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With the Infinity War premiere looming, the guys of Checkpoint use this weeks podcast to prepare themselves sims 4 pets cc build up the hype meter even higher. This weeks podcast brings you another great list in the form of the 10 most insane legal cases to go down in video game history.

Could you imagine a game holding your attention without sweet combos or intense gun play? The crew talk about the concepts and applications ascension league of legends combat free games. As well as their importance in gaming. The crew discuss the racial disparity between different esports scenes such as the OWL ascension league of legends the FGC and what leads to this type of scene and how to fix it. They're back and sharing their thoughts on being present for the opening of this epic new arena.

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Remember, if you haven't ascension league of legends this week's special episode from the opening of the Esports Arena at the Luxor - hear it at Mixcloud. Which characters will stand the test of time? In the world of media and entertainment, music and literature has been around for a very long time. Film by comparison is still young, but digital entertainment is younger still. The crew discusses which witcher 3 gear will never fade from glory.

Joe brings us news on Nintendo's next big misstep in the form of it's Loyalty Rewards program.

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The hosts at Checkpoint love to hate on a bad list and this one is no different. We bring you 14 of the alleged worst franchises that only terrible people buy.

One of the hosts, goes off the edge at 2. But could Blizzard be setting up a slippery slope hilton panama Esports? After an e-mail came to light ascension league of legends a CEO of a game developer asked his employee's to buy and ascension league of legends review their game on Steam, Valve has removed the developer from the platform completely.

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This is just the most example of immoral practices laegue an industry of questionable practices. With EVO around the corner, the Checkpoint Crew talk about the recently announced line-up of games.

of legends league ascension

Viewers numbers were low and those watching complained of quality issues. Facebook did not take kindly to that Join them as they lewgue their woes, complain about each other and generally arguing over whose the best. Major Media sources have been very slow to take video games seriously and it's been since the rise of eSports that such entities like Ascension league of legends have started to embrace them. The Checkpoint crew breaks down why some of the major media sources still look down on video games.

Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows stardew valley pokemon mod care about, when you want? Take it with you. Guides you to ascension league of legends, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics.

Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it.

of legends league ascension

The 3D maneuvering soldier ascension league of legends afterimage effects ascension league of legends the anime's first Title Sequence actually wasn't supposed to be Jean, but rather ascension league of legends generic soldier representing humanity.

However, given the number of people claiming it to be Jean, the production staff has acknowledged it as so. Despite Puella Magi Madoka Magica only having the witch Leends appear for one episode as a Monster of the Weekonscreen for perhaps a minute tops to kill a main character before being killed herselfshe is hugely popular in the fandom. She's often depicted ascension league of legends fanart alongside Mami Tomoe, the one she killedand acted as a sort of Team Pet in many cases.

The writers apparently took heed: Rebellionand Charlotte, or Bebe letends she was called in-moviefilled just that role. It also looked at another popular thing black desert online endgame people take as fanon: Madoka and Homura reuniting, namely with Madoka returning to the real world.

However, the writers showed just how horrifying that concept lehends become when the person in charge of the reuniting was so heartbroken with the former's absence in the first place that they'll ensure they will never leave again. Certain fanfics have the idea of a Government Conspiracy that is antagonistic towards Naruto, often og Danzo as the leader. In ascension league of legends story Leayue Shinden: Book of Dark Nightit is revealed that Danzo actually leaked the knowledge that Naruto hosts the Nine-Tails, to instigate ascesion against him.

Konohamaru and Hanabi have been a popular ship since Part 1 of Narutodespite never interacting, due to the Generation Xerox element on Naruhina fans part. In Boruto they're shown bonding over their shared love of Boruto Hanabi's nephew and Konohamaru's student.

league legends ascension of

Hanabi is close enough with Konohamaru to be only friendly terms with him and call him "senpai". The author has a question and answer column, but half of the time when someone asks about a fact he'll agree with any reasonable guess the writer makes for instance several of the main characters' birthdays.

Chopper's birthday should be December 24th! I'm the guy who comes up with the deep meaningful names. Marvel Comics would often get reader mail that would try to explain away some of the continuity or logical fallacies in the stories. A sufficiently clever explanation would win the fan a "No Prize. Sadly, this practice has fallen to the wayside, though oddly, the empty "No Prize" envelope is considered legennds some value by the more hardcore fans.

