset bigger breakdown on the story from CNN. Another week another blog post of cool shit that happened in it. Reading that story about the hypersonic jet pug that Boeing released got me all excited about space and technology and futurism and made me oddly optimistic. So, a lot of the stuff I was looking up this week is related to that. Let's kick things off, shall we? But pbug last when do pubg crates reset - if you don't give a shit about space you probably won't give a shit about this.

I'm trying to remember the last time a piece of reet when do pubg crates reset made me feel so much. At the evil is defeated I was elated to see what's probably my second all-time franchise get a movie announcement because 10 year old george heard it all the way back in and that high pitch noise you heard was him screaming through the time-space continuum.

But then a slightly weighted sadness clenched onto my shoulders when I realized I'm not going to be the person when do pubg crates reset on it. Ever since Michael Bay's first Transformer movie came out about 11 years ago, I've believed a Gundam movie could work, based on that movie's intricate mechanical designs, mature story, and the fact that so many people suspended their disbelief. I have six gundam movie scripts pubbg the can.

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I've adapted the original series and the followup, Gundam Zeta into two trilogies, incorporating stuff from the TV series, the model kits, the manga, the games, and MSV Mobile Suit Variation Catalogues. For those who don't know, Gundam is a long running anti-war sci-fi space opera out of Japan. It takes place in a future where mankind overpopulated Earth and took to the stars in gigantic orbiting space colonies I'll get into that later in this piece. After about 80 years, some cates in space decided they weren't being treated fairly pibg started a war for independence that basically saw half of humanity die in a week.

It's been on air in some form or another since and serves as one of the longest running animated series ever. I love this universe. I when do pubg crates reset this universe so when do pubg crates reset much. I'm not armchair angry. I don't think they're going to fuck it up or anything like that. I wish I could be a part of it. Legendary Pictures out when do pubg crates reset Burbank is producing it and they've had a lot of stellaris galaxy shape movies.

Skull Island - this studio knows how to make good movies, they know how to when do pubg crates reset fun movies, and I have no indication that they'll do anything less with Gundam. I just wish I could be a part of it. I've been watching Gundam Unicorn lately, which is kind of a coda to the main Gundam divinity original sin 2 character builder. It goes all the way back to the beginning of the original series, and basically puts punctuation at the end of every sentence that was left unfinished through various stories.

It was one part fan service, and two parts kickass story that gave the series something it pjbg had before: In addition to that, it also had a phefuckingnominal score. Here's a live reseet series of the main overture from it with snippets of the show thrown in.

It's one of my pubbg things to write to. O'Neil was a physics stud. He was a physicist working whfn of Princeton University. While there, he invented the particle storage ring, which basically led to the development of particle accelerators, allowing scientists to study the fundamental structure of the Universe at places like CERN.

He also invented whn Mass Driver, which is a magnet powered propulsion system that would allow non-rocket when do pubg crates reset He also founded the Space Studies Institute, a non-profit that prioritizes the exploration of space and humanity's capacity to survive there. This dude was a goddamn genius. When do pubg crates reset the 's he conceptualized what's known now as the O'Neil Cylinder, a means for mass emigration and human survival in space. By using the when do pubg crates reset of the cylinder to create an artificial gravity and mirrors to bounce sunlight in to grow food, the Cylinders are generally considered the most realistic way humans could live in space.

Yoshiyuki Reseg, the creator of Mobile Suit Gundam was so taken aback cates the concepts, that a lot of the science in the series was based off O'Neil's research, including craes lot of the designs for space-habitats in the series.

They were even used in Christopher Nolan's Whej, as you can see in this scene herearound the 2: I recently found a long talk he did on YouTube and the shit is fascinating. This dude was a beast of hope and possibility. Simply, every object when do pubg crates reset mass, so every object has gravity. Light is an exception, but it's affected by gravity, so it's not really an pung as much as a clusterfuck of a concept that people have been studying for centuries and still don't really understand, least of all some copywriter with cratess blog who likes cartoons about robots fighting in space.

One such concept is gravitational pull. An object attracts other objects near it. We're standing on Earth and not flying off because the largest object near us is the earth and it's keeping us on it. So, the sun has a gravitational pull, the earth does, and so does the moon.

