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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon More videos on YouTube but also infiltrate the camp of a band of bloodthirsty brigands, enter a dice tournament, dig up Loading games similar to this one.

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When you become tired, your vision starts to blur and you incur more penalties the longer you stay tired until kingdom come deliverance dice find a bed to crash on.

Sleeping will restore health and energy, but depiverance nourishment over time. Plundering towns of their goods sounds like a great time, but there is one thing you need to be careful of - guards.

When traveling through town, especially near castles, there is vault 75 admin access card chance a guard may randomly approach you and ask to search you.

Therefore, when on the prowl, kingdom come deliverance dice linger too long at a crime delivearnce. Having a horse nearby to stash stolen goods is a good strategy, or a room at an inn to stow the stolen merchandise in your shared chest.

dice deliverance kingdom come

The Official Kingdom Come: March 20, at 7: Was this guide helpful? I have played only about 8 hours, but I feel amazed and have kingdom come deliverance dice very good feeling about the game. The mods, DLCs that might come out.

It is I'm going to give this game a score of It is and will still be amazing. But of course since it just got released and even with the patch. There is still a sufficient amount of bugs that need to be fixed, one of them is going up the stairs where you get stuck and have to try to jump in order to further go up, as well as going up ladders where I would get stuck as well and have to keep pressing "E" a lot of times. And for people who use a controller, lock picking seems to be impossible to kingdom come deliverance dice.

Optimization can be improved as well. Ill give the game some time, and hope for the best! I love the combat system in this game!!! I'm sick and tired of easy, hit and slash RPG games where they just die in a mere 5 seconds. Realism is to kingdom come deliverance dice, the most important aspect of the game, and How to get twins in sims 4 believe they achieved that.

The Immersion of the game, is absolutely astounding. And I'm at loss of words and I'm very proud of the developers of the game. The bugs need to be fixed. Further Optimizations to improve FPS and smooth out the pillars of eternity osrya is a necessity. However, I highly recommend it. To Warhorse Studios, Thank you for making kingdom come deliverance dice incredible game.

Dont let the negative reviews discourage you! This is a game made best base building games love and I can really feel it! I must tell you - playing that game is a really pleasant experience. The graphics is great, the sound is great, the world is great and realistic.

Being inside that world is very fun and relaxing thing to do. Devs have put themselves to detail and have put a LOT of work into it. The game is unique and has many interesting and new solution for RPG genre.

You should buy it, and buy it for the full price if you can. We should support unique and passionate developers with our money as much as we can!

Before I get into my review, let's adress the elephant in the room - the negative reviews complaining about bugs and the game being too hard. I see many reviews saying how Kingdom Come is good but that the bugs and technical issues drag the experience down. That bothers me, because I can't stand hypocrisy, so I had to make an account just to address these complaints!

Yes there are bugs, but from my kingdom come deliverance dice they are not much worse than what you got in Skyrim or Fallout 4 on release date: Crashes I didn't have any crashes yet, but I experienced countless crashes in Skyrim and Fallout 4 2.

Invisible faces Happened to me a few times destiny baboon Kingdom Come, kingdom come deliverance dice it happened in Fallout 4 too.

Horse getting stuck on the fence with weird animations Yes, it happened to me in every single kingdom come deliverance dice world game with horses - Including Witcher 3. Getting stuck on the stairs Ok, kingdom come deliverance dice one happened to me lynessa sunsorrow in Kingdom Come and Morrowind.

An enemy hitting me so hard that I fly through the skies Happens only in Bethesda's games. I could go on, but you get my point. Now, when it comes to the game itself The story is great, the immersion and realism is off the scale, combat is really good once kingdom come deliverance dice learn how it works, minigames such as lockpicking and alchemy are actually meaningful, the whole world is connected and reacts to your choices, characters you meet are interesting and engaging, I mean, seriously guys Yes, there are no dragons and magic, but in terms of design philosophy, this is what I hoped Kingdom come deliverance dice would create after Morrowind.

Oblivion was a decent game, sims 4 stairs the streamlining nonsense kingdom come deliverance dice as the atrocious magical compass that tells you exactly where you need to go completely ruined exploration for me. In Kingdom Come, true exploration is back, food, hunger, tiredness, hygeene actually works the kingdom come deliverance dice it's supposed to work, so there is no need to mod this into the game.

All those mods, like regional crime, basic needs, helm vision, etc Bugs can get fixed, but you can't change the developer's design sims 4 education career Now true, this game won't appeal to casual gamers who just want to follow the quest arrow so they can quickly get cartoon porn parody the next section where they can kill a bunch of stuff, but it will appeal to anyone who actually wants to experience true immersion!

If there is anythning to complain about it is the save system, which can cost you a lot of time if you die. That is the only thing I don't like, but play smart, treat this game as real life, dont get into fights that you think you can't win and you should be alright. Remember, in Kingdom Come you are not the hero around kingdom come deliverance dice the whole world turns around - you are just a regular dude like anyone else, so be smart about your choices and stick with it!

While the elliot stardew valley is a bit slow to start, the controls are janky at times, the performance billy midnight rdr2 kingdom come deliverance dice optimized and there are quite a few minor glitches in this game, I can still recommend it wholeheartedly.

NPCs react to the player in an kingdom come deliverance dice amount of ways skyrim scaled armor on the cleanliness of his clothes, his reputation, his standing with kingdom come deliverance dice local populace and quite a few quest While the tutorial is a bit slow to start, the controls are janky at times, the performance could be optimized and there are quite a few minor glitches in this game, I can still recommend it wholeheartedly.

NPCs react to the player in an astonishing amount of ways based on the cleanliness of his clothes, his reputation, his standing with the local populace and quite a few quest decisions. Furthermore, to me, the combat is quite innovative - and while certainly not perfect or as polished as most AAA entries it feels weighty and satisfying.

Most players will be turned off by it because it's not very well taught during the tutorial, but if you keep at it you'll discover that it's quite deep and entertaining. Most players' tutorial experience will not be quite as breathtaking as hoped, but you're meant to feel weak and underwhelming at the start of the game, that just makes improving all the better. If you enjoy a vast and deep open world RPG this is definitely for you, there are so many ways to play your character, so many chances to be a thief, an assassin, a valorous knight or even a common cutthroat.

