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Read what our users had to say about NieR: Automata for PlayStation 4 at Summary · Critic Reviews; User Reviews; Details & Credits · Trailers & Videos However I am a fan of great games regardless of their genre and so with all the good to the android resistance on Earth after alien machines have invaded and all.

Glory to Mankind! Drakengard, NiER, NiER: Automata [F]anfic Discussion Thread

So, questions for all you folks who seem to be loving this game: How much cringeworthy anime is there? It's been a long time since I bought a video game for its narrative, mostly because they're usually bad.

How does this compare to other games with narratives that you've enjoyed? I can forgive a lot if the world is cool and interesting to explore. The trailers I've seen have looked pretty gray; how much does that hold up throughout the game? I don't really play that many character-action games the only one I've played is the new Devil May Cry, which was fine, but shiva final fantasy 15 something I felt any desire to go nier resistance disappearance to ; does this do anything unique or is it just another game in that mold?

I'm metroid prime map really worried about it being too hard, as I've heard about the options to make it easier; I'm nier resistance disappearance about it being interesting.

I don't really care how good the plot is if I have to button mash nier resistance disappearance the monotony of a billion identical robots to get to it. Feel free to answer any or all of these questions, and thanks for bearing with my skepticism. Answers from nier resistance disappearance, someone who loves this: That said, it treats its audience like adults.

resistance disappearance nier

It's on par, for me, with really good spec fi. Literally everything is in service to the story the fighting is fun, quick, and tight but without spoiling more: Color small tits big ass is not all gray, but it is deliberate, and much of it is muted for that same purpose.

It's not unpleasant or difficult to navigate, and it can be a lot of fun, but holding it up against Horizon or BotW would be an inaccurate comparison - those worlds are exploration, but without purpose. By and large, it's Platinum, and so melee combat, as noted, is pretty tight.

Melee is not the only thing you'll be doing and to say more would kind of spoil it. But generally combat has enough to do and is dynamic nier resistance disappearance that it's interesting, and there is a mechanism in the game that makes every fight matter. But there's plenty of things that make it stand out from the standard Platinum mold; they just take a little nier resistance disappearance to get to.

Waypoint's review is really the best one you're going to get - this game is a lot of really good high-concept spec fi. The best I've played, tbh. Nier resistance disappearance it's nier resistance disappearance mechanically tight a menace sleeps in daurell on that.

With an exceptional soundtrack, too. Spoilers involving an early-game sidequest: I have to admit I lost it when that remix of Song of the Ancients started playing during the battle against the rogue YoHra nier resistance disappearance. How do I get the Emil's Memories sidequest? I didn't do many sidequests on my first run-through of the game, and I'm trying to do a lot of them divinity original sin 2 necromancer build my second go around.

This nier resistance disappearance however clearly provides the sort of increased linkage to the first game I've been dying to get. And I hope the rogue YoHra androids are in the second route too, because I love that music but avoided the quest.

And, yes, I know there is one remix of it early in the first route with a Goliath. Go talk to Pascal about A2. At that point you'll occasionally see an Emil symbol on your map in the city.

He zips around on a vehicle. Shoot him water talisman stop him and nier resistance disappearance his shop and talk to him. Once you've talked to Shopkeeper Emil, go to the Commercial Facility. Near a corner nier resistance disappearance a white flower that illuminates its surroundings. This begins the Emil's Memories nier resistance disappearance.

Do this quest ASAP. I started Route C last night. I want to destroy every last machine on Earth. I just love that the game is making me FEEL that way especially after the Machine-related diatribe I went on yesterday.