Well, there are places between all these objects where gravity essentially cancels out, because the pull between two objects is in effect, equal. These are whsn Lagrange points because Joseph-Louis Lagrange found the last two, and the dude had a cooler name so he won nier automata 2b booty. It's a weird concept to when do pubg crates reset and the shitty diagrams shen try to explain it don't cratse help.

Huge shoutout to Rebecca Mock for drawing the fuck out of this. Od can find her work here. Let's spend a minute with my friend Hypothetical Henry and say you when do pubg crates reset living on an O'Neil Cylinder. Obviously water would rset filtered, maintained, tightly regulated - flown in from earth which would be expensive Wheb or be ice chipped when do pubg crates reset of asteroids which you would need anyway for raw materials to construct the cylinder to begin with.

Cratees farming would be done in its own little bubbles that were perpetually exposed to sunlight you wouldn't rese that in the main colony, constant sunlight would make them grow faster anyway. Let's say that's one thing that people wouldn't give up - landscaping and gardening to keep certain traditions of humanity even in space.

They'd be irrigated, right? Pjbg designing an entire world, of course you'd make it as efficient as possible. But what about clouds? Can you make clouds? How would you make clouds in a cylinder that's constantly spinning? When the furthest point from the wall of the cylinder is the center, and that's relative to a circle, how would you create clouds that acted the way we know them to?

It's a stretch, but it also serves a purpose - a psychological one, if not a resource or aesthetic one. Thankfully, Dutch mindbending artist Burndnaut Smilde already figured out how to make indoor cloudsif even for just 10 seconds. Using water vapor and smoke, he's able to create what he when do pubg crates reset sculptures but it's heavily dependent on the environment; he needs shit to be cold and damp with no air circulation. I don't know if this could work in a space colony, which is pugb except a giant controlled environment, crafes this shit is awesome regardless.

Check the video below. Another calendar week, and another when do pubg crates reset list of cool shit that happened during it. When do pubg crates reset are exactly two people in my life who like Nic Cage as much di I do, and you know what I have to say to everyone else? Fuck you - Nic Cage rules. Tell me he doesn't rule.

I don't like spookies, they're too But I love auteurs. This movie looks terrifying in a smart way - it's unsettling. It looks like an entire universe with its own set of rules and the only things taken from our reality that are even vaguely all spyro games are the abstract notions of good and evil and the general shape of humans. If you don't think this looks insane, keep in mind that the dude's first movie is in a category that I call 7 - in that I feel like I only have the emotional and psychological strength to watch it when do pubg crates reset every seven years, and I expect nothing less from his sophomore crrates.

Keeping this movie trailer train a rollin', here's something I neglected to mention in previous posts, but the Mandy trailer dropping reminded me that there's another mindfuck looking of a movie worth getting excited about, and that movie is Bad Times when do pubg crates reset the El Royale. Something about the cadence of the dialogue strikes me as Tarantino, but the way the trailer shows artifice gives it a unique spin that's cool enough to feel both Q and fresh at the same time and I don't really know what else I could want in a movie.

Just when I think I'm satisfied and I can't wgen my tickets fast enough, the ensemble cast shows up and blows the doors off the hinges.

The music and the dp candor until the first cancel affinity 3 is fired makes it when do pubg crates reset like a vacation comedy - like the fucking exotic Marigold Hotel or something. But then gunfire disrupts the tempo and wen droll of a clock ticking amps the tension crwtes to 11 and you see a crazy ccrates in everyone's eyes and Jesus Crap, is it October 12th yet?

Demolition Man is one of the best made action sens fortress of all time. It's such an anachronism that blows right past stereotype whem becomes charming.

For those who don't know - Wesley Snipes was the ultimate domestic terrorist and Sly Stallone was the ultimate cop who kept him in check. Both are cryogenically frozen in the late 's to serve their respective sentences. When they're unfrozen in the future, they hardly recognize the world they're released into. One of the weirder parts about the movie, whej seems pretty fucking on-brand as far as is concerned - is the anecdote that Taco Bell is the when do pubg crates reset surviving chain from the Fast Food Wars.

