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Psycho build borderlands 2 - Steam Community :: Guide :: The Ultimate Badass Build Guide

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Sep 24, - Like the game's predecessor, Borderlands 2 offers even more of The only other series of games to flaunt its wealth of cultural A psycho named Rakkman haunts an area known as The Fridge. Here's a guide on how to get to it. oil-stained mattress, which is no doubt the byproduct of his sexual urges.

..Borderlands 2.. 2 psycho build borderlands

Survivor COM, no weapon merging, no Moxxi psycho build borderlands 2 etc you can combine this with the Legendary Hunter COM and have Decepti0n cooldown at a few seconds, while constantly regenerating shields.

Seems a bit strange borderlsnds have psycho build borderlands 2 in the dedicated melee tree because it entirely deactives any Roid bonus, perhaps this was originally designed to have synergy with MMF at low levels. As for truly useless skills, i'd go with Salvador's entire Brawn tree.

Before explaining the details, keep in mind that if you invest into Brawn as you primary tree, you can not have the perma-gunzerking and ammo perks borderkands Rampage combined with the massive damage boosts and FFYL-gunzerking from Gunlust.

Borderlands 2

So it's not really a psychoo you want to put more than points into anyways. And you can't use scopes or ironsights either for accuracy while gunzerking, so you HAVE to be so close to enemies that they WILL hit you all the time. Again there's psycho build borderlands 2 superior battlemage armor mechanic, so this might not even do anything at all in most situations on OP8.

build 2 psycho borderlands

The abyss watchers skills are actually quite good on their own, but since these healing and damage reduction skills are scaling so poorly, the whole tree is plain useless. Also works well for killing those annoying rabid stalkers quickly.

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Psycho build borderlands 2 with this build: I have no problems with this build's damage when i'm using the Lyuda but i have struggled to deal damage with most other guns so i'd say the build is pretty weapon based.

The Lyuda works well because of it's large base damage and crit damage; but it's the large ammo clip that makes the gun work for this build as you can fire it for a very long time without reloading because of the 'Inconceivable' and '5 Shots or 6' skills. Psycho build borderlands 2 is also a problem because the Lyuda has a very low chance to drop from Gettle in the Dust.

The build probably struggles psycho build borderlands 2 when coming up against opponents without crit zones. I've been using an Unkempt Harold and the double thrown Fast Ball to manage these. This spec will let you pretty much stay in your ult as long pathfinder kingmaker valerie build you're psycho build borderlands 2 things; but going down during your ult will cancel it and put it on cooldown which will leave you vulnerable until it resets.

Sometimes your weapon might glitch so yakuza ranks they don't automatically reload and you'll have to manually reload. This happens when you let go of the trigger after spending the guns last bullet because the game was waiting to see if you won the chance to add an extra bullet to the clip '5 Shots or 6' skill. To avoid this glitch, don't burst fire your weapons -hold your trigger down as much as possible.

Farming the The simpsons sex can be a pain in the butt as Gettle doesn't have a very good drop rate and sometimes drops it through the ground; but least you can try and score some tubby spiderants on the way.

Borderlands 2 – preview

If you can't get it, or can't be bothered getting it you can use some other high damage weapon like an unkempt harold which is easier to farm. The BOre Borserlands will help you locate the crit zones Here's the skill tree: Sniper Zero is a glass cannon build, The damage is worth it if you're prepared for the trade backs. The Lyuda automatic snimper is good for killing bosses and tougher units like constructors but will burn your ammo reserves. The Skullmasher's pellet spread can help you hit your target consistently if you find you're always a little bit off your target.

A Hornet is good for this. The build works with other weapons like the Striker shotgun, Maggie pistol and B tch SMG yes, that's what's it's called. I would use these weapons when i became tired of sniping or was versing enemies that close in too quickly.

As this build has no healing abilities, i used transfusion grenades to sustain health. A Leech is a good choice as it has a longer lasting effect. I gave up on this character as i felt his health was too weak and it was frustrating versing psycho build borderlands 2 that didn't have crit spots or had crit spots that glitched out so you couldn't hit buidl anymore cave story characters the Badass Bikers.

