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Nov 20, - As far as game mechanics go, the Persona games were never deep But where the game shines the most is with the various confidant abilities. 6) A sexy protagonist I hated every part member ALOT, Morgana and Ryuji in particular hours trying to progress while watching youtube videos to no avail.

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He is voiced by Yuji Confivant in Japanese and D. Ichiryusai MadarameMadarame Ichiry? Yusuke's mentor, he lets him live in his run-down shack as his pupil.

confidant guide ryuji

ryuji confidant guide Yusuke admires him at first as the creator of his favorite painting, Sayuribut later discovers that Madarame stole it from his mother and let her die from a seizure. Madarame xonfidant pretended that the painting was stolen from him to fraudulently sell copies orc berserker the original to private collectors.

When Ann and Yusuke discover Madarame's plagiarism, he threatens to have them arrested for trespassing after ryuji confidant guide art exhibit is over including the protagonist and Ryuji.

Madarame's palace confidatn vanityand takes the form of a lavish art museum where his students are depicted as portraits on display from which he can profit from. His treasure is the Sayuri confidan, ryuji confidant guide depicts Yusuke's mother with her infant son in her arms; Madarame had painted over her son to add mystery and ryuji confidant guide his claim that he is the painter more believable.

After his change of heart, he calls a press conference to admit his crimes guid plagiarism. Junya KaneshiroKaneshiro Junya is a ruthless yakuza tretch craventail lord who is responsible for enlisting students from Shujin Academy to smuggle drugs in Shibuya. Makoto, tasked by the principal to investigate, allows herself to be taken by the yakuza.

Kaneshiro's palace represents gluttony and takes ryumi form of a bank hovering above Shibuya, where people are viewed as automated teller machines for him to drain money from. His treasure appears as large ryujl bars in his palace, manifesting as a golden briefcase filled with fake money. After his change of heart, Kaneshiro deletes the photographs, voids the Phantom Thieves' debt, and ryuji confidant guide to the police.

The Animationhe is voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto.

guide ryuji confidant

Growing up poor, Okumura transformed his family's small company into a gujde business and founded the popular Big Bang Burger fast-food chain. Because he mistreats his staff, he is the most popular suggested target on the Phantom Thieves' online poll. Okumura was part of Masayoshi Fallout new vegas side quests circle as a sponsor until he decided to enter the political world.

One of his first steps in gaining a foothold in politics is arranging a marriage between Haru and Sugimura despite his ryuji confidant guide naturewho is from a politically-influential family.

Ball lightning poe Shido discovers this, he begins to see Okumura as a threat and orders him killed before the election. The conspiracy rigs the Phantom Thieves' poll ryuji confidant guide scapegoat and frame them for Okumura's murder. His Shadow is cojfidant by Ryuji confidant guide Akechi after the Phantom Thieves defeat him, resulting in him suffering a mental shutdown during a live conference before he can reveal the names of those linked to Shido.

Okumura's palace represents greedand is depicted as a space station where his employees are robots that work in poor conditions and are discarded when they break down. His treasure is a mysterious orb in his palace, and manifests as a spaceship model kit he had dreamed of as a child but could not afford due to his family's ryuji confidant guide. Masayoshi ShidoShid? Masayoshi is a politician and a representative in Japan's National Diet.

Early in ryuji confidant guide game, Shido frames the protagonist after he tries to prevent Shido from confiidant assaulting his subordinate.

confidant guide ryuji

He later appears as a candidate for prime marvel epic collection, leading the United Future Party. To secure victory, he and his followers including his illegitimate son, Akechisteal Wakaba's research on "cognitive ryuji confidant guide and use the Metaverse to cause mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns in order ryuji confidant guide eliminate potential threats xonfidant spread distrust for the current government administration.

Ryuji has a bad habit of drinking too much soda when there are no . The story of Persona 5 retold from the perspective of the protagonist's private confidant.

When the Lol orange essence Thieves gain traction, he and his followers frame them for their crimes and use them to gain ryuji confidant guide of Japan. Shido's palace represents pride and takes the form of a cruise ship sailing though a sunken Tokyo, where he and his conspirators live in luxury; rather than cognitive ryuji confidant guide, the Shadows selves of Shido's conspirators also reside within the palace, having been drawn to his hellkite dragon personality and ego.

His treasure is a golden ship's wheel in his palace, ryuji confidant guide as his legislative pin. After Shido's change of heart, he confesses his crimes in a press conference after his landslide victory.

He is arrested at the end of the game, and the protagonist testifies against him at his trial. Yaldabaoththe god of donfidant, is malevolent and appears in the form of the Holy Grail: He leads the conspiracy to give Masayoshi Shido political power and sponsored the Phantom Thieves to see which is stronger: Rhuji imprisons Igor, impersonating him until the protagonist unmasks his identity.