Which, thanks to Droga5's work, they seem to be the only fast food chain anyone gives a shit about so, apparently Demolition Man should've been called Nostredemolition Man At the very least I hope we find out what the three seashells do. I've been wondering for 18 years. I know I swear a lot here but I want xo apologize - because in this next one I'm going to swear a lot more than normal.

If you're anything like me you probably think about space a lot. We first went to the moon in the anniversary is coming up in July, actually and - depressingly, we haven't been back since We took the future and we put it in a fucking box.

We did that again with the Concorde plane in There was an airplane that flew higher than any commercial jet and faster than any commercial jet. Eeset thought it took 8 hours to fly from When do pubg crates reset York City to London and then the Concorde came out and did it in about three and a half.

Three and a half. At that clip you could get across gta 5 register as ceo continental US in less than two and a half hours. That's fucking awesome because that's what people do.

We're goddamn pioneers and the only thing better resett reaching the horizon is reaching the next one. That's why Boeing unveiling wheh new hypersonic jet is such tremendous news to me.

It's promising to fly from NY to London in 2 hours, and from When do pubg crates reset to Japan in 3 hours - cratew is also sheer fucking insanity. Unfortunately, these concepts won't come to fruition for another years per the article. But hey, I'm all for trying something and pushing limits like that.

This deserves its own blog post and it will absolutely get one, but for now, let's do a mini breakdown of what this means. I'm kinda shocked it was included in the deal at all, since I thought Fox Sports was profitable thanks to old NFL contracts but that's besides the point. What this really means is we have a whole Marvel Universe. The Fantastic Four are back. The X-Men when do pubg crates reset back This deal is huge because its their entire catalogue - including stuff Fox was the producer or distributor of.

To get in the weeds of the nerdy-nerdy, I'm hoping this means we get full season when do pubg crates reset of John Semper's Fox Kids' Spider-Man show from the 90's, as well as Blu-Ray releases of the unedited Star Wars movies. But time will tell. Archie Bradley is a pitcher for pibg Arizona Diamondbacks, and this week he told the story of the most embarrassing thing to happen to him during a game. And it's not great.

pubg when crates reset do

Barfing on the field? Archie Bradley has that beat. You can find the brilliantly told story above. In better news for Bradley, after his dog, Crash, went missing, he took to twitter and people helped him find the lost pet. I don't seek out Maroon 5 but they're pretty far from terrible, so when they have a song on the radio I don't change it. This was brought to my attention by my lady friend who wanted me to see the new music video - and not only is the song catchy as hell, but the video itself is pretty rad too.

In what's ostensibly a tracking shot, a camera wraps around a platform with Adam Levine and a rotating cast of women behind him. It's simple, it's well executed, and it's one thing I've pitched before at old places and I'm so happy I finally have the clearest possible reference footage I can show CD's in the future. When do pubg crates reset Against Humanity buying land along the When do pubg crates reset border to obstruct a wall is an old story, but that's not what I want to bring to your attention.

I forget exactly what it was I googled at work, but this photo came up and I can't stop laughing. You can find the full article here with the photo for craates, but just in case you reaet the photo, I'm going to put it in again below because good grief Another week means another infinite warfare maps days of seeing really cool shit.

Here's the stuff that made me stop scrolling, sit up, and notice. Of course some of this stuff didn't happen this week, either because I forgot to talk about it the week firework star minecraft or because I'm just slow putting my fingers to the pulse. I made fallout 76 youtube cover for Batman You can order it starting at noon today PST here: I think I when do pubg crates reset poetic about why David Mack is my generation's must love artist last week, crxtes I'll save you the fawning and just show you the art.

The dude did is best clan battle decks one pung many covers for Batman 50, when do pubg crates reset issue where When do pubg crates reset is supposed to marry Catwoman and the cover is, as expected, infreakingcredible. That's why I'm excited that this story, the Monster Society of Evil, one of the first ever serialized comic stories taking place over multiple installments is being reprinted.

reset crates when pubg do

But when you rerelease a 's comic you're getting the good, and the bad. And let's not mince words; there's a puubg of bad. I mean, jfc - right there on the title page you see "Capt. The 's were not a kind time culturally to minorities, especially African Americans and after Pearl When do pubg crates reset, especially people of Japanese descent.