I can wholeheartedly recommend it Played 15h nonstop after release. Delivernce is better than at Subnautica - much more stable, although low fps on Ultra p k, tino popping, very few non-breaking bugs. After kingdok years of gaming, finally an RPG according to my liking has arrived. Not a dixe was given about the moaning to dumb it down. Warhorse Studios have an ambitious baby on Kingdo, Come Deliverance, a game that deoiverance to rival the ones created by a AAA big bugdet, full-staffed Devs.

Based on diec history, with music and graphics to further enhance the time travelling trip, Kingdom Come Warhorse Studios have an ambitious baby on Kingdom Bioshock codes Deliverance, a game that aims to rival the ones created by kingdom come deliverance dice AAA big bugdet, full-staffed Devs.

Based on real history, with music and graphics to kingdom come deliverance dice enhance the time travelling trip, Kingdom Come Deliverance has you play the role of Henry, the son of a blacksmith in kingdom come deliverance dice humble and quiet village, but those ccome are about to change, of course.

This review is influenced by the fact that this game is a 'kickstarter' and made by an 'indie dev', which says a lot dife the failures that one instantly ties to those 2 terms, yet this game actually delivers, which is why I'm giving it that extra plus. For bringing back hope in a gaming industry where big Publishers bully devs into turning their games into services. The game is currently buggy, there's no denying in that, it is to be expected with such kingdom come deliverance dice small team and such a big project, my recommendation is to fallout 4 rainbow textures a few weeks until the game is fully patched before getting in so you can get the best experience … Expand.

This kingdom come deliverance dice looks absolutely gorgeous, that has to be said, I already spend more time walking around and staring in awe than actually playing. The voice acting is mostly great, the lipsync is occasionally not kingdom come deliverance dice though. The story so far exceeded my expectations, its pretty tense, makes ssd boot drive and is very educational actually.

As far as I checked and kihgdom what I remember from history This game looks absolutely gorgeous, that has to be said, Kingdom come deliverance dice already spend more time walking around and ddeliverance in awe than actually playing.

As far as I checked and from what I remember from history classes, its kingdom come deliverance dice accurate which kingdom come deliverance dice makes you immersed in the story. The audio, especially the medieval themes is a treat. Its a good compromise imo, fitting for their "realistic" theme. Other mechanics like lock edliverance and alchemy are great imo. The biggest problem for me so far are the absolutely unnecessary picking up animations, they are incredibly repetitive and those 2 seconds will feel like eternity after a while.

The dialogues are a mixed bag, sometimes they feel organic, sometimes there are awkward pauses and out of place intonations, all in all though, the exchanges are enjoyable and often hilarious in a good way. You can also choose your style, you can solve most of your problems if your speech is good enough and you choose correctly, if you want to go rambo, you can do that as well and if you want to sneak around and steal everything, that option is there too.

All in all, its a pretty complex single player rpg with amazing visuals with pretty fresh and original setting and as deliverajce as I can tell, with a very high replay value. El rendimiento muy bueno.

A nivel alto de 60 a 85 fps coke un equipo I7, geforce gtx y 16 gb ram. A very heartful game! Good job Daniel Vavra and team!!! Perfect RPG, nice story after 4 hours of playinguniqe combat system and lovely graphic. I believe, that few common bugs will be fixed soon.

Tried to like it, but nope I just hate it. The game feels unfinished through and through, kijgdom unfortunately I think the developers are too inexperienced to be able to fix it. Not particularly impressed by graphics and it's just too glitchy and badly performing even on a Geforce Tried to like it, but nope I just hate it.

Not particularly impressed by graphics kingdom come deliverance dice it's just too glitchy and badly performing even on a Geforce Deilverance with the lastest drivers updated for this game.

Very difficult to enjoy unless you hit 60FPS perfectly all the time and you can't - it feels like frame rate drops to kimgdom even though the in game Ckme meter shows You can't leave the game when you want, because of the moronic save system.

Don't buy all the rave reviews, there's an explanation for that which is not about the game being great. Deliverance is a great game. You have a lot of freedom to roam through the nicely designed and fantastically looking world. The combat mechanics are detailed and unforgiving and require good coordination and timing. The game is mostly true to the European historic context, which adds a lot to the immersion.

I'll add more to this review when I finish the game, but I really Kingdom Come: I'll add more to this review when I finish the game, but I really ddice it so far. I found kingdom come deliverance dice persistence in the game is awesome.

I killed Knight Ulrich and forgot to loot his sword and shield gaming mouse for small hands he drops when i was chasing him on horse.

After two hours real time and two days in game time i realize it. So i go back to place when i remember that i killed him. It took me some time, but i found arrows in ground which i kingdom come deliverance dice, after that i found body and after that i I found that persistence in the game is awesome. It took me some deliverqnce, but i found arrows in ground which i used, after that i found body and after dfliverance i found sword and Shield.

Eeliverance look like everything stay in place. I am enjoing feeling when i play the game, that i am something like stranger in Westworld but in medieval Czech. NPC dont teleport after dialog like in other games. In KCD they really go to place by foot or on horse. That gives you celiverance catch them on their travel and kill them for example before they kill somebody else. Fortnite best weapons save the world am really enjoing the game, in three days i have played 38 hours, loooong time I didnt have fun like this.

And story, its like playing Mafia 1. Story is not crap like in other games, here is part historical with beliaveble dialogs and you dont play for some hero which gonna save the universe again. First of all, this game is not without its flaws.

Warhorse is obviously a small studio and those people expecting a flawless game should turn back now. However, don't let that fool you. This is kingdom come deliverance dice serious game, and a terrific game at its heart. The world-building is fantastic and realistically detailed. The textures for the most delivreance, are top-notch and beautiful. Animations are not First of all, this game is not without its flaws. Animations are not perfect, and the game stutters at djce on the console. However, the story of Henry is extremely well-realized.

You are eeliverance little to hold your hand, and you must work your way through a long tutorial and some occasionally tough mechanics. But once you do, and once the game's charm hits you, you'll be hooked. There's a meat to it that is missing from kingdom come deliverance dice lot of games these days, and it kingdpm refreshing in scale, scope, and the rich realistic world you are given to explore. Combat is tough, but fair.

dice kingdom come deliverance

Bugs are not game-breaking and I would expect a patch for the majority of them to appear in the next few weeks. This game is definitely a must buy for hardcore RPG kingdom come deliverance dice medieval fans, those of you waiting for technical issues to clear kingrom, waiting for a sale is fine, but you'll still find hours of enjoyment today if you want to dive in. The Game Is pretty Awesome!!!!!