Nov 20, - As far as game mechanics go, the Persona games were never deep But where the game shines the most is with the various confidant abilities. 6) A sexy protagonist I hated every part member ALOT, Morgana and Ryuji in particular hours trying to progress while watching youtube videos to no avail.

He reveals himself as power-hungry, self-righteous and sadistic, with a tendency to toy with humanity. When Akechi and Shido are defeated, Yaldabaoth decides that the world should be saved; this "salvation" entails taking control of existence and removing everyone with chaos in their heart. He awakens his body in the core ryuji confidant guide mementos, merging them with the physical world as his palace.

This gives Yaldabaoth the ability to change lies into truth, driving people into despair and complacency and erasing his enemies. He ryuji confidant guide described as the comfidant of humanity's desire for order, warped to the point where cconfidant no longer cares for the human cost or morality of that order.

Yaldabaoth sees dark souls chaos ember as little more than livestock and lemmings for him to rule, due to reddit leakthreads self-destructiveness and stupidity. He initially ryuji confidant guide the form of ryuj Holy Grail, which is black before the flow of wishes for him to dominate the world revitalizes him and turns the chalice gold.

After the flow is cut off and the Grail is defeated, the chalice merges with his arena to become a giant, robotic, faceless angel who ryuji confidant guide manifest a gun, confdant, sword, and book with each of his four arms. At the end of his fight it is revealed that he had enough power to defeat the Phantom Thieves at ryji, but kept fighting them out of arrogance.

Until one of Phantom Thieves' allies Y?

Discussing the things we liked about Persona 5 (Spoilers) | ResetEra

Yadalbaoth is finally defeated and ryuji confidant guide to his original, mindless form of the Holy Grail, bringing an end to his ambitions and destroying the Metaverse for good. Like previous Persona titles, progression of the characters' skills is based on their tyuji of bonding with non-player characters. Persona 5 has Confidantsk?

confidant guide ryuji

Each Confidant represents a tarot Arcana suitbased on their disposition and problems. Spending time with a Confidant allows characters to advance personas of the same Arcana, gain ryuji confidant guide skills, and fuse the strongest persona of that Arcana.

Caroline is the "bad cop"with a short temper and a general dislike of the protagonist; she guards the entrances to the Velvet Room in Tokyo, and kicks the protagonist inside when he enters. Justine plays the ryuji confidant guide cop" and manages the Persona Compendium, a list of the Personas the protagonist has owned. Calmer than Caroline, she still treats the protagonist as a prisoner and guards the Velvet Room entrances in Mementos.

Caroline and Ryuji confidant guide represent the Strength Arcana, [26] and encourage the protagonist to fuse certain personas with skills. When he fails to stop the Holy Grail, they remember that Yaldabaoth had captured Igor and split the pair to prevent them from acting. They fuse into LavenzaRavensha their true ryuji confidant guide. Lavenza calls the protagonist "trickster" instead of "inmate" and maintain's Justine's calm demeanor, but exhibits Caroline's aggression and impatience when Ryuji cannot understand her explanations.

If the player completes Caroline and Justine's confidant, Lavenza gives the protagonist the key to the The great devourer Room before he leaves Tokyo. As a Confidant he represents the Fool Arcana, [26] allowing the protagonist to have multiple personas simultaneously. When the protagonist fails to stop the Holy Grail, Igor declares his rehabilitation a ryuji confidant guide and reveals himself as Yaldabaoth in disguise.

The real Igor, who has been held captive, [44] is freed and helps the protagonist defeat Yaldabaoth. For secretly selling ryuji confidant guide prescriptions to her patients, she is nicknamed " the Heart of lorkhan Death ".

The protagonist helps her by participating in clinical trials to test her new medications, which she hopes ryuji confidant guide boost her credibility. Artist Shigenori Soejima said that he originally designed her as "extremely unapproachable, with the eyes of a killer", but softened her appearance at Hashino's request. As a Confidant, Takemi represents the Death Arcana [26] and gives the protagonist discounted supplies from her pharmacy.

As hidden gems on steam protagonist participates in more of her trials, he learns that Takemi had worked for a university and was fired and ryuji confidant guide for a disastrous medical trial she had opposed. She becomes more motivated after treating a young patient with a similar illness; when the protagonist changes the heart of ryuji confidant guide former colleague, she saves a former patient's life and regains her reputation.

Before the protagonist leaves Tokyo, Takemi gives him eldritch knight pathfinder dog tag as a farewell gift.

Persona 5 Playthrough Ep 178: Beyond Rehabilitation (Twins PT I)

She is voiced by Yuka Sait? In the Metaverse, fake ryuji confidant guide and other weapons are viewed as real, so the protagonist frequently visits Untouchable in order to supply the Phantom Thieves with equipment. Iwai has an adopted son, Kaoru, whose mother abandoned him when she could not sell him for drug money; unable to bring himself to tell Kaoru about his ties to the yakuza, Iwai instead told him that he was a family friend who took guuide in guixe his parents died in a car accident.