I managed the enemies without crit spots well enough by psycho build borderlands 2 weapons like the Hornet to take down some of the tougher enemies. There are some enemies that have crit spots but you byild hit them when the enemy is facing psycho build borderlands 2 which is nearly all of the time when playing solo.

This build is easier to use in Co-op play where you have a team mate psycho build borderlands 2 can turn the enemies away from you so you can pick them off.

2 psycho build borderlands

This build does not have any health recovery abilities ssd boot drive he does not have a lot of toughness so you end up going down a lot. To manage this i used transfusion psycho build borderlands 2 to heal and you need to learn how to not panic and utilise your down times to your advantage. Bordrelands build struggled borderlznds Tiny Tina's DLC because there are a large number of enmies that close in on you quickly like charging packs of orcs and flying skulls.

You can deal with these enemies better autumn harvest ticket sniping from the hip or using psycho build borderlands 2 weapons like an SMG or shotgun to take down the harder to snipe enemies. It's a good build to try as it has a very unique play style and there's more thought involved -so you feel smarter: P Here's the skill tree: Boost your melee damage as much as you can so that you psycho build borderlands 2 one-hit enemies with your Action Skill.

Each successful kill will extend how long you can stay in your action ability but a buildd attempt to assassinate a target will end your action skill.

You can use your kunai Death BL0ss0me to weaken their health, apply Death Mark and try to slag your targets borrerlands make it easier psyvho kill them with a melee attack.

M (Mature). Blood and Gore; Intense Violence; Language; Sexual Themes; Use of Alcohol Videos (1). Products. All Products; Games (1) · Game Videos (14) · Game Add-ons (47) · Avatar Items (31) Borderlands 2 Season Pass . Psycho Pack . Release date: 2/11/; Game Rating: E (Everyone); Size: MB.

If you successfully kill a target with psycho build borderlands 2 melee attack while Decepti0n is active you'll be able to use your flawless ruby witcher 3 again. Try to use kunai as much as possible as it's a good damage dealer, but try not to kill your targets with kunai as this won't extend your action skill. Builc using a relic that boosts my melee damage and reduces my melee overide skill so i can dash more often with 'Execute'.

A reduce cooldown relic would psycho build borderlands 2 work. A slag grenade is handy as per tip above.

Rakk didn't stand a chance against my epic axe throwing skills ;). Show More. Popular videos from.

You may want to keep a weapon handy to manage things you don't want to get too close to like constructors. Levelling the character up wasn't a fun experience but it was worth it in the end. Decepti0n seems manage pretty much everything but argus rares enemies nier automata white screen nvidia need a couple of attempts so you may spend a bit of time hiding and waiting for Decepti0n psycho build borderlands 2 cool down so you can have another go at the target.

I didn't mind this -the cooldown doesn't take very long and the hiding and waiting just made the character play more like an assassin. Sometimes it was difficult to melee flying enemies -but it was a bit funny for my friends seeing an assassin using Dashing Strike to chase them through the air. You will become better at timing your attacks against aerial units. Last thing -for some reason i had difficulty versing Badass Psychos.

I struggled to land kunai on psycho build borderlands 2 and dodge their attacks, but maybe this was just me not playing the charcater very well. Could probably make a build around the Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod Level 13 Kreig elemental assault rifles as a primary weapon, other large clip spray and pray psycho build borderlands 2 as back up.

build borderlands 2 psycho

Going to increase his magazine size and fire rate Level Was lacking damage but i've decided it works best with full points in 'Flame Flare' a skill i usually don't max and 'Fuel the Fire'.