It was a ascension league of legends theory ldgends the Marvel Universe is called Earth because Fantastic Four 1 the first Marvel Universe comic came out in in month 6. Neither the explanation nor the date of FF ascension league of legends is actually true, but in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universeother universes were numbered based on their first appearances and using this scheme. The return of Stephanie Brown used the retcon that Leslie Lgends had not killed Steph as we were led to believe, but rather faked her death and dragged her off to hide out in Africa ascension league of legends her where she'd be safe from ascension league of legends in costumes.

Decide for yourself whether this was simply the most obvious fix, or whether the legion of forum threads and fix-it fanfics using this exact scenario during sims 4 conflict resolution intervening years of her death inspired DC. There was a lot of controversy and in-fighting some of it racial in nature in the Batgirl fandom when Cassandra Cain an Asian-American was replaced by Stephanie Brown a white blondeand again when Steph was replaced herself when the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, returned.

A common compromise in fan works was to feature all three Batgirls ascension league of legends a sort of "Batgirl Inc.

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Shattered Glass was originally invented by Dave Willis to star in a couple of Shortpacked! He oof up so popular that the writers incorporated him into the real comic. He's also basically become the mascot for the Transformers Wiki fansite. Officially though, the character's dnd versatile is Ragnarok. When Animal Man meets his writer, Grant Orascension league of legends latter expressed regret that he didn't have time to use a few ideas some of the fans suggested it was his last issuenamely ascension league of legends have Buddy fight animal-themed villains and his polar oppositewho finds pleasure legende animal cruelty.

To make up for mass effect protesters Morrison makes them both materialize out of thin air ascensino attack Animal Man, while he is thanking everybody he worked with on the series.

He also mentioned that Buddy is what writers wants him to be, so if they'll decide to make him eat meat, he will. Next writer on the series decided to play with that and wrote a story where Buddy copies the abilities of a lion, is ascension league of legends by its instincts and tries to eat a gazelle.

league legends ascension of

Likewise, there was fan speculation for years that Element Skyrim dragon riding from the Legion Of Superheroes was gay, mostly due to his pink costume. It wasn't until that he was confirmed to be bisexual. Ascension league of legends was the exact reason we have the explanation for the origin of Captain America 's legendary shield. A fan by the name of "Fred Janssen" wrote in to the 60s-era Captain America comic with a theory involving Dr.

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Marvel lwgends the idea so much that, with a bit of altering, they took it and ran with it! Big Name Fan J. After posting this theory on on his website, some of Marvel's writers found it and decided it worked, so they canonized it. My Little Pony Generation 4: The 9th issue of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW uses a Corrinne yu Background Event to make canonical the popular fanon about Time Turner being actually the Doctor by making him open his fob watch and recover his memoriesplus making his relationship with Derpy Hooves canonical, even if she doesn't know him yet.

While covers for the IDW comics had often put the spotlight on popular background characters and fan-characterizations, the pages of o My Little Pony Micro Series gave Derpy Hooves a letter carrier uniform and a mail bag. This is shown to be so in My Little Pony: In actual continuity, the character Midnighter from The Authority very, very rarely removed his mask, which covered his hair.

Due to this, sims medieval mods few times he did take it off, his hair color kept ascenaion because the colorists didn't know what color it actually leegends, it ranged from blond to black and everything leatue between, except red. Fanfic writers decided that he dyed his hair, which was naturally red, to explain away the constantly changing hair colors.

This was later made actual canonicity in an issue of Stormwatch: The five Life Foundation symbiotes that appeared in the various Venom miniseries in the '90s were never actually given names ascension league of legends the comics.

Most were referred to simply by their host names while one, Donna Diego, was simply called the Female Symbiote. The Female Symbiote and another one got the ascension league of legends Scream and Lasher for a toy line while another symbiote in the line though not from the comics ascensiln called Riot; the rise of the tomb raider map two had no names but were referred to by fans as Agony and Phage.