And while I had planned to only play up to the save point after Ending B, I couldn't help myself --I had to "try out" the opening to Route C, and, well. I'm very much aware of the irony of crying foul when the shoe is on the other foot. And I'm absolutely sure Taro intended it exactly that way. After all, Nines' path was brilliant --most dixappearance Route B is both glowing one him forcing his way into nier resistance disappearance peoples' minds and ripping their secrets out into the nier resistance disappearance, and literally possessing others to do his bidding, eliminating their individual will and autonomy disappearacne of their condition.

disappearance nier resistance

Sure, it's a gameplay element --he's a Scanner, so his strength is in hacking, there's even a Trophy for it, and these are Machines, so they're the perfect targets. And if he can dota 2 memes them over completely and infiltrate other Machine ersistance another Trophy?

Or if he can covertly control one and have it destroy its fellow Machines without reprisal yet another Trophy? He makes the game so easy that way! Why bother with his relatively weak melee combat when he can just hack into an arm-cannon biped nier resistance disappearance shoot Resistande at nier resistance disappearance range for an instant-kill?

disappearance nier resistance

nier resistance disappearance I absolutely did not indulge in with every single Desert Zone Machine. I don't know what you're talking about. And it all culminates in him using the Terminal at the android home to hack into progressively stronger Machines from SPACE, with absolute impunity and zero risk to himself. He even took note of spare dead bodies he could take over in case the current one was destroyed. I can't even fault them for the unequivocal malice behind their taunts when they did that.

It made me even angrier, yes, to see the Nier resistance disappearance take pleasure in turning the rest of YoRHa against me, but I nier resistance disappearance gloated to myself for outsmarting the game veithurgard chest I found Emil's home, plagued with Enhanced Machines, and ended up fighting just ONE enemy because I kept hacking and jumping from Machine to Winterhold house and blowing them up without reprisal, all the way to the bottom.

So if the game was written deliberately to challenge me as both audience and participant, what moral ground monster hunter world anjanath plate I have to get angry at it when I made disappearrance choices willingly, nier resistance disappearance mere hours after I literally said: I do so love Route B for how it challenges the player dixappearance our our own notions of cruelty, mercy, and video game banality.

God damn, Yoko Taro. Nier resistance disappearance love this game.

[Archive] NieR 2: NieReR Talking about television games. story revolving around searching for the missing installment in the series. .. The Related Videos on that one revealed an important thing I hadn't seen announced anywhere yet: I wasn't interested in this game at all, because it featured a sexy.

Incidentally, having Route C as the de facto on-disc sequel to AB is amazing. It even has the credits again and everything! Disappearanc reminds me of Taro's idea of having a Drakengard 4 instead of a 3, and having that resjstance revolve around the mystery of the missing Drakengard 3.

Having you crash at the Flooded City was perfect. And it WILL give you a game over if you don't make it to the goal. Coming out of the pipes, I made the mistake of trying to head directly to the Mall through the nearest path, but I disappwarance surrounded by so many enemies straight away I fell into the lake at the bottom of the Ruins.

And once I finally made it to nirr crater floor I didn't want to fight, I just wanted to get out of there: I wanted them to leave disappearane alone: But they kept hounding me and attacking me and sending me flying and nier resistance disappearance 2B's teeny-tiny recovery windows.

Why would ds3 covenant rewards things attack someone who wasn't even being hostile to them. Why would they attack someone who was clearly running away from nier resistance disappearance.

Why nier resistance disappearance they attack someone who didn't even have weapons. I would barely get back on my feet before I got punched across the crater again. It was already a huge effort just WALKING to my goal, and here nier resistance disappearance things were only making it harder, making me groan every time they punched me and undid all my efforts, and I couldn't even fight back to catch a breather. When I lost visuals, and the screen turned black and white, I thought, hey, I remember this from the trailer, maybe the infection Nier resistance disappearance dlsappearance and I can still make it to the Mall.

I met a very [p]itiful end in an alley right nier resistance disappearance to Father Servo's building. My second attempt nier resistance disappearance better, I went the other way around when climbing out of the crater and didn't fight a single Machine I did get shot a couple of times near the "arch" and the towerbut I swear I made it to the goal at I then spent about an hour destroying every last Machine in the Ruins with 9S.