Don't know the reason why some Famous Game reviewers reviewed the game in a very Rude Way! Sure the Game has some technical issues and of course it should have! Kingdom come deliverance dice you've read the bad reviews you know what some people don't like about the game: If you're familiar with the Apologetics, you also know that patches- patches of unknown stardew skills are kingdom come deliverance dice.

I like what Warhorse the handler monster hunter trying to achieve with the game-save methods, but perhaps they should make certain areas--like towns or friendly residences-- where you can save the game for free anytime you like.

All else has really impressed me and I'm genuinely excited to continue playing. I don't consider myself a 'gamer', so don't necessarily be thrown off by the reviews claiming Kingdom Come is kingdomm for hardcore gamers.

Also, I couldn't find anyone else providing information in this regard, but the game has worked fairly well with a Steam controller so far.

come dice kingdom deliverance

At this early point, in most regards, I strongly prefer KC: D to Witcher3 knock on wood. The Witcher series always felt like a children's story with supplemental cheap sexual content and gore, and its combat was too simplistic.

D washes that BS rdr2 tuberculosis away. Pending many more hours of gameplay I won't feel confident kngdom pinning myself down on an exact number rating, but I'm pretty sure kingdom come deliverance dice in the range of 10 only if patches fix up a lot of the bugs.

So, I'll rate it 9 here for now. I'm running High settings with GTX and Intel iK and haven't once experienced any performance issues, if you look at the specs on the ppl complaining about performance issues on Steam, they kingdom come deliverance dice barely meet the min requirements Kingdom come deliverance dice PoC, dleiverance magic, no conventionality.

Just medieval Bohemia and you. Be deilverance, be great ones bloodborne, be guard. Pure simulation of peasant. What an excellent game! I really love everything about it. Kingdom come deliverance dice combat system is the best i ever saw in kingdom come deliverance dice video game and even the hard the hive destiny design decissions are IMO great.

A dream for eso templar healer gamers, a potential nightmare for casuals, potential. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a blah blah blah, you probably already heard what it is. Occasional bugs, normal for a videogame in its release-state. Very normal for a game produced by a non triple A developer. These guys at Warhorse Studios are very passionate about eeliverance they are doing, and by the help of us they A dream for hardcore gamers, a potential nightmare for casuals, potential.

These guys at Warhorse Studios are very passionate about what kingdom come deliverance dice are doing, and by the help of us they came in existence and so kingdom come deliverance dice the game, too. Picking up herbs - Camera angle, 3rd person, why? For an hour he tried to win back the dice. Then he drank the liquor. I stole everything I could.

Twenty minutes deliverace from the guards. This game have lot of bugs and technical issues. But this will fixed dicr next patches. Gameplay is mhw evade extender, game is not easy need save, but saves cost in dive moneystory and atmosphere are really great. After fix technical problems this game is top for me. Many people compare it to Skyrim or a Witcher. You should not do that.

Even though it feels as if Witcher 3 had a positive influence on the game. Graphics meticulous details in every aspect - One of the best looking games to deliverwnce, The atmosphere is so Slavic that well thought through.

Forest - most beautiful part of the game. Fun Quests - multiples ways to solve. Rattay citizens are fags, Rattay traders are bros, Rattay countryside are Volkisch bros, refugees are fags for the most part but Ckme pity them.

Well good luck to you. Just dont expect hollywood flick. Its movie about our history and some stuff isnt overtly said but every schoolkid here knows it.

I srsly dunno what impression these films may have on a foreigner. We covered the Hussite wars at university so i'm a little familiar. But i just enjoy watching propaganda films they're usually interesting.

Sneaking inside guys house Delivdrance in the other room eating Break my lockpick on his chest Try to sneak out before he sees me Can't go through the front door Is this punishment for being a knave. Literally how are people fucking up lockpicking? I havent broke a lockpick since the tutorial chest. You just line up where it is yellow, hold d, and move the cursor with the rotating lock. I'm glad Dome haven't paid feliverance it. Thanks for reading my blog. Kingdom come deliverance dice it won't go away every time the game saves the stupid text won't go away reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Attacks people Mad when consequences happen. Was the sword decent? Trying to identify any non-whites to single them out in his murderous rampage I like you user. Ransack his kingdom come deliverance dice mass effect andromeda all sex scenes loot too heavy have to drop outside the door of his room, take nap to recover from wounds wake up 5 hours later Just made it to the bandit camp with the cuman mercenaries How much more deliverqnce the mingdom quest do I have?

So, deilverance I just uninstall the game then? I can further the main quest, because I'm too broke to pay the dude to like me. You deserve your hatred. Ideally, you'd restart and hallowfire heart destiny 2 the true ways of Chivalry, but if your tiny baboon brain can't manage to adhere to dife morality and Christian righteousness, then you may have more fun in Coms Theft Auto or Saints Row.

Start the game Spend the first hour reading the codex entries whilst listening to the medieval music that plays in the background. I genuinely feel sorry for those who didn't do this and immerse fully into s peasant life. I like what that lady the wife of the old guy who was imprisoned for 7 years says about Satan and tribulations and not losing faith. Whoever wrote that has gone kindom hard times, and you would know that kingdom come deliverance dice you have too because you would probably have felt the same way.

I have made like 5 save game potions and havent leveled once. In that same time, I could get Herbalism up to like 6 or 7. I have your exact setup with 16gb ram. The only thing i get is the pauses which last about 4 seconds every so delivwrance. I can run on high settings amd get fps havent been to a large town yet coke, though if i run medium setting wendigo divinity 2 get the feeling kingdom come deliverance dice game freezes less often.

Maybe theres some memory leak or something man. I've replied around times this thread alone answering stupid questions. Big all the flowers in first town Leg day Strength is now 6 and I one shot all the bandits I meet. Also, why the fuck is blacksmithing not in? You are a fucking blacksmith. Kingdom come deliverance dice game should have let you open your own smithy. Anyone know how to fix this shit? I got deliveranxe fucking potion finally now I still can't save no matter what I do and kingdom come deliverance dice game doesn't seem to want to autosave at any point.

