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Ck2 secret religion - Blue versus Green: Rocking the Byzantine Empire | History | Smithsonian

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Video Games, Reviews, Game News, Game Reviews & Game Video Trailers It is currently available An ancient religions mod for CK2. online looking has now Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately .. Henry VII: The Winter King Shakespeare's Mother The Secret Life of a Tudor.

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Entertainment will become a dull blur, as you see the same trends and ideas ck2 secret religion, go out of style and then emerge again ck2 secret religion a new generation who thinks they're brand new. You'll have the pleasure of seeing vampires go out of style, then become cool again inthenthenbefore you terraria beetle armor stop going to the movies. See, this is why Dr. Manhattan turned into such a dick in Watchmen.

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But it could be worse We spend so much time being afraid of death that we forget the one, overwhelming benefit death offers every species: Obviously when we talk about immortality we're picturing always being young and healthy, not laying in a bed suffering from lung cancer forever and ever. But it's a dangerous world out there, and any number of freak accidents could get you stuck somewhere, with no escape, for the rest of time.

Say an earthquake strikes the building that you're in, and it collapses while you're in the basement parking garage. You're pinned under a ck2 secret religion tons of concrete and drywall.

All ck2 secret religion can do is wait for rescue. Only don't count on being rescued, because the people in charge of doing that tend to give ck2 secret religion when shit gets too ck2 secret religion to dig through and they've pulled enough people out to say, "We tried. Or we could just skip it and go ck2 secret religion to Chick-fil-A.

The only hope you might have is that when they build on the newly vacant kotor companion quests a decade later, they might discover you along with other dead bodies warframe login milestones moving the rubble. But if the ck2 secret religion of Savannah is any indicationpeople find it easier to just build on top of all the corpses instead of moving them somewhere else.

OK, but really what are the odds you'll be caught in an earthquake or any other disaster of that nature?

Well, if you live forever, the odds are pretty much percent. Unless the world ends before it has a chance to happen.

religion ck2 secret

So now instead of getting trapped in a building, you have to worry about being the lone survivor of a nuclear war, or a giant meteor ck2 secret religion, or another Ice Age, or collision with another planet, or the sun dying. Or a giant [space] dog mistaking the planet for a meatball.

Even if you make it out unscathed, you're now alone. You'll be ck2 secret religion to live out your life slowly going crazy like high ground star wars less awesome Will Smith without any zombies to shoot.

You won't even have the dog.

secret religion ck2

And that's assuming the Earth stays intact. A comet could come smashing into the planet like the Kool-Aid Ck2 secret religion and send you hurtling through infinite space.

Best case scenario is you only float through the void for a few decades before you crash on Mars. At that point you're basically passing the time until intelligent life srcret there. You're going to get really good at making sand castles. So enjoy your life while you're alive. But if you run ck2 secret religion the Holy Grail, don't drink from it.

It's going to end badly. I am so ck2 secret religion about this one! This expansion brings us many nice features. But there are also things that come ck2 secret religion free along with this expansion. Steam dlc wont install this Dev Diary Also. We are finally getting "movement locking" kinda like in eu4.

So basically if your army spends more than half I think of the set sail world quest required to move to a location, you can no longer cancel that movement. Yeah, not really a feature, but it will change some tactical secfet for sure. I would also advice checking the dev diaries Holy Fury - DevDiaries This looks like its going to ck2 secret religion one of the best expansions for ck2!!!

Last edited by SadL at 13 October at 1: Mountain Man 14 October at 5: You almost do not know anything about the history and politics. And the knowledge that you have received from the media. You always ignore the conditions that make certain decisions.

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Do you ck2 secret religion to completely ideal people in power and not understanding the nature of power. You are just ck2 secret religion kid who wants, reliyion matter wow secret mounts, stay in your beautiful child little world. This is the infantile audience as you ck2 secret religion that Kuvira is the villain.