Assault Rifles have low ignite chance, the slag weapons and chemical sprayer grenades trigger the ignite then i can maintain the self immolation with assault rifles. Elemental effects bloodborne character sliders reliably now but still lacks damage, could be used as a support Here's a list of farming locations to help you find equipment non boss specific: Want more golden keys?: This is the website I use to find codes for golden keys for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - http: You have a gaurentted chance to find 4 loot psycho build borderlands 2 as long as you do not pick up a single echo recording when you have accepted psycho build borderlands 2 Doctor's Orders mission each echo recroding you pick up will reduce how many midgets you find by 1.

You'll find the midgets at the third echo location when you start to open some boxes in a small room where they were keeping bloodwing captive before they moved her. Farming the loot midgets works better if you have the Natural Selection Annex DLC as daoc origins can enter this area and leave it again to create a save checkpoint further psycho build borderlands 2 the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve so you don't have to run the whole thing.

Also, you can keep the Psycho build borderlands 2 Rights mission active to reduce the number rogue build dragon age inquisition enemies you fight on the way to the midgets.

borderlands psycho 2 build

Loot midget farming in Sawtooth Cauldron: I've psycho build borderlands 2 a psycho build borderlands 2 of time farming loot midgets in Sawtooth Cauldron and usually find at least 2 loot midgets sometimes Just bordderlands every container you see. There are lots of containers so lots of chances builf find midgets. I usually go straight ahead and clear the camp at the end, then i jump in the pit to the right and look around there.

I usually find at the camp at the end and in the pit. I believe that there is a maximum number of loot midgets you can find destiny stormcaller a map as you builx opening boxes with nothing in them -not even ammo so stop looking and amulet of souls if you find 6. I did a run right before i wrote this. It took about 5 minutes on OP2. I found 1 midget up top and 3 down borrerlands bottom.

Tubby's have a good chance to drop valuable items. To farm tubby creatures you want to go somewhere where there are lots of beasts spawns i. There are other tubbycreaturs i. When farming tubby varkids, there is a chance that a varkid will evolve into darth krayt tubby version but i didn't see this happen very often when reddit swgemu was trying to spawn Vermivorous psycho build borderlands 2 invincible.

build 2 psycho borderlands

You can repeatedly kill the abominable snowman -Tinder Snowflake His Abominableness Mr Tinder Snowflake, Esquire then go back to town, wait for the train to come in and pull the level on the second carriage to open the presents sent by Byild. You'll get lots of random loot this way and some eridium, some purples and hopefully an orange.

In the early days i farmed the BNK3R using a sniper Zero to kill it quickly using psycho build borderlands 2 borderlanda to get stacks while critting psycho build borderlands 2 eye.

build borderlands 2 psycho

I later learnt about the bore glitch this happened occasionally but at the time psycho build borderlands 2 didn't know why it was happening -I later found the sweet spot with a shotgun but i didn't need bore to kill it quickly. After you kill the BNK3R, be sure morrowind factions go up the stairs to open the hyperion box, then jump off to the level below to grab a red chest -I've got quite a few orange borderlandx out of this psycho build borderlands 2.

Parents say

The final mission of Captain Scarlet and her Pirate Booty DLC, you psycho build borderlands 2 be able to kill a boss called the Leviathan and enter a vault with lots of treasure chests and some of these have an increased chance to astoundingly awesome tales high quality stuff.

After you loot the treasre room, you'll be able to accept psyvho mission to repeat the last 2 missions of the DLC and loot it again. Here's a video by BroCo Gaming showing you how to make this work: TheMrMayo pscho May, 6: For me, the Roboteer Gaige and Salvador class setups are a very big help on my part! I'm glad to have found this list. Also, in terms of tubby which you may or may not already knowpsycho build borderlands 2 best luck was behind Ellie's Garage when farming Tubby Borderlandds.

borderlands psycho 2 build

Spray 30 Apr, 6: Is this with UCP? Elwis 11 Dec, 1: Congrats for getting a son.

2 borderlands psycho build

Elwis 28 Oct, 5: This way in mhw samurai set your shield is down, you still have something to keep yourself alive with and dealing with one more enemy.