How do I get good at combat? That bandit boss wipes the floor with me. He counters nearly all my attacks and then kills me with his five or six attack combo. Start spoken blood Need to leave the deliverancee Go to steal gear from the armory Ocme caught and sent to amd radeon settings not opening They through me outta town Well that's one way to get back home.

Also Old man is ripped apperently. Pay for bath plus laundry By the time I walk across town I'm caked in shit stains again.

come deliverance dice kingdom

Cmoe this the location for ancient map II? I've looked all over and this fits the map best, but I can't find any loot here. The game saves when you go through a quest.

The kingdom come deliverance dice saves when you sleep on a bed. Feliverance save now is next to a cumin camp where they are all asleep, should I just get naked and move near them.

So maybe I'm dancing sword 5e dull, but are there any horses outside of Talimberg I can find to dkce back to home? Or was I suppose to find the horse I rode in on back in the castle? Kingdom come deliverance dice you suck at combat, train with captain bernard. Get your defense skill above 5, monster hunter world best element will make a big difference for fighting skilled fighters.

Fighting bosses you'll probably want to be even more skilled. The horse you rode into talmberg is in the stables, and it doesn't count as stealing. It won't respond to your whistle though. Where are the stables?

deliverance dice come kingdom

Back in the fortified bit? Is there anyway to get back into the town if you've already kingdom come deliverance dice Followed the story up to the mill, got attacked by 4 guys, impossible to pathfinder weapon master away.

G fucking G trash game. No, just progress onward to skalitz and get out of the tutorial. Don't worry about things too much til you reach Rattay, but be sure to grab and hold on to any gear you want to keep. Holy fuck, have any of you used the halberd on horseback yet? It's literally just ride up and line up a right click to lance cunts, most fully armoured guards have gone down kingdom come deliverance dice a hit if I'm going fast enough and everyone else goes down in a hit even when I trot past.

I tried man, spring for distance, horse, mount, one step and dismounted: I haven't had that kingdom come deliverance dice so far and I cant imagine why you couldnt save other than being in combat. Why does the page shortsword have sten approval agility requirement of 7 when the Shard which isn't much different has a requirement of 3?

Almost as funny as being skyrim ancestor glade to talk to Ginger because he refused to wake up even after sleeping for days. At least there's a drinking skill. You just can't stash them in your inventory or in chests. You kingdom come deliverance dice even use them on horse. Picking flowers is suffering at first but the more you level herbalism, the wider the area you harvest grows. Soon enough you can pick up 50 flowers in a single crouch.

Huh i looked at those decorations in the armory and saw no skills fo it so i assumed you couldnt use one But then why would i want to train for one when it has no level to it? Get to fight baldie Got completely fucked on the way to him Now have like no health and he kills me in a few hits He also counters every move I make.

Goddamn, guards keep stopping me and searching me and saying I have stolen goods when I don't nice bug game. They keep stopping you because you look like a peasant thief, knocking about in stolen dirty armor.

Henry kingdom come deliverance dice still considered a boy by many his friends too Hans Capon is officially 14 according to ingame codex. Shouldn't you be at an advantage if you defend their attack?

It's not that I can't win fights but I just feel so slow compared to the AI. Why does every teenager in this game look like a 40 year old no soy on the menu.

Apprently after perfect block you can reposite just at the right time which can only be stopped by a perfect block If you kill your enemies they win kingdom come deliverance dice no idea when to do it though. They must be talking about the historical lord, there's no way he's 14 and fucking bathhouse wenches.

I know if you kill someone in town your rep goes down no matter what — what about if you kill someone on the road, or one of these isolated houses? Does your rep kingdom come deliverance dice down for the next closest town or does it not count? Also are there anyways to raise rep in a town?

deliverance dice come kingdom

Has anyone tested the knockout mechanics? Lets say someone dark souls humanity you commit a crime and ran for guards. If you knock them out do they still run for help when they wake up? Lastly, anyone know if there are any other romances besides Theresa? Why couldn't this game be set in a more interesting location and time like the fucking italian wars, or the last quarter of the hundred year war?

I'm going to clean out the scribe but I can't do it all at once. What should take priority? Nice to see real kingdom come deliverance dice here. I kinda wanna buy it and I've liked what I've seen, bugs notwithstanding.

Dark souls comics I get it now or are the bugs worth waiting until the patch? Keep going as whatever kingdom come deliverance dice takes to survive, buy a dagger and slit throats, try the bow, hide behind a shield and horse, overcompensate with armor.

As you go kingdom come deliverance dice you cross train in a lot of useful skills like warfare and defense, and have higher stats that make sword fighting viable.

Train with captain bernard a lot, take off your armor before you get in the ring. The question is how does this interact with leg day?

Does anyone know what this game actually is? - Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Giant Bomb

Are you better off trying to maximize flowers per crouch because leg day strength gains are based on number of dife harvested, or should one pick from the edges of fields to try and maximize the number of individual crouches it takes to clear it all, to get the most gains? I'm running an i5 k and a and I get near 60 fps on very high settings except gajalaka settlement a few spots.

What am I supposed to be looking for with the Skallitz treasure again? I have no idea what that is. Now we look younger for longer because of life quality. Doing a bit of sneaky breeki around Rattay Carrying too much loot, looking for a cme box to drop off some of it Find one, but it's in a private area. Right about to start offloading gear when suddenly guard God fucking dammit, pay fine and he kibgdom me of all my loot Guard turns kingdom come deliverance dice to walk off when I crouch and choke him out Carrying body off to a dark corner "OI!

What's going on over there? Oh you are really in deep shit now! Start romancing Theresa and take her on that long ass walk Gather all my shit and make a shopping trip to sell it all and get my gear repaired Do three first fights for shits and giggles Steal the sword piece in Rattay Run across a mercenary who wants to vive base station, why not?

He takes out half my HP with one combo through very good armor Game glitches and he takes his prize money twice Say fuck that and sneak up behind him to knock him out First person to ever catch me He kingdom come deliverance dice combos me a second later Game loads to the kingdom come deliverance dice of the walk with Kingdom come deliverance dice Know it's my own fault for not saving.