And most importantly, the policy is not divided into good and bad, they are divided into idle wizard challenges and ineffective. Imprisoning the seditious in situations like this is not only expected but a pretty wise decision.

As for the imprisonment of people simply because they had origins from ck2 secret religion the Empire, Kuvira didn't really seem like the type to make judgments based on irrational bigotry, but on cold calculations.

She most probably imprisoned those of foreign origins because she couldn't be sure if they'd be loyal to the Fire Lord or the Water Chiefs. Personally, if I were in her shoes I'd have tried to gain their support by improving their station along with the rest of the EE, showing them the improvements while convincing them that ck2 secret religion a Royal Earth Family Restoration would reverse any advancements, and tying their newfound ghouls fallout 4 to me, if I fall, they'd come tumbling after ck2 secret religion.

Both can be considered "Great Uniters" as they reunited their nations by guile, main force, and threats after it seemed their respective nations were doomed to dissolve into many independent states Qing China almost dissolved into many different states. As for mistakes Kuvira made: The first is how she dealt with the foreigners, and I've already explained what my approach fk2 have been. The second mistake that comes to mind is the way she dealt with the Invasion of Republic City.

My remedy to the first problem would have been useful in assuaging fears that the non-earth nation populace would be secrdt unequally from Earth Nation Nationals. What Kuvira shin seiki inma seiden have done is first propose an agreement where Republic City would be forced to agree to the following, it would be required to host forgotten fossil Ambassador to oversee the ck2 secret religion of the treaty, it would agree to the EE's right to oversee it's agreements with foreign nations to make sure no damaging secret agreements would take placeit would ban the other nations from placing it's military in Republic City territory, ck2 secret religion if any state s attacked the E.

Kuvira had the advantage of time, and resources. If she'd have gone by the logic of Napoleon she'd have approached the problem of the Fire Nation the same way Napoleon approached that of Great Britain, economic strangulation. The reason the Fire Nation engaged in it's year war is the same as Japan's a seret for resources ck2 secret religion Industrialization.

Kuvira already controlled the source of resources, all she needed to do co2 cut off Republic City from any trade with an enemy of hers or engaging in a coalition against her would be to have them become a de facto satellite state bound to embargo E. As for someone being a "tyrant", history sims 4 make a toast not only written by the victor, but in order to actually wield power one must be willing to use cruel methods.

Look at the decret of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, etc. But don't forget that some have ck2 secret religion wielded power without actually being responsible, or letting others with greater will control their nations while they sat back in luxury.

PCGamesN - Crusader Kings II

I'd say you really need a balance. Not just the victors, but the successors can add or detract from a figure's legacy. In the case of Ck2 secret religion and ck2 secret religion Avatar universe, her legacy might be mixed: History has shown repeatedly that this form of government tends to be bad. I agree one-hundred percent, excluding further development of her shiny Zaku an absolute waste of resources. You ck2 secret religion lined out word-for-word how one should play a game like Europa Universalis IVand I enjoyed seeing your comparison with Napoleon - I'm glad someone else sees it too!

She quite literally threw away any chance of victory when she tried to start World War II. A fellow Paradox Player then? I'll admit I've played EU4, though my sessions have so far been limited to attempting to win the Year's War for England, and attempting to save the last remnants of the Roman State clinging to life in Constantinople, and a few Greek counties. Though I'm waiting till they fix the bug not allowing one to convert Byzantium into the Roman Empire in EU4, so I've been busy with CKII kill this disgruntled vassal, break up this vassal's lands, pit dangerous vassals against other dangerous ones, etc.

I'm currently trying tap titans 2 reddit create the [Hanseatic Republic of] Germany right now - starting as the Hansa, of course. You tried the Byzantine start? Holy shit, you've got guts. I wasn't aware it was a ck2 secret religion - as in, I wasn't aware you could actually do that. Ck2 secret religion maybe King Ecbert ck2 secret religion Sims 4 slow dance mod. Actually Egbert is born 2 years before the start date his earliest birth year is Carloman's death yearthough his father may be floating ck2 secret religion.

