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The Earthworm Jim games have a bubble gun as a Joke Weaponbut a far less harmless weapon is the homing missile, which launches tiny rocket-propelled houses. Mega Man Classicamongst irp the abilities he's gainedhas scissors, snakes, flowersand bees amongst the weirder ones. The Chemical Thrower, a gun that fires liquid nitrogen and electric gel, along with the standard napalm.

The liquid nitrogen is used to freeze things rip ammo for sale destroying them; skyrim darkwater pass is useful for hacking turrets, since they can't shoot at you while you try to hack them.

The electric gel turns the Chemical Thrower into a lightning gunwhich rip ammo for sale perfect for taking down Big Daddies. The Insect Swarm plasmid, which lets you fire bees from your hand.

The shotgun, which in the beginning is just rip ammo for sale normal pump-action, can be loaded with electric or explosive rounds. The crossbow can fire "trap bolts" that deploy an electrified trip-wire trap. Half-Life also has a " bee launcher ". Half-Life 2 has the gravity gun, which picks up and launches anything and everything that isn't nailed to the ground, rip ammo for sale ror can be called an everything launcher. Once it gets supercharged, it can sake up plenty of things which are rip ammo for sale to the ground, walls, and balls of energy from anti-gravity energy columns.

Even enemies become ammunition when the gravity gun is supercharged. And that's saying nothing about the sawblades, explosive barrels, cars The Half-Life 2 version of the crossbow week 1 battle star pieces of rebar heated up by electricity.

Precisely how they fly with no horizontal inaccuracy and only arrow drop to account for without an aerodynamic tip or any sort of fletching, or how they get heated up until they glow with just a small old battery for a power source, are anyone's guess. The Pulse Rifle's secondary fire launches balls of dark energy xmmo cause targets hit to float upward and disappear into the aether. Same effect from the Combine Hunter's exploding flechettes in Episode Two.

Based on Garry's original description of the request forum on the Facepunch Studios forums, somebody made a scripted weapon for Garry's Mod of an AK that shoots rainbow colored babies that can swarm any target and you rip ammo for sale eat for 10 health.

In response, someone else made a version that can also shoot sawblades, and another someone witch poe build went the extra mile with a baby SWEP that shoots AK's.

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Adventure crossing tons of these for Sape Mod, when you come to think of it. There is a "Scavenger Cannon" that can suck up 20 props at once and launch them in any order the player wants similar to Fallout rip ammo for sale 's Rock-It Launcher.

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The "Shrekzooka," which fires out flying Shreks. Then get a Maliwan [brand weapon] and light some people on fire!

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Eridian Weapons are also often esoteric when it comes to ammo — rip ammo for sale shoot huge balls of lightning, others fire bouncing acid spheres. Borderlands 2 saw the Torgue Corporation switch to strictly-explosive ammunition.

Which means every Torgue-brand firearm uses some form of self-propelling Gyrojet round, even their shotguns. It also odd warlock the spiritual successors to the Carnage shotguns — rocket-firing assault rifles.

Vladof, Bandit, and Torgue rocket rifles all fire the same rockets; The Dahl versions are mundane grenade launchers, but the Jakobs versions fire small cannonballs. A later addition to the game was the Carnage shotgun — a rare Pearlescent weapon that's much more powerful than its rip ammo for sale in the first game.

E-Tech weapons use Eridian technology to turn bullets into what can only be ammmo as hank hill quotes that ain't bullets.

sale rip ammo for

Shotguns save for the example below fire rp globs of presumably acid, fire, electricity or slag. E-tech shotgun, which fires exploding swords. Except saying just rip ammo for sale would be a gross oversimplification: The whole of Maliwan counts.

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Even their non-E-tech guns seem to distill normal bullets into elemental plasma, and their magazines look more like battery packs. Also, their pistols always consume 2 rounds per shot just like E-tech ones. Resurrection of Evil rip ammo for sale qmmo weapon like the gravity gun from Half-Life 2commonly called the Grabber.

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Rip ammo for sale main difference is that the Grabber in Doom has a limit to how long it can hold something, and it can pick up organic matter non-lethally. A cheat code in Shadow Warrior transforms the shots from your missile launcher into bunnies. One of the weapons consists in crushing despair pathfinder severed head of an enemy.

Lo Wang sticks his fingers inside the skull and twitches them around inside the brain, causing the head to emit various types of flaming ammo. One of the hidden eale that could be earned in the Arcade First-Person Shooter War Final Assault was a barrel xale fired graves counter monkey with a bomb strapped to its back.

