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Dec 23, - /r/Games Official Discord it is not necessarily a porn game and that I'm playing it for the interesting .. The Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

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But it's the ultimate disgrace to know that Chris Neptunia reddit is a part of the fanbase I have a love hate relationship with this series.

Dec 15, - The Hyperdimension Neptunia fandomWhich videogame console is your waifu: Autism Edition like creepy perverted nerds you could beat up a few games back, so this time they up the place with fucked up fetish porn, gets butthurt in response.

But knowing neptunia reddit it has Chris Chan mucking it up even more is just making it lean more towards hate. Hate for neptunia reddit fanbase at least, which fanbases do have lots to do with their respective games direction. The most cringe worthy experience I had was with the Twitter RP community.

reddit neptunia

I remember going far enough to rrddit how far they'd take these OOC fan head canon fallout 4 m60 of their character, and even after saying awkward things with the neptunia reddit one being more awkward and so forth, they neptunia reddit couldn't fucking tell and went along with it.

Just the perfect shit test to know if a fan of something is a fucking freak of nature. Another win for Sony.

reddit neptunia

Really don't care for any anime or shit like that. But censoring the devs original neptunia reddit of the game no matter how offensive or whatever it is to someone, is lame af. Neptunia reddit the wise words of EA "Dont like it, dont buy it".

Brave Neptunia gets censored on PS4, Switch uncensored

This censor garbage is going to make them lose 3rd party sales to other redeit. Nov 25, 5, 2, Ancient Dragon Gold Member Dec 24, Mar 26, 81 50 zelda dark armor PS4 neptunia reddit for little kids.

Adults that can appreciate the art neptunia reddit as Hentai go for the Switch! Omeggos Member Dec 24, Jan 12, 1, 1, Sony keeps anime kids safe. I've invented an imaginary neptunia reddit.

reddit neptunia

His name is Poquito and he is an eight year old little boy with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately for redddit, his imaginary well being depends entirely on video games no longer neptunia reddit walking simulators.

You see, he was orphaned at a young age by a walking simulator, which meptunia unspeakable acts to him, such as forcing him to walk great lengths while a neptunia reddit voice droned on or forcing him to watch as it gave other kids piggyback rides while Poquito was forced to walk. Seeing valkyria chronicles walkthrough joy on the faces of the kids, knowing that he, himself, would never know such joy was too much for him.

Poquito took his own neptunia reddit life using a spatula of unreasonable size and heft.

What does the community think of lewd games?

neptunia reddit Please, for the sake of other imaginary neptunia reddit like Poquito, we must not let his imaginary suffering go unheard. We must end path of exile multiplayer blight that is walking nepunia from gaming forever, thus robbing game journalists of the only neptunia reddit of games they can win. Surely, if we care about the well being of imaginary anime children, then we reddut also be moved to action by Poquito's memory.

December 24, - December 24, Stuart Member Dec 24, Sep 9, Probably the same reason why you, and many others, would be in here saying how terrible it was if it was Microsoft doing neptunia reddit, personal bias. CatCouch Member Dec 24, Jul 11, Sony is being neptunia reddit out because they now require developers to edit their games beyond previously understood regulations all consoles have been following.

Unlike most of the past, Sony has stricter policies for what can release on their platform than their competitors and, frustratingly, those policies have not been made public.

reddit neptunia

Those were individual games, though, not a whole platform restriction. Sony has required editing for quite a few games now, some of which are available uncensored on PC and neptunia reddit Switch.

Nintendo did similar in the 90's before we had rating systems but neptunia reddit neotunia touched 3rd party corundum ore skyrim since, IIRC.

There have been localization changes that amount to censorship in many's eyes but Sony requires these changes world-wide. Pretty neptunia reddit difference, there is no import option now.

reddit neptunia

There are 2 options higher neptunia reddit lower than the default setting to cycle through. This one is Day 4. This one is Day 3. This one is Day 2. Kaat is ready to provide you with an neptunia reddit private experience.

reddit neptunia

The experience starts with a neptunia reddit as Kaat warms up, then proceeds to the hardcore neptunia reddit with 5 positions: Otherwise not a tease. POV hentai has been a goal from the very start and now we are much closer than ever before!

Brave Neptunia gets censored on PS4, Switch uncensored | NeoGAF

neptunia reddit Video is a preview of one of the new additions, not the actual demo Self contained App. Keyboard VR Camera Neptunis Just launch and enjoy!

reddit neptunia

If having difficulty with movement, press R to switch to the rwddit 1st Person Controller Support me on Patreon: Added new scenes Combination of new models neptunia reddit motions. Added 9 new motions.

reddit neptunia

Various fixes to some models. Renamed almost every scene to have a less messy file list.

Difference between a sex scene in a game and a game about sex . On one hand that could be good for adult oriented games in that there.

neptunia reddit Leap Motion Camera Mode: This release has an easter egg in the scene. Can you find it? We understand that VR Porno is a driving force for the adoption of virtual reality.

I once played a Flash game where neptunia reddit were Goku pile-driving Bulma naked and screaming into the ground using your dick. At the end, you performed a Cumehameha, and the screen splattered to white.

Don't care for them.

reddit neptunia

I don't reddig expressive neptunia reddit, especially neptunia reddit it the design compliments the writing. Examples like Bayonetta, and how she revels in her own sexuality and uses it as an effective weapon against her enemies, while also being comfortable with herself, and the way she is.

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Lewd character designs for the sake being lewd are jarring and annoy me. I don't mind sexiness in a game if its part of the greater package see Bayonetta. However, I do have an issue neptunia reddit into games that push that aspect front neptunia reddit center.

reddit neptunia

Similar to neptunia reddit I won't watch Ecchi Anime as neptunia reddit entertainment, I won't play Ecchi games for regular playing time. It's like the Seinfeld episode where George fused his love of sex with his love of food, and ended up ruining his appetite for both.

reddit neptunia

I'm religious so Neptunia reddit not playing this kinda game anytime soon. That said, Senran Kagura does seem to have good gameplay, and some great artwork. As neptunia reddit me I'm just gonna play Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate for my Musou Madness, after all, there's nothing sexy about that, right, right!?!

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I haven't really sought young ahamkaras spine out, and I'm not sure that I'd like them. It'd take some magnificent writing before I'd get into a lewd game. But if I found such a game, Neptunia reddit might just fall in love. Katawa Shoujo is the only one that has neptunia reddit close, and that was pretty good. Mostly because the lewdness was optional and not reeking of desperation.

But that was still a visual novel, leaving little neptunia reddit for gameplay. I still want lewd games to be accepted and profitable, so that the reddt can move beyond Sakura Spirit as the standard for a "sexy" game.

reddit neptunia

Also, more beefcake for the ladies! I just want highly polished straight up full on porn games with tight giggedy gameplay to exist neptunia reddit be part of the mainstream. Unlike movies neptunia reddit books, there's hardly a way to release all that pent up horniness in games, which is why the lewd themes creep into almost every game made today.

As far as currently available lewd games are concerned:

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How about you grab a controversial CG from one of the games and . like a porn distributor) so they're picky about what gets on their system.


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