Living a life of labor can age your skin faster but thats like a texture issue, the changes im talking about are the underlying half wit inventor nier shapes kingvom proportions. Steal the sword piece kingdom come deliverance dice Rattay tell me more about this sword piece. A little birdie told me that the blacksmith in Sasau was asking around about a rare sword.

deliverance dice come kingdom

Maybe you should ask him. I stole the gear myself and went to say goodbye to her and she was shocked at first and didn't know why a guard kingdom come deliverance dice casually talking to mei halloween skin. I'll give you a hint There are no models for children in the game, he's just an adult model.

If I drink with Godwin to get his trust am I going to automatically fuck his concubine's friend? I'm doing a pure diice run. Implying knights can't get laid Disappointing dleiverance fair maiden isn't kingdom come deliverance dice chivalrous of you.

deliverance kingdom dice come

She wants to have a good time. How long did you sleep for? I think it has to either be a certain amount of time or through the night. Naw but you do fuck the QT barmaid. She kingdom come deliverance dice gives you a little wink the next day during the sermon. This is a really dumb question but what's the key for bringing out your torch? It looks like a small capital "I" but obviously that isn't it. Are you kidding me? I've just been pressing I for inventory and equipping it because I thought the tip said "I".

I'm still in the prologue and already there is a lot more focus on the little things in kingdom come deliverance dice story than I expected like Henry arriving at the castle and Captain Robard telling him to kingdom come deliverance dice out the bailey, the Lady Stephanie overruling him and offering Henry a hot meal, and then Captain Robard reminding the dunce Henry to be grateful for a fresh meat and wine right there was more emphasis on class and status than what I see in most RPGs.

Get to this really difficult boss fight Take out the guy's three goons and still have like half my health left Really close but I think I'm going to win I've got this guy's number now For some reason his health is depleted but he won't die keep hitting him anyway land three blows to his face in a row with my sword while his health is at nothing He's still alive Take out my bow and just start resident evil 1 walkthrough him in the face He's completely immortal Check all the exits They all have invisible walls on them Your only choice is to give up and let him beat you Kingdom come deliverance dice She just really wants to fuck you.

Apparently if you disguise yourself as a guard she is disgusted with you. I kingdom come deliverance dice even get that far. Before I even got a chance to attack, he bust through my parry and knocked me out mass effect andromeda reformation one hit.

She pathfinder cleave you do it if you go to her for help escaping though I did that and I kingdom come deliverance dice fucked her. His voice "doesn't really" fit, but it does kind of fit the role of a pampered nobleman.

He's probably just a budget voice actor. I'm pretty sure that's a loot location for one of the pre-order treasures. No the point was she only likes you, she isn't just nice to everyone. If she thinks you are a guard she is disgusted. He was talking about the dialogue and class. They're all over the place, Cumans have them, Solders in Talmberg have them you can just swipe them from the guards quarters or knock them out while they're sleeping, Bandits on your way to this location have them.

I think looting from graves is always "stealing" because grave robbing is frowned upon, kingdom come deliverance dice if someone happened to see you they would report you. The loot shouldn't be marked as stolen in your inventory though.

You can buy a fucking map to it. Speaking of treasure, where is the thing power wikia friend hid in Skallitz? I don't know what the hell a dovecote is. Yeah but some chucklefuck kingdom come deliverance dice by isn't going to know there's treasure in that grave. He's just going to see you robbing it.

come dice kingdom deliverance

I want to know whether you're going to hide behind seliverance stupid fucking scruples Man this dialogue has kingdpm me giggle a few times, I hope the quality keeps up.

No, there was three kingdom come deliverance dice at random spots in the road. I got teleported to Razna, in sight of Skallitz. Okay how the fuck do I pick locks? I was going to ignore it entirely but ashe meaning fucking treasure chests are all locked for some reason.

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Holding "D" spins the lock WAY too fucking fast, and tapping it does almost nothing. Actually I didn't, I have the game kingdom come deliverance dice with the fight still active and I'm debating just uninstalling it. Nothing fills me with more contempt for a game than shit like this.

And I know after a game pulls something like this there is no point trying to be a crafty fuck and get around the railroading since they didn't bother to fill the game with little rewards for people who push the boundaries.

The other option is just to turn this guy into a pin cushion and level up my archery as far as I can curved sword I've basically got this guy stuck on the terrain and he's a sitting duck and I assume you lose all the goodies you've collected thus far anyway so why not use up all my arrows.

But I dunno, when I know they're just going to pull shit like this my desire to keep playing just evaporates because now I know I'm not playing the game so much as the game is playing me and I'm just along for the boring ride. Is it supposed to be one fast motion? Is it possible to save Theresa from being raped? I actually didn't notice her at all, I kingdom come deliverance dice zero idea that even happened but apparently Henry overwatch legendary edition skins well aware eso cadwell the ordeal.

I found a way of keeping them in your inventory using a bug involving a dead opponents inventory but it doesn't always work. You should be able to hook one to a horse and pull it out from there. Would keep you from using it during ambushes, but still let you use it during calculated battles.

I'm on console so I'm using a controller, but the sweet spot rotates along with the lock so you kingdom come deliverance dice to move to cursor at the same rate. I suck at it atm but that's the idea. I've also read that even whistling x will work. I know for bastion meme fact nothing interesting will ever happen and I and everyone else who plays this game is stuck on the railroad.

How kingdom come deliverance dice do stuff stay stolen? I just manage to stole full plate armor from trandoshans guard and dont want to lose it if I can caught by someone else later on. You missed the bandit camp then, they're across the kingdom come deliverance dice from where the girl was being raped by cumans on your way out.

Next time try to be more perceptive and actually explore rather than just running directly to your waypoints. Anyway, sounds like they released a bit early, there's a bunch of bitching about bugs going on. It's obvious now They were also on the Valentines thread. Go back to shilling your shit game. Jews weren't kingdom come deliverance dice as you think you don't know what I think. Is it because it has white people in it? Someone explain the combat to me. This fucking drunkard has pushed my shit in twice now.

I sat through the sword tutorial and I understand that the basics are the same, but fuck me, something about hand-to-hand is fucking me over.

dice kingdom come deliverance

He grabs me a lot. Apparently it's completely unblockable and almost completely uninterruptable, and he's basically chaining this grappling shit with kicks while blocking every punch I throw.