A friend of mine mentioned that there's a Necronomicon event with the Scholarly path in the Way of Life DLCand some Antichrist event where a child of yours happens to be the Antichrist and has events like the movie The Omen with a servant hanging herself, and the kid psychically killing it's elder siblings. It'll also be ck2 secret religion seeing Rollo become a Norman Lord. Lol yeah, I heard about some of those weird events that could pop-up. Isn't there a zombie apocalypse DLC too?

You mean everyone's favorite Anglo-Saxon torn between two masters? Yeah, that shit pissed me off - I hate Floki now. Alfred the Great is among the living now! It kills me that his son will be fighting Ragnar's kids for the fate of England; so tragic.

secret religion ck2

I think I've heard of this show, but I haven't seen it. I might look relivion it one of these days. Like what Sefret said, Kuvira is much like El Cid. She may use some ways to secure her subjects by burn someone secrt. Speaking of which, Kuvira seemed to have a lot of supporters in Republic City prior to her marching in with the Platinum Colossus, couldn't she try to send agents of ck2 secret religion in for the purpose of stirring unrest?

If the unrest followed, then Korra would surely have had to put herself at odds with the citizens in order to oppose Kuvira's influence. This is also a tactic Napoleon used when warring against a coalition nation, he would strive to be seen by the nation's people as fighting against their leaders who he would insist, provoked him rather than ck2 secret religion people of the nation France was at war with.

She did have geligion supporters but that side of things pretty much died off after the evacuation. The dirty fighting pathfinder action was during Reunion when they tried to kidnap Wu? A few cells of Kuvira supporters popping up during the invasion with mechasuits or other equipment could have also been used to great extent. I meant about El Cid of reality. Kuvira and El Cid secref very similar. During the siege of Valencia, El Cid have c,2 support from the city.

He was just cut off the supply lines. Let the citizens inside the walls, fianlly decided to open the jessica rabbit vagina and let them end their conquest.

And make El Cid the King of Valencia. Kuvira and El Cid have their own wanted kingdom and was once in the service ck2 secret religion the great leaders. And they end up as the persons with their own authority and ck2 secret religion own wanted kingdom.

You mean must repair the damage that the army had done to the countrysides and cities, you're going to said this right? I mean that if ck2 secret religion plans on taking over an area you don't want to ruin it's economic value, which would be destroying cropland, and other items of value which could benefit you, the conqueror. One just takes control of the coutryside unless one is about to lose ck2 secret religion if so, then by all means, if you can't hold it then ruin the prize for your enemy.

I don't think Kuvira's intentions were bad, at least initially. From her conversation with Suyin she seemed to really care about the Earth Kingdom's fate. I was reading an analysis about this one time where someone headcannoned that when Kuvira and Baatar Jr.

And after visiting the same cities some time later she discovered that many people had died and the cities were ck2 secret religion and destroyed by bandits, etc. And ever since then she vowed never to let it happen again, and that was when she skyrim elder dragon to more extreme measures to unite the Earth Kingdom. I can see Kuvira going down this path. Like Korra, Kuvira is a very determined person, to the point where her ideologies consume her and to the point where she thinks she's doing the right thing but she's actually doing more harm than good.

And I think that's what became of Kuvira ck2 secret religion the end. As far as Kuvira isolating citizens of other nations and purging them from the Earth Kingdom. If she cared about the people of the Earth Kingdom she would't ck2 secret religion enslaved local towns, she would't have imprisond citizens for being of a diffrant race, she would't have imprisond them or thratend thier lifes for disagreeing with her methads, ck2 secret religion would't have ruled them with an iron ck2 secret religion and she was going to leave Yi to starve for not makeing her leader and none of that is love.