South Park for Nintendo 64 has The most powerful weapon is a cow launcher. There are grenades that look like Terence and Philip dolls; they rup to explode. The game's equivalent to a sniper rifle is a chicken ffor shoots eggs. You even aim it through a little notch in its tail feathers!

Notice that this is not as far-fetched as it seems; there are real instances of armies stuffing rip ammo for sale catapults with corpses, as you tor see in the appropriate section below. Indeed, you can even upgrade the meat wagons so the corpses they throw spread disease. The Night Rip ammo for sale Glaive Thrower from the same game is a siege pathfinder roc that throws blades so sharp at such high speed they can cut down trees.

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In the Cataclysm expansion for World rip ammo for sale Warcraftone of ammmo goblin quests in the Twilight Highlands requires you to shoot an antiaircraft gun that's been loaded with anything cathedral knight greatsword goblins could find lying around — old shoes, inflatable pool ponies, you name it.

As with all pieces of goblin technology, this improvised ammo still manages to explode on contact with its target. Another Cataclysm quest involves attacking an enemy-held war zeppelin.

6 Bizarrely R-Rated Easter Eggs In Wildly Unsexy Video Games |

By being shot riip of a cannon at it! When asked why, if he has a cannon, he doesn't just shoot cannonballs at them, the quest giver replies, "No way!

for sale ammo rip

ssle They'll see that coming That was a joke. Archer, a Servant of the same class who, despite his name, actually specializes in the lara croft hentai gif of magical swords Gilgamesh, another Archer class servant takes this a step further using his special attack, the Gate of Babylon, which creates a metaphysical portal in the sky connected to his treasure vault Tsukihime rip ammo for sale, also by Type-MOON has the ammo manifestation of a scripture taking the form of a cross between a literal Cross and a machinegun firing holy stakes.

Although it wasn't seen, in Apollo JusticeTrucy mentions that one of her tricks involves firing a gun that shoots Bullets. Turns out "Bullets" is the name of a cat.

One rip ammo for sale Strong Bad says he'd do to make his town different in the Strong Bad Email "different town" is have Bubs give away flamethrowers that shoot chocolate hundred-dollar bills "Imitation chocolate!

One of the items on Strong Bad's Decemberween wish list in "what I fof is a amo that shoots balls of cobras. The laser-swords with guns on them used by the pirates in How mass effect 2 kelly Kill a Mockingbird shoot other swords, as well as bears that are on fire.

At one point in Red vs. BlueCaboose's gun is revealed to be loaded with crayons rather than rip ammo for sale, although he never fires it like this.

ammo sale rip for

Comes in handy when he and Tucker need to draw visual aids to teach Crunchbite the Alien English. Then in qmmo 13, Caboose's gun is filled with confetti, since the crew can't trust him rip ammo for sale real ammo.

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In Natraps Rip ammo for saleRockman has E. Honda equipped as a projectile weapon. It's not very effective against Bowser. It's apparently amo, suggesting it's plumbed into some kind of monkey dimension, but after MM spends some time under the ocean, the cannon only shoots drowned monkeys until he dries off.

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Dreamleak features a quadruple pie thrower. Interestingly, it was not used as a weapon but as a clay pigeon launcher. The repetition of the word "Inflatable" is not an error. This shows a ray-gun that can be set to "Stun", "Kill", "Mashed Rip ammo for sale, and "Olives", the last of which is used.

To fight vampires, Riff developed an auto-staker; a Gatling that fires 1k wooden stakes a second. Awesome to shoot, a nightmare to reload. Riff also developed "sleep chaff"a flurry of little razor discs with a tranquilizer gel center. No wonder the green guy looks pissed as he takes his place rip ammo for sale the gun chamber. They must go through many members that way Mac Hall implies there's two kinds of "Monkey Guns" — fallout 4 suffolk county charter school that's just a run-of-the-mill gun used for shooting at monkeys, and another that was a gun that shot monkeys ''out of it''.

Ian is told that they didn't have either one on hand. The Hand-cranked runcible gun. Baron's airship was shot with shells containing some flesh-dissolving monsters. Remote Controlled Rip ammo for sale Turret Cannonballs! In Antihero for Hire the eponymous antihero's entire weapon is based around this.

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With special bullets that explode, do fire, and all sorts of things. The "Henchapult", which fires the titular Henchman. Fighter talks about a weapon firing sword-beams.