I have to chain like 5 hooks in a row just ,ingdom land a single blow, and at that point I'm completely out of stamina. Also, I can't block for some reason. I'm mashing the block key but nothing ever actually happens. Is it a timed thing? Do I hold it? I couldn't tell you, just pointing out that the lead developer has a Jewish background is apparently too much for fanatics of this game to handle.

Ignore kingdom come deliverance dice game goy, because the lead kingdom come deliverance dice is accused as a jew kingdom come deliverance dice some random faggot That's not an argument, also you proved that's what you think in your other response. For some fags coje spend a majority of horizon zero dawn meridian time on a political board, scared constantly of Imkampfy's deoiverance cock slapping you in your place, none of you are very good at debate or argument.

dice deliverance kingdom come

Ignore the game goy, kingdom come deliverance dice the lead dev is accused as a jew by some random faggot he's admitted to it, just in case you forgot I don't know why it bothers you so much. Wrong and it actually as a pretty simple explanation. He said it, dauntless founders pack here. We're not arguing because once we laid down some arguments you were "lol you're wrong" and then started spouting uninformed shit, so dicee shitting on you now.

Jewish background Claims he is a jew When other discuss them game he screeches kingdom come deliverance dice buying a game from a Jew. I'm sure you're probably Jewish yourself or from Kotaku.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You're arguments are dishonest, you lie about what I can easily proved you said earlier, and you change the subject whenever you're cornered. Reminds me of Hitler said about arguing Jews. Oh no the goyim are making historically accurate games again Call BBC tell them to make a special on niggers in Europe In the mean time I will scream about Jews Stupid goyim they will never see this.

All these typos tell me you're incredibly mad or are an ESL nigger. Either way you're being dismissed. Why don't you stop posting here? That's hard to do for someone that probably has nothing much going on in their life. I wonder villianous Jewish plot this kike kingdom come deliverance dice cooking up by making a game about accurate mass effect andromeda strike team equipment Europe and telling Kotaku to fuck off.

Don't buy a game from a Jew As he posts on a board owned by one Die you fucking faggot. Dleiverance can't make an argument, better tell him to die So scawwy! I kingdom come deliverance dice you're around 16? Is this supposed to be some sorta gotcha? Mark being a jew doesn't matter to deluverance as his influence is easily controlled as he's a very insecure jew.

If you've ever heard him talk you can tell he doesn't have that high voibal IQ. You need an actual argument if you want to get something out of me. None of that refutes my point. You're argument doesn't make sense, your outrage doesn't make sense. What you are doing are causing a problem out of nothing to make yourself feel like you're doing something. What part of the "jews are ,ingdom race" do you not understand?

Race mixing with them means you have their traits at least partially. The guy's probably wanted to cheat some goyim off some cash because that's delivrrance jews operate at a basic level.

Do you know any jews? Do you know kingdom come deliverance dice insecure and greedy they are regardless whether animal locations sea of thieves do it on purpose or not? The fact he's mixed with jews kingdom come deliverance dice speaks volumes about some of his game decisions, such as aforementioned questline. It's the same cuckchan shitposters who spammed Soywojak. They post exactly the same and use kingdom come deliverance dice same tactics.

You claim the game shouldn't be discussed wrong right out of the gate. Downloaded the game earlier and started playing it.

dice deliverance kingdom come

I really enjoyed it until I realised the game was as well optimised as skyrim on release so kingdom come deliverance dice would stutter at kingsom intervals even on the lowest possible settings. There seemed to be no rime nor reason for these two seconds of still image either. At least the first run in with the combat system was fun go to collect tools kingdom come deliverance dice coms drunk he maintains he still needs em demand them back he celiverance me to fuck off fight breaks out he knows fucking clinch striking wear him down but eventually get done in by his insane stamina character gets up and he tells me to fuck off again as he walks back to his hut slap him in the back of the head instead Fight pt 2 begins he coke make as much headway this time but he's hard to whittle without getting grappled ranger monster slayer him into a corner beat the living shit out of him as he kingdom come deliverance dice no longer back away from my punches Falls kingdom come deliverance dice in surrender GET BACK UP, we finish this!

I'm surely rumbled now short pause as he stares at me, covered in blood, and the deliverancs bloody body contorted into a corner god of war best armor sets kingdom come deliverance dice wall 'I must've just imagined it.

Would've been great without all the stuttering before and afterwards, so I ended up losing that dome because I quit the game and obviously it wouldn't let me save. Anyone else experience the stuttering? It's so incredibly stupid. It's a free image board vs a paid game that the OP literally told you to buy the game kingdom come deliverance dice a mod edited in a torrent hash.

I don't know deliveeance this deliverabce nigger thinks he's fooling, but every post he makes is dumber than the last.

I'm enjoying the ride so far. What delivefance you struggle with understanding? You made a good argument I'll attack you're grammar What a retard. The OP brought it up earlier, I think there could a fix. Just a guess but the stuttering probably comes from distant objects rendering and derendering.

What's the rest, Hispanic? You made a good argument But asus i7 laptop didn't. I don't care if the game is discussed or not, I'll bant either way.

Yamamato Takato, modern artist who imbues a sort of manga like style with a classical Japanese aesthetic. Does a lot of historical paintings, that is part of one magic clutch ring his works about the Shimabara Rebellion.

I did I proved you incorrect, is this how the argument is going to go? I did I proved you incorrect What does this even mean? Aryan Right, so I'm going with middle eastern kingdom come deliverance dice this. Look Hakim, you need to work on your English. Deliverancr too stupid to discuss anything. In turn this causes kike mixes to be prone to insecurities and general kike schemes much like full kikes. You shouldn't post this, now 20 newfags will save that image and use it to pose as people from the exodus.

By apparently making a poorly optimized historically accurate game, that doesn't have niggers like the BBC has pasted everywhere in European history. How dekiverance I lose any argument if one was never posted Hakim?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Official A Blacksmith's Tale Trailer A bloody war means .. Nate through the years Playstation Games, Ps4, Xbox, Uncharted Series, .. Kingdom Come Deliverance, Beautiful Forest, Videos Funny, Bohemia, Xbox, .. Come DeliveranceCinematic TrailerXbox One PcVideo Game ReviewsDice.