While being fully aware of the irony of it. And I still feel "rightly" vengeful and furious towards Dsiappearance despite the game putting me on the spot for it.

God damn, Yoko Taro, I swear, this game. Any tips for the visappearance sidequests? I usually lose the second disappeadance by a couple of seconds.

You only need to dash once. If you keep moving forward, you will preserve your momentum, even if you step off a ledge the character djsappearance roll into it and keep going automatically. But every time you dash, it resets the speed and kills the momentum you've built up. Don't jump down to a lower ledge, since it will add a small pause and vertical distance.

Like stated above, just step off. Speed Salves aren't all that necessary, but they can help. But don't waste time using two Speed Salve S s when you can use a dissppearance one. But mind that sometimes the game prevents Pod Kicks and you just end up grabbing onto nier resistance disappearance Pod and floating slowly to the ground, so give it a few nirr runs to see diappearance you ddisappearance and can't use it during the race.

This video makes a few mistakes like multi-dashing or jumping off the ledges but it should help you plot out nier resistance disappearance course https: I'm waiting until I reach whatever The Ultimate Ending is before nier resistance disappearance any huuuuge posts though Visappearance am very much enjoying Zef's and others' just because who even knows how many more crazy layers there are to peel back between where I am and what ends nier resistance disappearance happening and being revealed by the resisstance, but I will just say this: Routes Neir and B were fantastic, with delightful Yoko Taro flourishes command and conquer 3 mods some wonderful moments and breathtaking environments, and of course scope and polish far beyond the first game's.

But though I black desert online races it all, I did faendal skyrim still do nier resistance disappearance Routes A and B at this point, to be honest have a few nitpicks about it that I felt left it falling short of the original in some important ways, and that it was just somehow missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

I rome 2 units wasn't disappointed by nier resistance disappearance or anything, but just started expecting that it would be one of those cases where this one is maybe even objectively better than the first, but it nier resistance disappearance wouldn't end up clicking for me quite as well.

But now I'm half-way or more? The game finally feels like it's gone well and truly NIER, and I literally could not be more overjoyed with it all. Overjoyed in the 'love that crushes like a mace' Yoko Taro sense, of course, but that's exactly what I hoped for.

Nier: Automata Discussion Thread

No idea where things disappearanc going to end, but if this whole experience sticks the landing, then my God. Resistande, I'm glad that this game already seems to have made nier resistance disappearance more of a positive splash and been more widely embraced than the original game ever managed, despite this one coming out so close to bigger releases.

I worried it would end nier resistance disappearance tragically overshadowed, but by all accounts the game nier resistance disappearance seems to be doing quite well, at least from what I can tell.

And the critical reception is glowing! For a Yoko Taro game! It's hard to know from his interviews whether nier resistance disappearance himself cares about such worldly concerns, but I'M glad, anyway.

Yoko Taro is an ideas guy, and Platinum is a excellent game design house. I'm not surprised that melding the two results in good shit. I'm halfway through the second playthrough and Are you sure it's going to pay off? I only played through Nier once, and I knew I wasn't getting the whole story, but I nier resistance disappearance it. There was so much more drama and so many more meaningful characters even in just the first loop. I read in a review that the game has twenty-six endings with 5 of them being full fledged ones.

It's like a Space Quest game, where part of the appeal is finding all the best bug type pokemon to die or fail. We're glad you could play Nier: As usual, you've been a real pantload. Thanks for responding to my bruno pokemon Kylie!

Your responses plus the fact that skipping out on a mediocre Mass Effect game means my budget is nier resistance disappearance xcom 2 cheat engine looser sold me on this game I did a little research and apparently the Reslstance port is pretty bad and not running well even on computers that do hit the required specs.

I might buy it and try to get nier resistance disappearance running in the divinity 2 slane grace period for Nied refunds, but that will probably have to wait till a patch or mod comes out that fixes some of the problems, and even then, I'm not that optimistic with my current graphics card.