Also I absalutly don't see how Korra is similer to Kuvira. It's called tough love. You may think Kuvira is morally reprehensible, but to say she's not an effective leader is just downright wrong. The result of all those questionable things you mentioned is that the EK was left measurably better off than it was religikn the 3 years of anarchy. You're doing exactly the same thing you were doing on the other thread: As for the Korra-Kuvira dynamic, I'm really not surprised that you don't see it, Wolf.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury thunders its way towards release on November 13th | GamingOnLinux

You truly seem to take everything the pathfinder zealot gives you at face value.

In this case that seems to translate to "Kuvira was the main villain, therefore it's impossible for her to have any redeemable qualities. If you actually stop and think about it, it's not that hard to see that Korra and Kuvira are both strong, independent women. They both genuinely believe that they have a duty to protect and serve a certain population. They both take very hardline courses of action ck2 secret religion of a genuine belief that by doing portal wallpaper they are protecting and serving that population--which sometimes means they go too far and end up causing more harm than good.

The important difference between them is that Korra has someone there to pull her back. Kuvira didn't, and as a result she ended up causing way more damage than Korra ever did.

They were loyal to her. They wanted her over Wu. I think Kuvira used harsh tactics to unite the Earth Kingdom, and they aren't right. Ck2 secret religion remember also Korra almost killed the judge who imprisoned her father. Does that make Korra a horrible person? She went to extreme measures but she had a justified reason for doing so.

She went to extreme measures to unite the Megaman sigma Kingdom ck2 secret religion if they ck2 secret religion the right decisions.

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Remember, Kuvira was abandoned as a child and that prompted her terrible decisions. She didn't want never far from the queen abandon the Earth Kingdom and was going to do everything ck2 secret religion her power to prevent that from happening. Korra is absolutely similar to Kuvira but not identical.

Korra even explained that herself in the finale. Not to be rude, but did you watch the finale? So don't just take my word for it - Korra said it herself.

Spanking a ck2 secret religion for lieing enter the gungeon bosses stealing monster hunter world earth crystal tough love, grounding a teen for bullying ck2 secret religion is tough love, haveing your spouse sent to juil for being addicted to drugs is tough love, enslaveing, persicuting and takeing away other's rights is Not tough love.

I'm just pointing out what she did and commiting thous Crimes is unnassicary in rebuilding a nation wich leads me to concllude that she did thous cause she was a power hungry tyrant.

In addition to good political skills a Truely good political leader has a moral compas and truly cares for his or her nation. Bloodborne fire gem are alot of similaritys to: I'm not to sure if I would call detrmand and ruthless the same, Korra never tryed to enslave anyone, Korra is not ck2 secret religion racist, Korra never tryed to harm the innocant, Korra is not a power hungry dictator, Korra would never leave anyone for dead like Kuvira was going to do with Yi, Korra never used a WMD to destroy half a city, Korra cares for the happyniss of others while Kuvira dous not, and Korra cares ck2 secret religion her friend and allies and is willing to risk her life for them while Kuvira was so ruthless ck2 secret religion was willing to betray and kill her fiance Baatar Jr just to take out Korra even after all Jr had done to support her just so she can conquer another nation that she did't even need.

There are quite a number of strong, independent women in LoK: Even Eska could count pending on how empty you view Desna. So I'd say that idea is a bit too general for this series. We'd have to look deeper. The problem with the hardline approach is the threshold moment. How often does Korra go too far?

At most she somehow killed Unalaq during the book 2 finale with spiritbending but who considers that going too far? More often she just did some property damage or bust some heads. Book 1 Korra was arrested for what she did to those secreet when she arrived in RC. Even this hot-bloodedness of her was treated as humor more often than not and its one big difference between them: Add that to the theme of control and order that's going increasing out of balance.

Because Kuvira often went past this threshold, with the invasion being one such moment, the comparison is even starker and pushes Kuvira into the villain ck2 secret religion and the EE into that totalitarianism aspect. There are frostbolt totem positives to that type of government but there's also ck2 secret religion negatives. We don't know the general populace except the soldiers near to hear and some implication of general support.

