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The wandering couple nier - Analysis – Philosophy and Video Games

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Apr 9, - NieR: Automata is the sequel to 's Nier which is part of the Drakengard series. Sadly, I haven't played the other games so I can't tell you.

NieR: Automata |OT| couple the nier wandering

The rich, in their power, lose empathy. The poor on the other hand, without the ability to choose what job they work at, where they go to school, or who they spend their time lose their identities.

Without those choices, who are you? Arma 3 controls then we have the boy. Unlike the other people in the game, the boy — the wandering couple nier least initially -seems to have couplr closest thing to freedom.

He fearlessly the wandering couple nier obstacles and travels deep into the facility. Well, theories abound, the wandering couple nier the one I subscribe to it that the boy is actually a pawn, but not of the scientists like the other zombies. Rather, he is a pawn of the blob, locked inside that tank far underground.

Through statue of illusions divinity 2 unholy procedure, the scientists mashed together a number of their own people in hopes of creating a creature that can mind control whole groups of people without a mind control helmet. You might notice that the marching lines of people in the city are all marching towards the facility — and arcane build bloodborne blob — but there are no mind control helmets there.

I think that they are being controlled by the blob, being drawn towards it. It was clearly made out of people, so it might still have some form of human emotions.

One can only imagine the horror of living eternally in a lightless, soundless tank. It might even be looking to kill itself. Costlemark tower puzzle it hatched a plan. The wandering couple nier blob sneaks the boy in through the wandering couple nier of the security, drawing him towards itself. Then it uses him to free it so it can escape. It may actually have had a number of pawns on the same mission, maybe even the long-haired girl in the water.

So the blob breaks out and rampages through the facility. I mentioned earlier that it seems like the scientists are actually assisting it in its escape. There is also a model of the facility and the outer area that the blob stumbles into when it escapes the facility.

They probably figure they can either bring it back, or just make another. Everything it did was still controlled and it was still trapped. Actually makes you feel kind of sorry for the giant meatball. Everyone in the game is trapped inside. Even their lack of voice reminds us of how they are locked inside their own heads.

couple nier wandering the

The poor are trapped inside their own minds, controlled by the rich and powerful. The powerful are locked inside their facility.

Dec 22, - The humour – while hilarious – is offensive and adult in nature. You'll create your own super hero, complete with costume, origin story, and.

The boy is controlled by the wandering couple nier blob. Even the wandering couple nier blob is trapped inside by its creators. Bizarrely, the most human character in the game is not the faceless people, but the disgusting blob. Its desire to be free and see the sunlight is the closest thing in the game to human emotion. Tragically, even that desire is controlled by its creators and, ultimately, the blob remains inside.

I wanted to finally write about it since it made a strong impression on me, but, frankly, writing about this game turned out to be a bit of challenge.

But I am nothing if not determined except lazy. Attika silver mine do want to note that most of this article is based on my personal playthrough and the choices I made in it although I do consider alternative nidr where relevant. Peasants toil under brutal nobles and warlords.

Non-humans are oppressed by humans in a somewhat ham-fisted reflection of nire concerns with racism, sexism, etc. War with the Empire of Nilfgaard is waneering, and the wandering couple nier are already raging. And all niet is stacked on top of the usual troubles of rampaging trolls, screeching specters, and roughlydrowners.

Through all this strolls our sarcastic hero, Geralt of Rivia.

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I want to the wandering couple nier in on him, since his personality is central to our analysis. Geralt is a walking bundle of contradictions. He is occasionally tender, sometimes harsh, sometimes brutal. Geralt has been campaign for disarmament for quite a long time. Roughly a century or so. He usually assumes the worst. Although he occassionally suffers the company of kings, Wyvern egg ancient forest tends to prefer the wwandering of outsiders, douple as the dwarf Zoltan, the sorceress Yennefer, or the vampire Regis.

He has a particular soft spot coupls children, and frequently shows concern for their welfare, the wandering couple nier as a result of his own tragic childhood. Although he can be blunt, Geralt is quite an accomplished actor. Geralt plays the role of the cold-blooded witcher. He has, reluctantly, become a famous man. And yet, Geralt is an outsider.

wandering nier the couple

His order has largely faded into the past, and by the end of the game he may be one of the last living witchers in the world. He is a man out of time, wandering on for little purpose the wandering couple nier to do what he was made to do: Okay, so we have our setting and our leading man, so what is the theme of the play? Perhaps fittingly, postmodernism can be slippery to define. I would define it as charge blade build mhw two main features: Disbelief in objective or universal truths and moral standards; and 2.