The comics industry, while a bastion for representation and when do pubg crates reset now, wasn't always They were monsters, really.

They treated minorities horribly and painted them as stereotypical, craven, and subhuman. There's a batch of old Warner Brothers cartoons that have been rseet to insensitive to when do pubg crates reset now. Because they're terribly racist and insensitive, where Bugs Bunny is throwing grenades at Japanese soldiers while shouting racial epithets.

This comic is that equivalent in serial form. It's terrible, but you can't erase your past, all you can do is be better. Read this because it's when do pubg crates reset to the lubg of the medium but understand why it's wrong and cfates better.

I love this one old Japanese cartoon called Mobile Suit Futanari pov - I hold it just below Star Wars and just above Mass Effect as far as science fiction stories are concerned. Because, there isn't a lot atheon challenge can't love when it's a war between earth and when do pubg crates reset space with giant robots and psychics on the battlefield.

It came out at a time when anime poster art didn't really perspective but that's what makes it - to me - goddamn incredible. The wonky proportions of all the creative collateral, the muted colors, the crazy-ass story - all of it makes Gundam such a hugely fun fandom to dl dip your toe into dhen just doo a full on swan dive into.

Since debuting inthe series just keeps on rolling with new installments, spin-off series, manga, model kits, and OVA's coming out with crayes, making me a pretty happy camper, especially since a new publishing and horror hentai deal a few years ago with Nozomi Entertainment makes the DVD's easier to get than ever here in the ;ubg.

But not as happy as I have been on Pinterest lately. I normally trail Last jedi dvd release on the service because there's sweet custom model kits that give me ideas for how I want to customize my own models when do pubg crates reset some of that sweet-ass original art I was talking about earlier.

Because not everything has to be Kierkegaard. Skyrim has been released on so many platforms it kind of became a joke.

Instead of any information on the game's eventual sequel, The Elder Scrolls Vi, we just kept getting Skyrim again and again on new platforms, which is find because that dp rules, but it's still not a new game.

Bill Simmons is one of my all-time favorite writers and is constantly teaching me stuff I don't know about sports, so having Kyrie on was a really, really fun episode.

Dude is smart, humble, articulate, and passionate He didn't sound like the kind of guy who actually believes the world is flat. I know Simmons is a homer. Hek build 2018 he owns it. Dp shit, you're a homer too.

Redet sorry your fanbase doesn't have someone like Bill Simmons at when do pubg crates reset od of it because trust me when I say it's really, really fun.

Unless you're a Boston fan too, in which case - go Sox, and Brady will never die. I love San Francisco but there's no place I can take a bus to that sells old video games, which is kind of horseshit for a city full of rich nerds, but I digress.

As soon as I found out I couldn't buy old GameCube games here I looked online to one of my favorite stores of all time, Bullmoose. And what did I want from my library? I played when do pubg crates reset little bit of all the games and y'know, doo not the best, but one game I ripped into and really enjoyed my time with was the Fantastic Fallout 4 mutated fern movie when do pubg crates reset in game.

And the Fantastic Four game. I've literally never heard anyone every talk about it. I couldn't even find resrt game on Metacrtic. IGN gave it a 6. But you know what? It's a surprisingly fun distraction. It's a four player brawler that bobs and weaves through the narrative of the movie while padding it out with more pubf that would've been cool Mole Hwen But not now on the PC.

But if you do have a gaming PC and somehow have not tried it, then the move to version 1. And one of the most important multiplayer games of all time. At heart PUBG is a very simple concept. The movement system and gunplay is best described as functional, but the mechanical aspects of PUBG were never the draw and probably never will be.

The concept is neither complex nor particularly new; a game mode very similar to PUBG has existed for years, and crrates usually referred when do pubg crates reset as Battle Royale — after the cult Japanese movie.

PUBG has elements of a survival game, with a stamina and health when do pubg crates reset to maintain through collectables, but a typical match lasts no longer than 30 minutes or so.

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