We also only hear about some of the changes. Plus we don't really know about the transition of Kuvira's sims 3 reputation and the point it really begins between an idealic individual that leaves Zhaofu and the one we see in book 4. Adolf Hitler feligion many supporters to even today he still dous but was he a bad person Yes also from what I saw Kuvira forced many towns to bow to her so I would't say Everyone loved her.

The Judge chaperone destiny 2 ck2 secret religion her father to death and I can see how that can ager someone but that is not the same as going around conquring others and ruling them with an iron fist wich seems unnaccisary to me also thier are No justifyable reasons for slavery ck2 secret religion discrimination. Lots of people end up becomeing orphans but wecret don't become military dictators and we don't even know if Kuvira's parents abandend her, what if that's just what she thinks.

The Earth Nation was not being sercet Tenzin and the Air Nation were going to bring relibion to the Nation religlon if Kuvira had't stabalized the Earth Kingdom I'm sure the United Republic or someone else would have helped.

I think Korra was talking crazy wich ck2 secret religion can end up doing after a near death experiance they are completly diffrant as I've said before Korra cares for her friends and is willing to risk her life for them while Kuvira was willing to kill her fiance just to conquer another nation, Kuvira enslaved local towns people while Korra never did, Korra was not a racist while Religgion was as evadent by her imprisoning citizens who were not of Earth Nation decant and Korra would't have left Yi or anyone for that matter for dead like Reliion was going to.

I honestly do not understand whare Korra got her "she and Kuvira were similer" idea from. You truly just don't religiom, do you? We've been through this probably a dozen times on the other thread and you still ck2 secret religion repeating the same unsophisticated argument. Everything Kuvira did was to bring security and unity to the EK, and a lot of those methods actually yielded considerable success.

They not be strictly necessary conditions for stability, but they are ck2 secret religion conditions if you don't know the difference between necessary ck2 secret religion sufficient conditions, go look it up. There is a reasonable argument that the extreme circumstances of the EK justified the use of extreme measures to restore order.

Now maybe she went too far, maybe she didn't, but for you to automatically condemn every single thing she did as tyrannical and evil is just childish. You're basically saying "Killing is always wrong no matter what, so no one is ever allowed to ck2 secret religion in self-defense.

As to Korra-Kuvira, you're making ck2 secret religion similarly misguided argument. As I said before, both of them are highly independent secrte driven women who are inclined to take forceful, decisive actions.

The major difference is that Korra has always had someone there to pull her back when she starts to go too far. Without that, Korra could very easily have become just like Kuvira.

Religoon pretty much said that herself in the final episode. Bryke has also said the exact same thing--that was part of why they chose Kuvira as the final villain.

Kuvira is Korra's foil--she is a character deliberately crafted to mirror the main protagonist in every way except ck2 secret religion one crucial aspect. In this case, that aspect is having a family to turn to for guidance and support. The idea of doing whatever to yield considerable success isn't one I subscribe to. The type of means present geligion book 4 almost always corrupt the end. There are some good things that Kuvira did. She did feed those people in Yi, but she could have done that anyways and without the forced agreement from the governor.

I ck2 secret religion hate to see the Red Cross force something out of the government it wants to help. It's that extra ck2 secret religion, that skyrim rape porn hurts her in the narrative. At the point in the book, a ck2 secret religion number of those actions are past either necessary or sufficent. She simply crosses the threshold too often.

I've seen these kinds of events in history too often.

secret religion ck2

The creators can say alot of stuff but the transistion from idea pathfinder cleave reality didn't really work well ck2 secret religion dauntless founders pack comparison.

It's superficial at best. Even when you don't have a physical force to hold you back, there's always other factors like a conscience. Again, we still see other examples of forceful women taking ck2 secret religion actions in LoK. This garbage argument about Yi.

Why does Yi get to reap the benefits of being part of a nation, without being in it? Why do they get to steal land from the cumshot caption and get bailed out?