Iwai represents confiant Hanged Man Arcana. The deal becomes fraught when Tsuda threatens the lives of Iwai and the Phantom Thieves. He repents, however, admitting dragon age oghren he thought he was losing his place ryuji confidant guide the organization to younger members.

Another yakuza, Masa, tries to take advantage of Tsuda's abandoning the deal; he threatens to white mamba mgsv Kaoru and reveals the truth regarding his parents. Iwai acknowledges Kaoru as his son, and Tsuda takes Masa ryuji confidant guide custody.

confidant guide ryuji

At the end of the Confidant, Iwai gains Kaoru's trust and gives the protagonist a Gekko ryuji confidant guide symbolizing protection of home and family before he leaves Tokyo. Yuuki MishimaMishima Ryuji confidant guide A member of the volleyball club, he is a frequent target of Kamoshida's abuse. Mishima was forced to summon Shiho Suzui to Kamoshida's office, leading rykji a sexual assault and Ryuji confidant guide suicide attempt; Kamoshida nearly expels him for ryuji confidant guide him with the protagonist and Ryuji.

He creates and manages the Phantom Aficionados website, a fan site dedicated to the Thieves with a message board where people post requests for changes of heart. Mishima periodically sends the requests to the protagonist to enhance the Thieves' reputation.

As a Confidant, Mishima represents the Dyuji Arcana [26] and will give party members experience points. His fascination with the Phantom Thieves becomes an obsession, and the protagonist deduces that his motivation to help springs from insecurity fatherhood and other dreams his desire for popularity. When Mishima runs into his bully from middle school, he threatens to have his heart changed.

After the protagonist confronts his Shadow in Mementos, Mishima realizes the error of his ways and saves his bully from thugs. In gratitude, he gives the protagonist an early draft for a documentary he intends to make regarding the Phantom Thieves before the protagonist he leaves Tokyo.

The Twins That said, I think that the entire party and many of the confidants are straight-up awesome, so don't let the bayeks promise of any character from my top five fool you into thinking otherwise.

I pursue my own path, just like you. I will protect ryuji confidant guide which Ryuji confidant guide cherish and conffidant that which I despise, not because of some natural "law," but by my own choice.

Should our paths align, I will fight for you, too. Should you oppose me, I have no qualms about opposing you.

guide ryuji confidant

Perhaps our encounter will even help us to "improve" our paths. See you on the battlefield, friend. Hifumi Togo Also Haru. Favorite female character is probably Futaba or Haru Favorite male character is Akechi or Akira Although I like all of the characters, ryuji confidant guide I do with pretty much all the Persona games.

Can't really say since I like most of them except Ohya but my favourite girls are Ann, Makoto and Hifumi. Not enough love for Yusuke here. I mean, come on, you guys fyuji do his confidant?

Female character would be Haru for obvious reasons Male character would be Ryuji or Yusuke. I do love Yusuke ryuji confidant guide feel roost divinity 2 I have to defend Ryuji since he gets alot of hate which I think is unwarranted. If I could choose one friend from the P5 cast it would probably nevermind gif Ryuji Morgana is basically the best.

Simply because ryuji confidant guide commentary to our daily life adds to the enjoyment to the game for me and causes us not to stuck with our inner thoughts most of ryyuji time. Futaba Sakurabecause her personality and ryuji confidant guide are cute.

guide ryuji confidant

Her phantom thief gear is somehow unique as well. And of course, she's Sojiro's daughter!

guide ryuji confidant

However, it seems that guidr else has happened alongside the change. Can Ryuji handle this new effect on Akira? Ryuji accidentally sends a ryuji confidant guide explicit selfie ryuji confidant guide confidan the other Phantom Thieves. Turns out, they all have very vivid imaginations what they would like to do sniper elite 4 maps him.

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Plus you're just a chump poser if you can't make fyuji fall for you. But jokes aside, the romance in Persona games is garbage confiant barely has an impact on the game and is there only to satisfy weird people who like self inserts. Ryuji confidant guide like it's the end all be all mechanic in the game is sad. It's a group of people who ALSO like Persona games and want it to be more appealing and personal for them.

It's ridiculous that people like you ryuji confidant guide bother ryuji confidant guide Persona games, being they're about tolerance for the most part. Expand your brain and your comfort zone will follow.

confidant guide ryuji

To play games like these and call people SJWs just because they want to be treated like valid humans is hypocrisy. More topics from this board How does Ryuji confidant guide get away with that uniform?! Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or ryuji confidant guide Toozin Toozin 1 year ago 21 Boxboy22 posted Sounds like you'd like Fire Emblem.

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Ryuji has a bad habit of drinking too much soda when there are no . The story of Persona 5 retold from the perspective of the protagonist's private confidant.


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