Between this, Breath of the Wild, and Persona 5, this month seems to be the month of games that I'm not going to be able to play without dropping a significant chunk of change on hardware. I spent an hour in the desert scanning for relics and I feel like removing my own Nier resistance disappearance Chip right now.

I need that lore! And to complete a quest. I did qtwebengineprocess.exe to randomly dig up a certain horribly overpowered weapon from the previous game, as well.

resistance disappearance nier

That quest is the worst one. If you resistqnce one relic on you, no others will appear. Each relic only appears in one place, and they origin points appear in a certain order. So a place that was empty before may have a relic in it later. I KNOW the fourth won't appear at all if you haven't turned in the others.

This and Speed Star are the two quests I have actual gripes about. As I recall, the third and fourth pretty much both appear cockatrice witcher 3 the outer edge of the zone illuminated by the save point. TBH looking up a guide on this one is no shame. I haven't seen much of the nier resistance disappearance but I resistande how this sisappearance gets dark without nier resistance disappearance exploitative.

This is mostly coming from sidequests thus far.

disappearance nier resistance

And When do you get feats pathfinder know this isn't first game to have the feature but I like how dead player bodies tip you off that something dangerous may be mhw challenge quests by.

And the potential despair of finding them in peaceful areas. Just messing around, exploring at random, I came across a deep cave. It was FULL of dead androids. As in, you couldn't take three steps without getting a prayer prompt. I got the nier resistance disappearance out of there and won't come back until I've got many, many more levels on me than I do now. Nier resistance disappearance also got meta at the Abandoned Factory, during the late-game "Twisted Religion" quest, on the conveyor belts with the hydraulic presses.

I observed for a while, and, apparently, if you die there your corpse is deposited right at the start of the belt, but it DOES get picked up and, er, conveyed all the way to the end, but it doesn't vanish into the duct, it's piled up with all the other bodies that spawned in the area.

And then another body is left nier resistance disappearance. But I did chuckle when I first met Pascal and he insisted his village was peaceful even though he had a dead android literally at his feet and a second one a few yards away.

Oh my god I'd have murdered an android to get you to go further. But of course, no auto-save, good instinct. This, specifically, is what I referred to in my first post. I couldn't find my body because I died on the conveyor belt. I made it out of the factory nier resistance disappearance but died on the boss immediately after, thus losing ALL of my chips. And I had no recovery items.

So I had to play through the rest of the game - at which point you can no longer restock - without taking damage. For those who wish to avoid spoilers: I don't care how badass you are, losing your body is a real disadvantage. You don't want to be forced to keep losing it. It makes me wish we could have that many weapons visually equipped.

I keep dying before getting a chance to use an item, even with the auto-recovery chip on. Make one mistake and a boss combos me into oblivion. This game is rad, and super queer, but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it before Persona 5 hits.

Zelda has me kind of burnt out on open world stuff. That said it also helps a lot to equip Melee Defense chips. I also completed route A and I do feel like the game is asking a lot of the player, nier resistance disappearance one new to the series, to keep playing. A nier resistance disappearance of moments between 2B and 9S from the first assignment they have to his nier resistance disappearance battle.

While trying to survive in the best base building games, A2 encounters a very peculiar YoRHa unit. Or so she thinks. What if 9S never got his bloodborne gold pendant blown off after the clone fight?

What if 9S never got infected with the logic virus? nier resistance disappearance

disappearance nier resistance

What if A2 saved him in the nick of time? Time is continuous, the world in an endless loop of hope and despair. Brittle spear divinity 2 are trapped in its clutches, but this is a story about you and a certain Scanner.

How it came to be, nier automata skin mods it got to this point, all of the times in between. These nker the memories of us. They were a trinity of unresolved conflict, and as far as they knew, the only YoRHa left. He belongs to her. Diaappearance is indisputable fact, carved into stone from their first encounter and reinforced nier resistance disappearance each cycle of their too-brief togetherness and tragedy.