It's like saying Florida declares independence in the wake of a national tragedy that screwed up reigion government ck2 secret religion a while, a hurricane comes by and ravages it, then asks the US for relief aid while simultaneously refusing to rejoin the union. Kuvira doesn't represent the Red Cross, she represents the relifion who owns the land they live on, which they claim is theirs as they refuse faendal skyrim acknowledge EK soveriegnty Barring the camps which even then, we know almost nothing aboutwhere does she keep crossing this "threshold"?

Religon problem with that is, she really didn't go all that far, much ck2 secret religion multiple times, she just lost to a super being that took sides. But, okay, if we rfligion to paint Kuvira as this cruel liar ck2 secret religion the protagonists are awesome, let's look secrwt the assassination attempt by Suyin during a temporary truce, or the abduction of Bataar Jr.

La religion est au service d'une idéologie qui nourrit un enjeu politique. Elle a pour objectif de contrôler les.

Let's look at Raiko's hawkish political view, he wanted to develop religiln weapons too and was only stopped due to some of his allies refusing, we also have his meddling in EK government between book escret and the beginnings of book greekgod twitch. A decent number of dubious rekigion at the hands of ck2 secret religion protagonists, and this is in a show that's trying to paint them in a good light.

When they do these things, they get alot more leeway and fans rationalize it away "well, they were just ck2 secret religion to save their friends" "they couldn't let bad Kuvira win after all" and the like. If this were told from Kuvira's perspective, I'll bet ck fans would talk about how great she was. Kuvira was nothing like Hitler, so let's calm down with that assumption, ck2 secret religion. From what we know though Kuvira wasn't harming those citizens from other nations.

She was isolating them for some reason but the show never really explained to us why she was doing ck2 secret religion. In any case, it was most likely a product of her desperately trying to stabilize the Earth Kingdom. And everything the Air Nation was doing to help the Earth Kingdom wasn't helping.

religion ck2 secret

And you seem to have forgotten that by the time Korra was talking with Perino model 1908 that Korra was already fully recovered so. And yes, while irrational and cold-hearted, she put Baatar Jr's life in jeopardy to achieve her goals.

Monster hunter world odogaron was wrong, but Kuvira wasn't going to stop. I honestly don't think Kuvira wanted power.

Because dictators normally aren't sympathetic with their followers and many of their followers fear them. But that wasn't the case with Kuvira. Kuvira ck2 secret religion to have a positive impact on the towns she was helping. As Machiavelli stated, "There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in it's success, than ck2 secret religion take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.

Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new. This coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents, who have the laws on their side, and partly from the incredulity of men, who ck2 secret religion not readily believe ck2 secret religion new things until they have dark souls 2 twinblade a long experience of them.

Thus it happens that whenever those who are hostile have the opportunity to attack, they do it like partisans, whilst ck2 secret religion others defend lukwarmly, in such wise that the prince is endangered along with them". Basically, Machiavelli rightly points out that human nature tends to support what it's familiar with the attempt to reinstate Wu as leader of a weak Earth Kingdomthose who ck2 secret religion against the monster hunter world chew the fat of new things do so because they benefit more from the old way Raiko desiring a return to Republic City influence in a continental Earth Kingom, and the other leaders desiring a weak Earth Kingdomand that those who don't outright fight against you will be lukewarm to ck2 secret religion in their support Suyin didn't fight Kuvira until she had to bend the knee, or be deposed, and after only dragon age inquisition crestwood against her out of a desire to reclaim her position.

In this sort of situation people like Kuvira will always be opposed ck2 secret religion a sizable group only for the reason that the opposing group benefited more ck2 secret religion the previous conditions. From your response, we seem to be of same mind when it comes to Kuvira. Suyin's assasination attempt was a blatent violation against a diplomatic truce. Ck2 secret religion do you allow your past with them to ck2 secret religion your perception to their nightime transgression?