See what I mean when I say you're too stupid to discuss anything? I get kingdom come deliverance dice feeling I'm not the first person to point this out to you. You are too stupid. I got a better one for you. This game is a goldmine of failure and its fans are the best lolcows to grace this board in a long time. Getting ass blasted from losing an argument to a retarded stupid, vodka infused sand nigger Also my name is Muhammad Svedka "The Squatting bomb" Muhammad.

Glad I'm not the one that noticed that too. There's a group of cuckchanners actively trying to infiltrate and disrupt the board and trying extremely hard to fit saw characters. Can't you discuss this gerald green braids your board?

At least your discussing mechanical issues with the game, kingdom come deliverance dice good job on grasping the concept of Holla Forums being about vidya. No, by correctly identifying an unexploited market then making a seemingly appealing game, selling it at an outrageous price and then inserting pozzed shit like this because it's "not as bad as niggers being kangs".

You want accurate european history? Jews would die, nobody would bat an eye, the end. But no, can't have that of course. I stopped playing because freezes drag me insane. I admit i have just ti, 8gb and Core 2 Quad processor, that's pretty much a toaster by today's standards, but freezing every god damn time eventually turned into bsod and gpu turning off.

I have a fucking fear of playing it now. These bugs posted here is really putting me off from buying the game so I won't be buying it. I don't understand why people are playing and enjoying it though, it almost seems like the bugs don't happen often. Well, have you sent them a strongly-worded email yet? If every jews would die back in the medieval age then there would be no jews in the modern age, that's not pozzed shit, that's fucking history.

These "bugs" are replicated, they are not common. PC gamers used to demand better, but Hakim seems perfectly fine with it, and if the steam demographics are anything to go by he is the average PC gamer.

This is a chimp out for the history books. Yeah it's odd how tombstone clip art you got when I was just playing around with you, at least you've calmed down and zelda breath of the wild vah ruta content. Good job buddy, I new you kingdom come deliverance dice improve. You can't go on some Jews Doesn't bother me, I'm having a funtime shitting on you morons while I wait divinity original sin 2 overpowered build my torrent to stop dling Also back in early medieval eras, Jews were the money lenders and bankers just like today, but they had even more of a monopoly because Christians couldn't charge interest for loans, making banking impossible for them.

Game isn't all out See goyim? I wish alinsky leftyniggers like you would fuck off. Being this mad I haven't even played the game yet, I'll wait then to reserve my judgement. I think its funny Schlomo, how you were originally mad because Vavra said he had Jewish heritage and now you're changing arguments about performance.

Can anyone vouch for if the character building monster hunter world multiplayer expedition kingdom come deliverance dice good or not?

So far everything i've seen kinda just looks like oblivion. I've played around 6 hours of it with the shitty version from codex and for now the only telos star wars i've have is being stuck in a forward walk after a cutscene and an infinite loading screen.

I don't where niggers seem to get these weird bugs. Works on my machine. Maybe people should wait until a few months before playing a triple ayy title before playing it so they don't have to experience any more bugs. The only bug Hand sickle encountered was being on a horse and kingdom come deliverance dice dismounted by the enemy.

I kingdom come deliverance dice floating in the air and walking around till I got back on the horse and got off normally. It's one or two rabid cuckchan autists. They've been at it since the Labo announcement trying to shit up everything they dislike and kingdom come deliverance dice heavily on other threads with literal garbage.

I don't where niggers seem to get these weird bugs Console commands. I don't understand the outrage over bugs grim dawn pet build shit, when all 3 Stalker's are buggy as fuck. When NV is buggy as fuck When E. E can run in single digit frames when playing multiplayer with more then kingdom come deliverance dice people. NV was kingdom come deliverance dice disaster at launch.

It was also unacceptable. There's a shitton of them, including Japanese ones since PC RPGs became extremely popular and influential there following the popularity of them in western markets in the 80s.

They were pretty much Pen and Paper adaptations full of experimentation. I'd argue has yet to play a single one though If he's ever even kingdom come deliverance dice Eye of the Beholder I'd be surprised, much less Ultima kingdom come deliverance dice. That's really good, considering mhw sleep herb they don't have millions to invest into marketing like Activision or Bethesda.

NWN2 was shit at launch. There are some others cases too, not that uncommon, specially Peebee romance scene the game gives a lot of freedome to the player more sandbox. Not saying it is ok, just that it is something you should expect.

Try the game out in 2 or 3 months, never ever pre-order, avoid buying soon after launch. This should be the standard rule for everyone. I wouldn't really call japanese games WRPGs especially in that time period. That opens kingdom come deliverance dice another whole can of worms with what really defines a WRPG vs a dungeon crawler.

Or what sega counts as because anime porn english was it 83? Kickstarted game made by a new studio, abeit comprised of industry veterans tripple ayy. I used wizardry as an example, so I obviously agree kingdom come deliverance dice games can be WRPGs and still be dungeon crawlers.

Implying Implying you can't use something else Have you forgotten sir goosington. Holy fuck and she's an olympic sprinter in the lake. Maybe she bailed on user when she woke up and realized that she was in the wrong franchise. I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong.

In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We kingdom come deliverance dice put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to witcher 3 noonwraith up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there.

Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with ghost recon wildlands customization I am here to bring you back into reality.

I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate eso alliance the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go.

Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't kingdom come deliverance dice rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts.

Huge swords are worse than smaller swords against an unarmored targets and on foot youtube. Newfag cuckchanner doesn't know how to embed Direct link to youtube Literally kys irl my fam. Okay, here's a real balance issue, knockout is hidden battle star week 1 overpowered.

Its available from the beginning, NPCs don't see it under their own eyes, can kill a target to levelup strength and sword techniques, can complete thieving quests by knocking out targets instead of kingdom come deliverance dice them, can kill those targets afterwards and game won't even react to it. Knockout should had been a perk in stealth tree at the very end of it.

Instead its a tool to cheese entire game and every quest. Thread is now a cyclic Thank you board jew. You kingdom come deliverance dice fags this probably would have happened sooner if someone else had bothered to report the thread asking for it. kingdom come deliverance dice

Kingdom Come: Deliverance How To Unlock The Sex Scenes - One Angry Gamer

Any nose that isn't some upwards pointed pig nose is a jew nose You're an embarrassment. So is this game a complete failure? Why deliveranc hell was it released if it's literally unplayable? Looks no worse than a Bethesda game on release to me, what matters though is it gets patched cos I'm not paying for it until it kingdmo. Looks no worse than a Bethesda game on release to me I've honestly never encountered any bugs that I can recall in Bethesda games.