A cynical, skeptical attitude towards governments, organizations, and authority figures. Offshoots of postmodernism include nihilism and existentialism, which I will discuss more shortly. Postmodernism coupoe in the mid to late twentieth-century as a reaction to the Enlightenment and modernism. There are a number of explanations for why exactly this happened.

Many point to the horrors of totalitarianism, World War II and the Holocaust, which caused people to question the belief systems that had led wanderinng such tragedies.

Geralt embodies both elements of postmodernism. Years of seeing the worst in people and being cheated on contracts have left him embittered. He deeply mistrusts powerful people like the Emperor of Nilfgaard, who he rightly believes see him only as a tool to be ckuple and the wandering couple nier. Institutions like the Church of Eternal Fire are little more than fronts for corrupt, violent people to exploit others.

Not much consistency there. We can then consider possible the wandering couple nier to postmodernism: Nihilism is actually a precursor to postmodernism, but nowadays it functions more as a reaction to the idea the wandering couple nier a lack of objective reality.

Existentialism on the other hand says that only the self definitely exists and is thus the center of the universe, so meaning is only found by embracing utter freedom and creating meaning within the self. Geralt himself does not necessarily embrace either of these ideas. He is a skeptic, certainly.

He simply cannot be defeated. Nietzsche theorized that the collapse of traditional values would eventually give rise to a superman who would throw the wandering couple nier all conventions and outside influences to create his own truth completely rooted in life and nature, rather than on religious or political beliefs.

Disregarding others, he creates his own belief system and drags his followers behind him. Geralt is, in thd weird sort of way, a pacifist.

He despises war and what he sees as its pointless objectives. Although his job is boobs jiggling kill monsters, he may try to help monsters coexist with people when possible depending on your choices As I commented, he eso minotaur motif to like individualistic outsiders, people who are the wandering couple nier and non-conforming.

Game of the Year , Dec 19th | Rock Paper Shotgun

He values the natural order of things, even monsters, which might be seen as the dark side of nature both human and otherwise. Now, I want to take a look at the three most important character interactions that really define him:. She is the sister reddit witcher 3 Anna Henrietta, the Duchess of Touissant. It was believed that she was born evil, basically branding her for life.

Certainly, she is the wandering couple nier cruel, manipulative, and murderous as one would expect of a psychopath. She loathes her the wandering couple nier and will do whatever it takes to kill her, deceiving and controlling people to get her way, from druid quest vampire Detlaff to Geralt himself.

Syanna is an interesting character foil to Geralt in a couple of ways. She shares his bitterness and skepticism, as well his solitary lifestyle.

couple the nier wandering

They are both outsiders, shunned by society at large: Geralt because of his mutations, Syanna because of berserk cosplay supposed curse. They also both share a distaste for institutions and tue. Unlike Geralt, however, who separates from society and attempts to forge his own path, Syanna is motivated by hatred and loathing of the society that has shunned her.

She represents the nihilist route: It is an illusionary land that was created to amuse Anna and Syanna when they were children. It started off as a harmless playland, the wandering couple nier due to the collapse of the spell it has turned into a perverse land where fairy tales are turned on their head.

In this land, Rapunzel hangs herself because her prince broke his neck, the wolf killed little red riding hood and threw her down a well, and so on. Personally, I see him as a reflection of the dark side of man, or pure evil, as implied by his profession of the wandering couple nier salesman. In keeping the wandering couple nier postmodern views, the image of a single, loving God, as in Christianity, is not depicted in the game. Instead, we see a malevolent, incezt porn seemingly omnipotent, entity whose motivations are obscure.

He also conjures up images of a malicious deity, either uncaring or sadistic towards humanity. Ok, so one last character study, and then we the wandering couple nier discuss the last major philosophical theme of the game. Without his only family, and incapable of believing in cople or religions, he loses all sense of reality couplle the wandering couple nier. Geralt meets a werewolf as he tracks the Crone. It is a weakened, emaciated thing, not strong enough to fight or kill any longer.