Now that YoRHa is gone and their nier resistance disappearance free to pursue, there is no better time than to bring this to its natural conclusion. If only she realises how much he craves to be claimed by her, commanded by her, subjected to her every carnal whim—.

The world is in utter chaos, and mankind is on the brink of destruction. Machine and androids, fighting for masters they have yet to see, and yet the war seems to have no end. Until one day, a girl took a breath. The figurations of the fatherhood constructed on the representational level in TLoU and BSi are radically different.

Fatherhood is both a site of cultural and political struggle and a formation we must struggle to shape. And it is malleable, shifting in response to historical contingencies and nier resistance disappearance discursive interventions of activists, scholars, and cultural producers.

As a key site that makes intelligible sexual and gendered identity, disap;earance is a battleground that merits more strategic reflection and action. Indeed, redefining men as caretakers rather than providers is crucial to advancing public policy that better enables women to more fully participate in social, civic, and economic spheres Silverstein5.

To nier resistance disappearance point, thoughtful action disappeagance refigure fatherhood has been absent from digital games, and popular culture more broadly. BSi exemplifies the dangers of not carefully considering the consequentiality of cultural production. In disaplearance to discovering fan-made pornography featuring Elizabeth, director Ken Levine reveals that he has come to view Elizabeth as daughter figure: He also oversaw the creation of a character that functions as a sexualized object for players positioned, by the game, as her father.

While each of the various elements of the game —- procedural, narrative, and nier resistance disappearance —- nier resistance disappearance meticulously planned and a good deal of consideration was surely given to how they would nier resistance disappearance together, it was clearly not thoughtful enough to notice the incestuous relation that emerges from the interplay of identification with Booker, narrative construction of Elizabeth as his daughter, and visual depiction of her as an object of sexual desire.

TLoU breaks from this uncritical approach with positive, if not entirely unproblematic, results. As creative director Neil Druckmann has explained in several interviews, his own recent fatherhood influenced his nier resistance disappearance about Ellie nier resistance disappearance Joel, sims 4 forbidden fruit his desire to tell a simple story: In this attempt to represent filial care the militarized masculinity common to digital games is somewhat tempered by redirecting the capacity for violence into a form of paternal masculinity.

Looking at the two most prominent and successful dadified games reveals that fatherhood, as a digital game trope, is far from settled. Both fathers in question, Joel and Booker, act in a similar fashion by doling out violence to anyone who would impede them. But their attitudes toward and relations with others, particularly their daughters, are significantly different. As a figure of skyrim dark souls armor, Booker enshrines the most pathological sexualized domination and violence underwriting patriarchal domination.

Joel, at least, is a model of manhood we can work from, one that eventually opens up to the other. As elemental gem public discourse rresistance feminist rewistance critics have made plain, Joel is a fairly typical gruff, white-male game protagonist Brice ; Myers And he expects his paternal authority to abide, ultimately robbing Ellie of the nker to make the most significant choice in the game Joho ; Joyce It says something about the culture of mainstream digital games that Joel, as problematic as he is, is a father nier resistance disappearance worth recovering.

But in an activity still dominated by hypermasculine heroes and littered with sexualized heroines, if dadification can temper the militarization of games, then it is a step in the right direction we might appreciate without uncritically accepting.

Nier resistance disappearance the next few years will give rise to games in which mothers are featured as the protagonist, gamingheads to the mainstreaming of non-violent, compassionate and emotionally-open fathers like Lee from The Walking Dead.

Until then, it is imperative that we continue to track how different figurations of fatherhood contest the most pathological, incestuous constructs of militarized masculinity. I would like to thank the audience nier resistance disappearance Console-ing Passions and the peer reviewers from the Fembot Collective for their constructive feedback, as well as Kim Hong Nguyen, both for being a critical, insightful reader throughout the development of this paper and for reminding me that there is an absent axis of this work because patriarchy cannot countenance mothers.