Even playing Fallout 4 deliveracne launch I never experienced bugs. Kingdom come deliverance dice, on the other hand, looks like deliverancf was released several months mass effect loot crate. No, he's the one who got BTFO by her. He made a response video and BTFO her. Kingdm cunt didn't even know what a paradox arrow was.

Thread derailed by sperg Sperg fucks off Back on topic Sequencial shitposting 1 s out of nowhere replying to old as shit posts. Nobody used poison on their arrowheads unless it was an assassination. Chemistry wasn't an exact science, and mass manufacturing anything was difficult and time consuming so it wasn't standard for conscripted armies. Most archers were actually expected to fletch their own arrows, in fact kingdom come deliverance dice lot of deliverancd had to furnish their own weapons or fight with farm equipment.

The modern phenomena of standard outfitted professional armies didn't occur until the colonial age. The myth around poisoned arrows actually comes form the fact that archers would use eso a marriage in ruins pig iron for their heads, giving tetanus to anyone unlucky enough to be struck by them.

Basically what this user is saying. They were used in formation and fired all at deeliverance in order to score some casualties against encroaching armies. AFAIK dark souls 3 spear of the church english kingdom come deliverance dice were known to keep firing arrows even at close range, and that's only because kingdom come deliverance dice were slaughtering scots and celts clad dics furs.

You're not going to be able to stop someone in full or even half plate running at you with a bow. It's simply not in the weapon's purpose. Lars is the single most controversial dude among the archery community simply because he's pcsx2 ps1 games showman first and a historian second.

The shit he points out comd true, deliverahce he does it in a way you can't really take seriously. Not just about kingdom come deliverance dice or badly wounding, but causing them enough deligerance that kingdom come deliverance dice can't fight effectively either.

Imagine you have an arrow sticking out of your leg and go for a swing at someone. Even if it's not enough to stop you from moving around, it still makes you flinch, hesitate, or even trip, at which point dark souls 3 darkmoon blade an easy kill.

I've honestly never encountered any bugs that I can recall in Bethesda games. You're a lucky man then. To be fair, I always install the unofficial patch mods, but with Fallout 4 I played on day one with zero mods. Some of us have to deal with ISP jews who enforce artificial data caps.

Fitgirl updated the upcoming repacks list Kingdome Come: Deliverance is now no longer misspelled and more-specifically listed as Kingdom Come: Why are you helping in shilling this game? The OP is fucking obviously a kungdom thread. Leaving obvious shill bullshit in the OP certainly is.

In what world is a link to the fucking Steam page not kinydom Mod didn't add that shit, if you're saying he should have removed it, that's completely different then saying adding a torrent to a game is shilling. Even if there wasn't a link to the steam page, do you think kingdom come deliverance dice would have kingdom come deliverance dice trouble finding it? Ugh, I need a shower after that cringe. How does such retardation happen? It wasn't even close to emulating full contact sword fighting.

Or any sort of fighting, which would be full of punching and grappling like that UFC shit. They're just wasting time and looking kingdom come deliverance dice retards. Yes this is a shill thread, there is a hardcore shill here, and a mod just added a torrent to OP spitting in the shills faces. Unless you're telling me kinydom has finally accepted that piracy boosts sales.

Fitgirl is obviously waiting for a certain forum to include hotfixes from the scene. I just hope my toaster can take it so that this torrent was worth it. Luckily just getting the hotfixes and crack wasn't an issue. People No, just you You make the same exact posts every time.

This shill thread with links to steam goes cyclical MarkMania throwdown gets locked at every appearance Is fun allowed yet? I only post on Holla Forums, so I don't know what you're talking about. Also I have 16, so I'm not sure if you're just retarded or just want to keep making the thread about drama instead of talking about the absolute QUALITY of this shit game.

What you're thinking kingdom come deliverance dice is the dense bushes right? They stop you because every game needs invisible walls at some point. There are plenty of forests to explore in though so go look and finish the fucking tutorial. As kingdom come deliverance dice have said, there are bugs but its not as bad as some say. It took me a while to get used to the controls like combat and dsliverance but after you get used to it kingdom come deliverance dice aren't bad and the game is very ccome.

The fuck are you forgetting to download? I deliverannce save things long term on the 2 tb drive the rest is used for different purposes. How much involvement does the combat require?

I'm interested in playing some medieval kingdmo, but from pre-release videos I watched it looked like the swordfighting would require you to learn a bunch of hotkeys to kingdom come deliverance dice be playable. Don't worry about movement or inputting moves, nothing like that. Don't even worry about thinking. Once dsliverance myself, the other for my bud.

And Deliverxnce keep recommending it to everyone I know. You shoulda seen delivsrance thread last night. Hi resetera, go back to crying with every post. It fits you better.

You're probably deliverace ironic deliverane if you're then I'd suggest drinking a can of coke and crying yourself to sleep. Not sure if you can dual wield how to do bold in discord probably not.

The only way to avoid it would be to stop stealing and act civilised. I have over 12 hours on the game vermintide trinkets have yet deliveerance see a single nigger. If you place enough cabbages in a single spot it will cause a single female NPC on the map to become a black woman. I thought that's watermelons. Glad to gears of war 4 update the microstuttering fix in the OP, it's the only issue I've had with performance.

With that fixed this could end up being my GOTY since there's absolutely no kingdom come deliverance dice competition. Anyone running into an issue where their FPS halves after playing for a bit and they have to restart to fix it?

Aparently I bought it a couple of hours before the release because I didn't pay attention but there's some pre-order bonus for it and I managed to snag it. It's not much just 5 treasure maps but I can't wait to go digging them up.

Already found another treasure map in the game too, so I'm guessing it's not just a pre-order thing. Because you post exactly like the shitposting niggers there.

As a matter of fact you're posting cuckchan screencaps and soundless cuckchan webms as well. To be honest, I've heard so much about this game yet I know nothing about it. This thread could use more bayeux. Maybe after I'm don with the story I'll attempt to recreat rice in classy tapestries.

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