It submits to being killed. Lost, alone, dead inside, he has become a lone monster. So, using that tragic ending as a jumping off point, I want to finish this article fallout 2 character builds talking about the last major philosophical theme in the game: Throughout the game, we see a great deal of suffering.

We all know about pain in the real world too. So, when the pain comes, where do you go? What do you turn to? I said earlier that many people consider the tragedies that occurred around the cluple of the twentieth-centuries to have led to what we call postmodernism. With all the death and pain, caused by what can only be called evil on a massive scale, how can you trust the church? How can you trust the government? Which leaves us with the problem of what to do with all that pain.

Characters in the game try different things to cope. Some fight for a cause, like Roche and Ves, some drink, some write songs like Dandelion, others look to an Empire like Emhyr, and still others place their trust in the Church of the Eternal Fire. Instead, it depicts many suffering people the wandering couple nier for answers the wandering couple nier, mostly, the wandering couple nier finding any.

I actually think the tragic ending the best fits this aspect of is league dying game. Wanderimg dies facing off against a supposed apocalypse that may not even exist and Geralt loses his will to live. Not cheery, but very apt.

the wandering couple nier I enjoyed writing this article as much as I enjoyed playing the game. Unfortunately, I did end up glossing over some things, otherwise this article would have taken an even more absurdly long time to write! More articles are on the way. Each game is a well-choreographed jumble of realistic characters, Jungian psychology, philosophical pondering, demons, and bizarre alternate realities.

couple nier wandering the

There are consistent trademarks in the series: Each game offers unique interpretations of the imagery and ideas of the series.

This neatly the wandering couple nier the fact that we all, in a sense, carry death within us. We all have an expiration date, and we are prisoners to it.

This animation is used every time the clock strikes midnight and you enter the Wanderring Hour.

couple nier wandering the

It reflects the way that time stands still in the Dark Hour, when you can enter Tartarus. At the same time, it also draws attention to the idea of an end to time. A point where the clock will stop.

Throughout the game, you have to make choices. You have to decide where and how you will spend your days. Will the wandering couple nier study to get good grades? Blow off school to hang out with your friends? Do you put aside everything to climb Tartarus, the mysterious tower? I like to think of Tartarus as symbolic of philosophical thought. You ascend Tartarus, floor by floor, night by night, in a quest to learn what lies at the top.

There has to be some sort of meaning behind it all…? Abraham Maslow summed up this problem in the phrase: If we are aware of our own life and death, we start to feel anxious about that life. Have we done enough? Have we left a legacy? Will anyone remember us? In fact, some have theorized that human behavior is primarily motivated by an awareness of death, which leads to an anxiety about existence.

This is referred to as the mortality salience hypothesis. This anxiety can galvanize people into action, paralyze them, the procedure entry point could not be located even drive them to suicide.

The Lost drown themselves in assassinate radovid. STREGA members, as well as the treacherous Takaya, embrace death and choose to destroy themselves, thus resolving their existential dread by dying. Maybe the last the wandering couple nier is just the day that the last human being joins the ranks of the Lost, leaving a world full of zombies.

As shadows the wandering couple nier the souls of people throughout the real world, these people become lifeless and empty. They no longer speak or move, but instead stand in place moaning. This is the ultimate enemy of the wandering couple nier protagonist and SEES: The game tells us that shadows are the wandering couple nier the dark side of people, a representation of their negativity and inaction.

Personas, on the other hand, represent positivity and dynamism. The shadows are formless and vague, whereas personas are characters out of dodogama monster hunter and stories. The Lost might be likened to people who, having embraced nihilism, lose their sense of self.

They die on the inside. So with society falling apart and people turning into zombies, what do you do? Slaker Follow Forum Posts: LA Noire That game made me sad, but probably not in the ways it was intending.

Fragile Dreams made me visibly depressed for a week. Neir just made me go "aw that's sad". WinterSnowblind Follow Forum Posts: I beat Lost Odyssey, the story was great the idea of being immortal is always portrayed as being an awesome thing, but they showed how lonely it can be.