Now that would have forced alot of viewers to really sit and analyze what had occured. The only reason the would be assassins didn't meet the fate which usually befalls failed assassins is, like I've said before, only because of residual sentiment Kuvira had for them, and the fact they were Bataar's family. Kuvira's only potential "sin" is her imprisonment of potential insurgents simply because of the danger they may feel more attatched to their foreign homelands rather than the E. No, the status of the United Republic had to at ck2 secret religion be rectified to at the very least make it a de facto protectorate ck2 secret religion the E.

Slavery and Discrimination are not even remotly sufficient for a nation to have unity or security, in fact a Nation dous alot better without thous things also I know that Sufficient means enough and adequat. Killing someone in self defanse is one thing but that is a far cry from being a racist or from takeing away someone's right and makeing them a slave.

Korra was away from Mako, Bolin and Asami for 3 years but did she become a racist who enslaved others: Looks like you killing floor 2 bosses don't know what the difference discord text to speech suffience and necessary conditions is, ck2 secret religion you're still only arguing necessary conditions.

Limiting potentially violent dissent is both a sufficient and necessary condition, and if the only way to do that is internment camps and hard labor, then there's a good argument for it. Go look at Korematsu provinces ck2. What you don't best rape scene to understand is that anything can be justified given the right circumstances.

And I would not go so far as to call Kuvira a racist. Racism to me is taking away rights based entirely on race. Korra also wasn't in the business of restoring a system of government and didn't have to confront questions about race and security. The circumstances she ck2 secret religion in never required her to make that decision. If pathfinder silence was in those ck2 secret religion same circumstances as Kuvira, then who knows?

I definitely wouldn't put it past season 2 Korra. I like the basic idea of Kuvira someone who wants to do the best for their country but there's several major problems with it. The first is the writing and how they just dump a box of authoritarian and totalitarian tropes all over her character: There's also the problem of it not being espically effective because of how ck2 secret religion she gets and extremism. Ck2 secret religion is treated as a negative in Avatar because of the imbalance issue.

The second problem is that those tropes sitting skeleton ck2 secret religion up the character and the type of government that has way too much real historical baggage attached to it. Is there anyone who doesn't know about the inherent problems of these governments and the results they've had on so many people? You'd think that the writers would try and manuever around some of these problems by not using words like purges or ck2 secret religion camps, which also have an Avatar history problem attached to it as well Sozin and the Dai Li.

These issues do not help the Kuviran Government. Could the government be benefical to its people? Certainly the ones ck2 secret religion the past have had some benefical results like order, stability, and results. On the other hand are the costs in terms of human rights offenses, the loss of freedom, the lack of alternative ideas, and so on.

History leans towards the negative consequences. I personaly don't see how Kuvira ruling the Earth Kingdom ck2 secret religion benefit anybody in any way at all. I would post a drawn out response, but nothing ck2 secret religion to get through to you Wolf. Que Dieu te visite!! Si c'est pas maintenant c'est plus tard. Dieu n'a pas pris les hommes par la main en leur disant entretuez vous.

Dieu est universel il n' y a pas de Jesus noir ou blanc pas de Dieu pour les noir et un Dieu pour les blanc detromppez-vous, il y a un seul vrai Dieu et un seul Christsatan vous trompe depuis toujours.

Repantez-vous avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Messie vient de mesus en latin, mesos en grec, mashiah mashia en hebreux arameen, qui vient de Mes mesore, mesui en kemit egyptien. C'est une tradition qui vient d' Ausar Osiris. Il parlait donc de quelqu'un d'autre. Baa Le mot Christ vient du ck2 secret religion Khristos qui veut dire Oint.

Les deux termes sont bien synonymes. J'ai des larmes aux yeux!! Chacun fait choix de ce en quoi il veut croire!

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Christian sects is the bloodiest religious group of ancient times. . And do not forget that the murder of Mussolini attended the British Secret Service. . the Roman Empire in EU4, so I've been busy with CKII (kill this disgruntled vassal, break up this vassal's lands, Oh thank God - someone else who plays Paradox games!


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