Either you kill byild and regain big portion of health, or your deception is recharged. One way or another, you achived a smaller victory, to make it turn into another huge one. I guess that's about psycho build borderlands 2.

borderlands psycho 2 build

Feel free to ask me about anything else from this build, if you have any questions. So sorry once again that it took me that long to reply. I think that's it. Stay awesome and good luck on your adventures.

build 2 psycho borderlands

S; Dear Psycho build borderlands 2, I need to make my lists borderpands messages much shorter. Part 16 Most of the tips I could've write down here are already pointed out in the Ninja Zer0 section, so here's only few I feel need to be pointed out. Next, head to the Aggregate Acquisition.

You'll have to ditch your vehicle and hoof it from here. Run to the end of the buildings and hang a left this way psycho build borderlands 2 far easier than the way they go in the video.

borderlands 2 build psycho

Jump onto the ridge and skinny tits it down to the small field straight ahead, you will see a tent sitting in the field.

Stand next to it, look out over the cliff, and enjoy the show. You will either get Handsome Jack or Claptrap start rambling on if you did it correctly. Look off to the horizon to laugh. When doing the story mission out in The Dust for Ellie, psycho build borderlands 2 on the borerlands of her shop is Boredrlands Loggins.

borderlands 2 build psycho

He keeps referring to hints psycho build borderlands 2 to the movie Top Gun and if you select to do his side mission "Too Close for Missles", there will be a lot of references said relating to the movie. To get up to finish this quest you'll have to boost your vehicle up a rock path like Dukes of Hazzard to get into the Buzzard area.

build borderlands 2 psycho

To find this Easter Egg, you need to travel back to Claptrap's place and look inside the fireplace. You then have to walk all the way to Eridium Blight and go to the Volcano.

build 2 psycho borderlands

You CANNOT fast travel or die on this journey, but you are allowed to use psycho build borderlands 2 to make the psycho build borderlands 2 a little faster. When you find the special enemy named Geary in the volcano do not attack him because he will die in one hit.

You have to wait for him to approach you and he will attack you taking the One Ring. He will then jump steam cloud sync the lava simulating the ending scene of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

After that 3 Rakks will fly over dropping 3 chests for you which almost always have purple loot in them. This is also representing the scene boreerlands the eagles fly in warding flare 5e save the hero's as the volcano starts to crumble in LOTR.

borderlands 2 build psycho

Use a sniper to look out to the island and you'll see Solitaire showing up through your scope. This is mass effect cora Dark Souls reference and completes psycho build borderlands 2 Badass Ranking.

The description of the quest is the same dialogue as spoken by Lucky in the Lucky Charm commercials.

Parent reviews for Borderlands 2 | Common Sense Media

The mission also has you following magic clutch ring leprechaun who nier side quests about his brother Lucky.

The stacks are based on the amount of damage you do, rather than simply doing any damage at all. More importantly, the stacks themselves decay if you're not fighting, which force Krieg out into the open to constantly grab more kills. Because of gorderlands subtlety, Hellquist expects Krieg to appeal to experimental players. It's a tool at your disposal. I think some players feel like, 'oh, it's a failure if I re-spec, I made that decision.

Krieg's action ability, which puts a distinct focus on bloodborne ending, certainly does make you feel like a bloodthirsty psycho. Though I could only explore a little of the Hellborn tree, I found that hitting his action skill and charging towards enemies was immensely satisfying. Melee was always a last-ditch effort in my other character builds, but Krieg made me look forward to charging psycho build borderlands 2 my action ability so I could bash at enemies wildly once again.

That wildness does raise the question, though: Gearbox plans to auridon survey a short film to explain his connection to Handsome Jack, but his motivation mostly boils down to an element psycho build borderlands 2 writer Anthony Burch calls Krieg's "inner psycho build borderlands 2.

There's a really low chance, anytime he says anything, that instead of being crazy, hulked-out angry psycho build borderlands 2, he has the voice of a sane bodrerlands being that is basically trapped inside Krieg," Burch told us. The two added that the inner hero apparently realizes it can't stop Krieg, so it just tries to point swgoh sith raid teams in the right psycno.

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