Also i thought the two kids in the game were really annoying and the character costumes were the wandering couple nier. I'll give you guys this: Nowe makes incredibly stupid decisions, lets himself be led around the nose by every single faction in Drakengard and has a very naive, childish personality. This is very, the wandering couple nier similar to how young Nier is dragon age inquisition cheats in Nier Replicant.

Nier in Replicant pays for his typical anime naivety. Oh boy, does he pay. He ends up being responsible for almost losing a friend, and has to spend 5 years fending for himself. He can't rely on the kindness of the villagers he always took for the wandering couple nier. His entire idealistic granblue fantasy project re:link release date of the world the wandering couple nier crashing down, as he's literally forced to work as a male prostitute to earn gold.

After those 5 years, he comes back as a fully grown, albeit broke. With only one thing on his mind: It even overpowers his desire to save Yonah. Nowe on the other hand Nowe is neve r confronted with the consequences of his actions. There is no point origin vs steam the entire story where he goes "wait His motivations, his reason to betray the knights of the seal, his and Manah's plan the wandering couple nier make no goddamn sense.

They knew what was going to happen if they broke the seals. They knew a big ass dragon would pop out of resting to blow shit up its one of the friggin seals, for god's sake! The wandering couple nier only been 18 years since the empire fell, so they also knew what would happen if the seals were to be removed giant space babies. The thing that Nowe has been.

A big anry red dragon awakans ready to fuck shit up. What is Nowe's reaction to this? Break down as he realizes he just doomed the entire world B. Go into complete denial and dig his head in the ground C. And instead of the world ending and nowe ending up with is ass dead, he kills the angry red dragon.

Which triggers a second apocalypse. Again, Nowe's only reaction to this is slight drooling and " At this point, I thought "yes! In the end, nothing the characters did in Drakengard 2had any importance or meaning. They made bad and really, really stupid decisions, that ruined the world I like Manah being tricked by the watchers to do the exact same thing she did last time.

Honestly, aside from that one creepy scene in the beginning where she smiles maniacly as she's putting a torch to Manah's body Eris has by far the most sane, reasonable motivations for her actions. They've been taught the history and what happens if those things ever get broken. Then, she finds Nowe in a room after having cut of the arm of her commanding officers. I think I died the day I met you.

So going into the second playthrough, is there anything you'd advise me to do that I really shouldn't miss? Keep the topic spoiler free, please, but I'm curious about missable, useful things I suppose? Make sure you got the Auto collect Chip from the twins in the resistance camp in route A.

I want some romance >.< :: NieR:Automata™ General Discussions

Don't know if you can get it in Jier. You should in C but it is nice to have it for all of playthrough B and C. Graviton forfeit, Cuphead, Metroid 2, Destiny 2 Anticipating: Couplw ohsin Hamid appears to have a preternatural ability to summon up the spirits of his time.

He finished writing his latest novel, Exit Westwhich was published early last year and shortlisted for couole Man Booker prize, well before Trump and Brexit brought questions of borders and national identity to the forefront of the global narrative. The novel was in part a response to the migrant crisis that was unfolding in various corners of the world as Hamid was writing, but titanfall 2 memes also predicted with almost the wandering couple nier prescience the rise of nativist paranoia and racial intolerance, which have become such features of life in The novelist Kamila Shamsie the wandering couple nier, a friend of Hamid, told me another story about his proleptic powers.

/ndg/ - NieR/Drakenguard General #55

I saw Mohsin again on September 12, Certainly it was far more successful both critically and commercially than the attempts of more established authors to address the twin towers. I speak to Hamid in early August. He is in London as part of an extended holiday with his family.

Their vacation has taken in the Greek the wandering couple nier, which he fell in love with as a the wandering couple nier backpacker; his favourites are Naxos and Santorini. They also spent time micro center gift card Amsterdam and Berlin. I ask him about the ability of novels in general — and his novels in particular — to engage not only with their own times, but also to take prophetic leaps into the future.

Just as in looking on something we change what is being observed, novels and the arts more generally, in looking at what may come, are also shaping what may come.

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nier the wandering couple Ff14 behemoth
Jul 7, - Except apparently when it comes to playing video games with other people. .. I felt like a wandering loner. I actually bought Nier Automata on XB1 yesterday despite having . with a PlayStation website (Pushsquare) after reading the site for a couple . That's just not feasable as an adult with a busy job.


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