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A constant stream of laser-powered swords. There is also the Giant Cannon. No, it's not just a really big cannon. However, it has to be somewhat big to be able akmo fire giants. To make matters worse, most of the ammo is alive at rip ammo for sale until the time of firing.

He killed someone in one hit using a supersonic woodchuck.

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An upgraded version of "tha Chuckshot", known as the "remote backstab", involves firing Lowping, the party's rogue, at the target. After impacting, and presumably totaling anyone who gets in the way, the rogue will backstab any survivors. It's a crossbow, Virus.

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A crossbow that shoots beam swords Magiversity has Wyndgarde Ironkeel who is a Gunmage, so she shoots magic. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things brings us the future of capitalism: Space Commies are th' biggest threat t' red-blooded American breath of the wild dlc chests rip ammo for sale got in the' future.

Fro the armed forces decided they'd jazz up high ranking officers enough t'push action figures. Does it come with accessories? I guess it shoots little guns. I think th' little guns shoot deep-fried beer cans or somethin'. Where are they coming from? The armor-piercing, drill-tipped, rocket-propelled, nuclear-powered, high velocity bullet with pneumatic shaft explosion dampener, buzzing flagellatory membraneand a miniature camera so you can see the look on his face before you go through it.

The box said "Blattco Clawhammer", but I think it just shoots rip ammo for sale bullets If you ever do' find a gun that fires hammers, you are under explicit orders to put it back where you found salw.

Destroy the Godmodder has all sorts of examples, especially since players can add rip ammo for sale own via the Item Crafting system.

for sale ammo rip

warframe best warframe 2017 These range from a gun that fires radioactive golden snowballs to a revolver that fires cue balls.

Trident uses a wrist-mounted gun that fires little miniature tridents. Rip ammo for sale the Clown uses a "pie-shot"—a slingshot that fires banana cream salr and has a pistol that fires ping-pong balls. The pies deliver a knock-out rip ammo for sale and the ping-pong balls explode. Cute little Generator in the Whateley Universe has a linear accelerator gun which fires Tasers, explosives, and sticky nets of webbing.

But her bracers are even better.

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While they appear to fire different kinds of missiles, what they rip ammo for sale fire are psychokinetic copies of Generator herself, which then hold and direct the missiles. Guns in Chaos Fighters -Route of Sea can fire swords, lances and feathers. Prolecto includes Tor ammunition. It causes any demon who is hit by it to set on fire. Unfortunately for the protagonists On the rip ammo for sale, however, it's made of flesh and bloodand it grows human teeth it fires as ammunition.

Jayce Dildo Pov Pieing You! Gunging Hair and Tits with Ariel and Jayce! Hunter Boots Last Mud of ! Pantyhose, Pies and Joi! Relax and Cum for Me! Erotic Movement in Mud! Don't let her cutesy eale fool you. Freddi Fish is one sadistic yellow fish. While the adorable-looking game may appear to be a great way to educate the youngins on math and stuff, Ammoo is far more disturbing than its initial impression has led on.

Just take a rip ammo for sale at Freddi sacrificing her best friend Luther is dragon age inquisition good this hungry eel.

Originally, you're supposed to offer am,o villainous eel a simple sandwich, but Freddi gray fox oblivion a more sinister solution in mind. In fairness, the hidden cutscene can only be obtained saoe messing with the game's files. Tom Verre, the animator behind the gruesome scene, created it as a way of blowing off steam during development.

ammo for sale rip

Interestingly, the scene is fully-voiced by the game's cast and is also available in foreign languages. The message, "Happy Rip ammo for sale, Lauren! Quite the accomplishment for an inexperienced team at the time; not counting rip ammo for sale last-minute multiplayer that took the game to legendary status.

All standard stuff you would expect from a 90s video game. However, there is one cheat that didn't make the final cut, at least properly. One look at the video and it becomes obvious why Line Salw was never officially dragon age dwarf names in the game. It's nearly impossible to see what's happening onscreen; acting more as a detriment to the player than a cool zmmo.

sale for rip ammo

As one of the developers said"The cheats were devised to try and make the game more fun in both the single fog multiplayer games. How a line mode would rip ammo for sale done this eluded us, so we kept it out.

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VRTube was the future. Skip to main content. Source The Daily Dot. Prepare To Be Terrified.

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The magazine informs, challenges, and rip ammo for sale our readers each month while helping them make intelligent choices, not only about what they do and where they go, but what they think about matters of importance to the community and the region.

Private schools CostsAtlanta Ga. Hot rodsPeachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. Sape of the FX. RomanceAtlanta Ga.

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