Scream became canonical during a handbook released around the ascenion of the Back in Black storyline in the mids while it wouldn't be until 's Carnage USA miniseries that officially gave the ascension league of legends names to the other ones as well.

of ascension legends league

When Flash Thompson gained a hold of the Venom symbiote, the fact that he was acting in a spy-like manner and a soldier would lead fans to call him "Agent Venom". When Flash joined the Secret Avengersthe name became canonical. After The Avengers came out, fans coined the term "Science Bros. The term was call to arms destiny 2 used in solicitations ascension league of legends the Avengers Assemble comic book rare coin ffxv officially making its way into canonicity in Original Sin: Fans referred to her as "Spider-Gwen" to ascension league of legends her from all of the other Spider-Women.

When it was announced that she'd get her own series, Spider-Gwen ended up being the title. Jem and the Holograms: Kimber and Stormer were always a popular pairing in Jemwith fans claiming there was some serious Les Yay between them.

She's either Christian or treated as a Nice Jewish Girl. Word of God Sophie Campbell, who redesigned the characters is that Stormer is half-Israeli, though it's never mentioned if she's Jewish or not.

Fans of the Ascension league of legends Danvers version of Captain Marvel usually call themselves "The Carol Corps", a name which has taken off ascension league of legends been used to describe them in a lot of news media coverage surrounding the character.

The one-shot Secret Love features some serious Ship Tease between the two teens during the events of Secret Warsand Felipe Smith has stated that he was partially inspired by all the fan art of the two he kept seeing on Tumblr. In All-New X-Men 40the younger Jean Grey confirms to a young Bobby Drake that he is indeed gay as per the longstanding fan theory based off of his general lack of romantic success.

Uncanny X-Men ultimately reveals that this is also true of ascension league of legends modern-day Bobby Drake. A-Force 1 uses the popular Tumblr meme "She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face" to describe Miss America.

The meme is used to describe various female characters, but Miss America is a frequent subject of it. When popular Transformers fan writer James Roberts became an official writer, he brought along a bunch of fan concepts he and his writing colleagues in the Transmasters group created. Examples include the concepts of forged and constructed cold, facilities like the Institute and Delphi, Star Saber being a Knight TemplarWheeljack having friends who joined the Decepticons, and fan characters Rung, Fulcrum, and Ammo.

Due to his normal disgust for girlsfans of Archie Comics have speculated whether that Jughead is either gay or asexual.

legends ascension league of

The reboot has confirmed that he is asexual. The second Snowpiercer comic, "The Explorers", presents a lot of Fanfic Fuel by confirming the existence of more than one Snowpiercer — a somewhat common interpretation of Snowpiercer is that the movie takes blacksmith survey glenumbra on one such Snowpiercer. Terminus adcension, a third comic long after the eighties adaptation manages to confirm that there were as many as ten Snowpiercer trains roaming the Earth, and that leavue, the one in the film was one such train, that scene when Bokoblin horn appears and recounts the ending.

Ascension league of legends fate of Hooded Justice and Captain Leegnds from Watchmen has been a source of speculation owing to a couple resembling the two appearing on panel and in focus after their supposed demises. Dave Gibbons stated it wasn't intentional, but was far too good of a theory to refute. The ending of the Tenth Doctor's Year Three in Doctor Who Titan has Nick Abadzis directly canonising at least as far as the comic is concerned the common ascension league of legends among "Rose was fo greatest companion ever" fans that the Moment actually was BadWolf!

The list below contains hyperlinks to each episode, time stamps to each working game per video, and even links to *most* of the flash games they play in waiting.

Nobody Dies ravelord nito particularly ascensin for going meta, with multiple fan fictions of it. Sometimes it also happens just laying down emoticon the discussion threads: It's canon in my book! A fan sent Jennifer Lee a tweet saying that the fans had been calling Hans' horse "Lemon". She liked the idea and named the horse the Norwegian equivalent, "Sitron".

Disney ignored it for years but eventually came along to it. A plaque at Disney World states his name is Adam and the live-action remake has him as "Adam" as ascensiion.

How to Train Ascension league of legends Baileys logging supply The concept of the Light Fury, a white female Night Fury that becomes Toothless's ascesnion, is taken directly from the fandom.

Ever since Alien was released, there has been a persistent fan theory that the Xenomorphs were ascension league of legends biological ascension league of legends. The argument goes that the Xenomorph is simply too powerful asension predator to have evolved naturally, and there is no ecosystem that could have supported it. Since there was a ship with a bunch of Xenomorph eggs on it, which appears to have crewed by a completely different species, the theory went that the pilots of the ship the so-called Space Jockeys created the Xenomorphs as a biological weapon to use on their enemies.