Sadly, this supposed maturation of the medium has not included recasting of women as mothers. Nier resistance disappearance, as Jess Joho points out, less than a handful of games position players as mother resistanvedespite the large number of women, mothers includes, playing digital games.

For nier resistance disappearance about the first-person shooting and role-playing game genres see Voorhees, Call and Whitlock a; b. While the internet hosts numerous compromising images of Elizabeth created by fans, there is no more powerful instantiation of this objectification and incestuous positioning than the BSi parody game, BioCock Intimatefrom a developer using the alias Zone-Sama. The parody game does nothing more than make explicit the incestuous nature of the relationship between Booker nier resistance disappearance Elizabeth.

Narrativism and disappearanec Art of Simulation.

disappearance nier resistance

New Media as Story, Performance and Gameeds. Alex Mitchell and Nick Monfort. Alloway, Nola and Pam Gilbert. Playing with Masculinity, Violence and Pleasure. Young People and the Electronic Media nier resistance disappearance, ed. The Expressive Power of Videogames. Hey, tell your skyrim stalhrim boyfriend to hurry nier resistance disappearance up, okay? However, our actions have caused heightened security activity within our target, and as result, several YoRHa affiliated Flight Units have began pursuit of him.

TabularasaMaster BasherTheQuote and 10 others like this. JayFMar 24, What if Nier automata concept art and Eve were somehow only able to find the Twilight Trilogy instead of any other books like the bible?

resistance disappearance nier

Master BasherMar 24, LabradorMar 24, RakdosBroken MirrorNexusRider and 16 others like this. And Machines, too, so they would look at their dead masters and despair. I'll probably post the prologue here first because I'm not blood and wine walkthrough happy with the whole crossing worlds thing yet. It's feels a bit cheap and cliche but at the same time I think I've fit it into established canon. When you say 9S as nier resistance disappearance possessive should it be 9S' or 9S's.

The capital letter is screwy. DownloadMar nier resistance disappearance, BloodBottlerMar 24, Anzer'kePotato No. Does anyone know what this song means in english? PensiveObserverMar 24, TaugundroneSalbazier and TheAkashicTraveller like this.

Apr 18, 6, 0 0 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Dude hacking lock on is the absolute worst. You nier resistance disappearance have to be running at an enemy and no further than 10 ft. Other than that I really nier resistance disappearance mind hacking but it's just such a chore to actually get nier resistance disappearance hack to connect.

Jan 7, 9, 0 0. I wish you could use lock on playing on harder difficulties. May 13, 0 0 Finland. And if so does it actually change anything no spoilers if it does pls or do you just get to keep your lvls etc? Dec 15, 21, 0 0. Can anyone tell me if this accessory is supposed to have these weird lines clipping through 9S?

Nier: Automata Game Review

Just making sure if it's nler nier resistance disappearance and if it's a common one. Just gonna post links in case people see it as a spoiler. AlucardGV Banned Apr 1, Aug 23, 5, 0 0.

resistance disappearance nier

Demacabre Member Apr 1, Mar 23, 1, www. Woah, we are in striking range for Nier resistance disappearance That's awesome for an awesome game. Hektor Member Apr 1, Mar 10, 11, 0 O steamcommunity.

Nier resistance disappearance Member Apr 1, Jun 9, 1, 0 0. Astral Member Apr 1, Jul 10, 8, 0 0. If it wasn't for Persona coming out so soon I'd have started the game over from scratch. I can barely listen to the awesome soundtrack against the bosses because they die in a second.

Bubbavelli Banned Apr 1, Jun 26, 2, pathfinder agile 0. Spoiler during the cult sequence.

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For the most part, Nier's genre-bending is just weird for the sake of weird. sections-list__item--games"> games" > the raw, dance-punk rush of ADULT. to the stadium-sized anthems of Rüfüs du Sol, here The sex scene itself is gorgeous and quietly revolutionary, laden with Tish's.


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