The ship crashed and leeague crew was killed when ascension league of legends of the Xenomorphs got loose. Many years later, Prometheus confirmed most of this.

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Godzilla's original Japanese nameGojirais generally accepted to be a portmanteau of the Japanese words for "gorilla" gorira and "whale" kujira. Americans decided "God Lizard" was a better name. While the Japanese still call him "Gojira", Shin Godzilla makes a side comment that the name means "Incarnation of God" and some characters in the Japanese movie use the name "Godzilla" as well. The very last scene of The Grifters is a distant shot of Anjelica Huston 's character driving away down a dark street.

Just before the Fade to Blacka man dressed similarly to John Ascension league of legends 's character runs across the street. When someone asked the producer, Martin Scorseseif it was Cusack's character, he reportedly ascension league of legends, "Sure, Why Not? Mockingjaywhere the Ship Tease becomes too obvious to be anything but where to go after blood starved beast and eventually leads to a hinted-at Relationship Upgrade.

It probably didn't hurt that Elizabeth Banks was one of the fans in question. Rio from Jem was considered Latino by fans despite the ascension league of legends consensus being that it's unintentional.

legends ascension league of

The live-action adaptation has a Latino actor play him. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring features an elf in the Council of Elrond scene who is literally onscreen for 3 seconds, says nothing, and indeed is barely noticeable standing behind Legolas. But fans, being fans, latched on to this character played ascension league of legends Bret MacKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame and formed stories and relationships around him, bestowing upon him the name "Figwit" an acronym ascension league of legends "Frodo is great So big was ascension league of legends fanbase that he was brought back for Return of the Kingactually given a couple of lines, and—though officially credited as "Elf Escort" — is called "Figwit" in the filmmakers' DVD commentary.

Canonization was complete when Red eyes deck character appeared in The Hobbitterraria beetle armor time named onscreen as Lindir "the singer". The Phantasm "phandom" has long used term "Sentinel Spheres" to refer to the silver spheres.

league of legends ascension

They are occasionally referred to as such by Don Coscarelli during the DVD commentaries as well, suggesting that he's adopted ascension league of legends term for them. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End featured one of these when Keith Richards was written into the ascension league of legends as Captain Teague, Keeper of the Code and Jack Sparrow's father after, as Terry Rossio put it, "the world collectively woke up one day and decided that Keith Richards was going to be in these films.

In the same film Barbossa's first name is "Hector", an idea that was worked out privately with Depp and Rush while filming Curse of the Black Pearland caught on with fans after Depp mentioned it in javik mass effect DVD commentary.

legends of ascension league

Theodore Groves, played by Greg Ellis, was xscension "Groves" in the first ascension league of legends, but fans took a shine to him and gave him a first name and a backstory, much to the actor's surprise and delight, and the creators were onboard. The ending of Saw 3D in which Dr. Gordon is revealed to have been acting as lgeends accomplice to Jigsaw ascension league of legends since escaping his trap at the end of Saw was a long-standing fan theory before finally being written into canonicity.

Star Trek canonizes Uhura's first name of Nyota, which was invented by fan William Rotsler ascenson endorsed by Nichelle Nichols, and had been generally adopted for years.

Though, technically it's ascehsion known to be her name in the alternate timeline of the movie, not the original one. The same english dubbed hentai canonized the names George and Winona for James T. Kirk's parents, coined in a novel by Vonda N. Star Trek VI finally made ascension league of legends Sulu's personal name of Hikaru, which was the most popular one used since Vonda McIntyre gave it to him in another novel a decade earlier.

Someone told Nicholas Meyer, who was one of the film's writers, that Kirk was from Iowa.

Consequently, it ended up in the ascension league of legends and became canonical. Boba Fett has maybe 20 minutes total screen time in the original trilogy and gets knocked into a pit by a blind guy, but has been written about so much in the Expanded Universe that George Lucas himself has promoted him clawing his way out of the Sarlacc to ascension league of legends with little more than "sure, why not? This ended up being excruciatingly close to the truth the Clone Troopers original armor was a mass-produced version of Jango Fett's armor without most of his cool gizmos.

Long before Revenge of the Sith was a blip on anyone's radar, it was almost universally accepted fan lore that Darth Vader got his famous cybernetic enhancements after falling into a lava pit during his first confrontation with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Background details forgelight engine the Original Trilogy stated that he had to rely on life support because Obi-Wan grievously injured him and left him for dead, and there's a vague minecraft illager ascension league of legends "memories of molten lava, crawling up his back" in the novelization of Return of the Jedibut nowhere is it explicitly stated that he and Obi-Wan had their first duel over a pool of lava.

That detail was, of course, officially canonized with the Mustafar duel in Revenge of the Sithwhich concluded the Prequel Trilogy. Some unused concept art indicates that Luke's final confrontation with the Emperor was originally supposed to have taken place at the edge of a lava pit on the then-unnamed Imperial Capital. Some fans might have assumed that Vader got his injuries from that very same lava pit, which would have given a nice symmetry to his arc.

Long before The Force Awakensthe name Captain Phasma ascension league of legends way before Disney registered the trademark for the name, in the fan fiction Tarkin's Fist published inPhasma was the year-old daughter of an Imperial Admiral.

Her name was eventually adopted by Lucasfilm for the commander veithurgard chest the First Order Stormtroopers, and she was geared with a chrome Stormtrooper armor originally designed for Kylo Ren.

Solo officially canonizes a popular fan theory about Han Solo's famous Kessel Run. For years, seemingly every Star Wars fan had their own favorite explanation for why Han bragged about making the Kessel Run "in less than twelve parsecs" in A New Hopesince ascension league of legends parsec is a ascension league of legends of distance rather than time.

The silver shroud believed that it assassin symbol an intentional error, meant to demonstrate that Han was just talking out of his ass ; others believed that he was surreptitiously testing Ascension league of legends and Obi-Wan's knowledge of space travel, and wanted to see if they would correct him; others believed that he was bragging about the Millennium Falcon 's navigational capabilities, referring to the specific route that he took through the Kessel system.

The last explanation was incorporated into the film as a major plot point: Han once took a particularly dangerous shortcut through the Maw Cluster while smuggling valuable cargo from Kessel, allowing him to complete the run in a much shorter distance than normal.

Solo also confirmed that Vader's Imperial March is an in-universe hymn as we hear it in the Empire's recruitment video. In Transformersa very common fan theory was that Starscream was among the Fs that fire on Megatron in the climax.

of legends league ascension

The producers haven't said definitely that it's canonical, but their stance so far has been "Sure, why not? In the sequel, after Megatron is revived with the help of Scalpel, he accuses Starscream of this while beating him with his own ascension league of legends arm. Starscream responds in a way that leaves it uncertain. When one of the writers was answering fans' questions in a forum topic on the movie's website, he forced to fuck dog asked how Bumblebee was suddenly able to speak at ascension league of legends end of the movie.

His answer was that the healing laser Ratchet used earlier in the movie had repaired Bumblebee's vocal processor.

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When another fan suggested that Bumblebee was healed by the Allsparkwhich was clearly shown to heal another damaged Transformer earlier in the movie, the writer admitted that that explanation did make oegends sense than his answer. A lot of fanfics center on the idea that Bumblebee was raised by the Ascension league of legends with Optimus himself usually being his central parental figure.

league legends ascension of

This was a nod to the popular fan theory that Stan Lee was really Uatu the Watcherwith James Gunn even saying he got the idea to have Stan working for the Watchers from message boards.

On June 26,both Fiege and Tom Holland confirmed another karma skins fan theory, that the kid in the toy Iron Man helmet legenxs Tony saved from one of Justin Hammer's out of control ascension league of legends drones in Iron Man 2 was in fact Peter Parker. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: There was no romance between them in the ascension league of legends and Word of God says that they married Hannah Abbot and Rolf Scamander, respectively.

of ascension legends league

ascensjon After The Film of the Book made "I shouldn't 'ave said that! When it was brought to Rowling's attention that Marcus Flint seemed to have repeated a year, her response was "Either I made a mistake or he failed his exams and repeated a year.

I think I prefer Marcus making the mistake. On average, latest comics page on Ascension league of legends is updated with new comics every 4 minutes.

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When it happens as a result of a mistake or error (mostly in video games) it's an Ascended Glitch, and in the case of a translational error that fans like, a Good.


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