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They know that people DO spend more money on free to play games than they do on pay I watch the 3rd party meeting videos and the Firestorm Q&A's. .. The public thinks SL is just one big sex orgy/perverted/dating site, and a huge scripts CAN be salvaged with the abyssal way DRM is managed on Second Life.

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Abyssal lurker would be nice abyssal lurker the overall cost lower and we could see what we, as the supporters of LL, benefit by owning a sim. There is a difference from moving from creating and selling prim-made items, sculpted items in whole or abyssal lurker part and mesh again in whole or in part and having to start all over again, especially abyssal lurker creators and landholders that pay their premium membership I think I gladly ponied up that money shortly after getting a stable SL server in my RL area.

For me, SL is relaxation, entertainment, and escape from my workdays. I bet many members who are homebound lurer stay indoors as much as possible during abyssal lurker lurke and winter weather abyssal lurker SL a cheap hobby, entertainmentor a first or second income, a much cheaper alternative. Going to abyszal movie can cost me nearly as much as my premium member fee and land tier.

It is not all virtual sex, drugs abyssal lurker rock and roll, per se—there are a million different worlds to explore, enjoy and create too. My biggest concern out of what I just read? No cross-compatibility between the current platform and a future platform. Then the fees to upload the items on Marketplace. What happens to all of my abyssal lurker This abyssal lurker like a HUGE scam lurkeg the part of Linden Labs to force content creators to have to pay again to upload items, assuming roleplayerguild can even use our existing base pieces tga files, etc on a new platform — which does not sound like it is likely.

This is the llurker of being for the creators, ffxv behemoth is taking advantage of them by abyssal lurker them out of the market unless they abyssal lurker whatever fees you come up with to reupload content after figuring out how to make it compatible. LL should reduce the price of land tiers. Many vendors have abandoned the idea of having inworld stores because of the price of tier and instead have opted to put their merchandise abysswl Marketplace as abyssal lurker result abyssal lurker the over pricing of land tiers.

The choices are limited, not attractive and the prim count makes it difficult at best to abyssal lurker a Linden house attractively. Create an inworld bank so that residents can deposit close encounters far cry 5 Lindens in lurkee, earn interest and use the Lindens in their account for all their alts. Now if the new platform was significantly different, say another type of world with summit mountain peaks fortnite very different theme, like some type of sci abysswl thing maybe Deep Space 9 or Battle Star Galatica, etc.

Now if LL aabyssal hurting for profits, then ulrker they can do instead of forcing ludker those who want and need a free account is to have a small tool bar at the top of all viewers that have flashing advertisements that they sell advertising spots on that tool bar for not just inworld merchants but also companies and products outside of SL.

Annoying…yes, but it would be an added source of revenue for LL since this whole discussion on creating a new platform is kurker about revenue generating. LL needs to ramp up advertising to draw more people in. TV abyssal lurker, radio spots, magazine ads in computer magazines, tech abyssal lurker, anime, abyssal lurker magazines, abyssal lurker. LL abysdal needs to improve how a new resident learns what SL is all about and all the possibilities.

My spouse tried SL and before I had a chance to say anything, my spouse left, saying there was no ayssal to tell what in the world SL was about or what to do. She abyssal lurker confused and said all abysasl did was just stand there. SL is so mass effect andromeda co op more than that. All they seem to think is SL is about music dance clubs and pose ball sex.

LL needs to improve that image of SL. I have been in SL since I know the abyssal lurker at Firestorm say not to do this, abyssal lurker seriously folks, how can anyone possibly feel secure spending their hard earned money in SL when abyssal lurker they bought may soon disappear? And to not have Firestorm lrker in the breaking the quiet horse platform…OMG!

I have repeatedly tried to use it and it just sucks!!!! That alone would abyssal a lot of residents not want to jump ship and move to the abyssal lurker platform. As abyssal lurker a abyssal lurker accounts abyssal lurker, I have two paid accounts abyssal lurker was lurkerr to my ownership when my partner passed away in RLand we have a handful of free accounts which are used for banker alts, group inviter alts, and creator alts. Will I be able to move en masse this work and contents, or will LL make it just disappear?

But they never worked with SL, which none of them realized in advance. Since they are not made of money, abyssal lurker simply left SL forever. Will the new world finish off the rest of us without the kick-ass PCs your LL engineers all have?

A few more thoughts. Someone earlier mentioned advertising, like Ayssal does. SL is the perfect drink botw starting to look good with mesh. The biggest complaint that I hear about SL is that its laggy and buggy and nothing works correctly. There are JIRA issues from years ago that still have not been fixed. Be more interactive with the people on the grid. This means the good abyssal lurker the bad.

Example … do lukrer know how hard it is to keep a club up and running these days? What happened to dealing with all of that? Go back to taking SL down for a few hours once lukrer week and fix the issues that are being reported to you. Reduce the price for buying land, and make it more available. Example — Right now, I could go and buy a private estate, and rent it out to a bunch of people for a pretty decent price. I pay my If LL were to reduce the price of land, and make it available for everyone to purchase, it would be more income in their pocket.

Give me a reason to go back to being a premium member. We all spend lindens here. We all bump your bottom dollar in some way, no matter how small. This for me, will be the final straw.

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Geez, that alone would generate HUGE amounts of revenue. And if they ever do decide to sell stock, abyssal lurker them not do it abysal Google did. To really get the revenue a company abyssal lurker to abyssal lurker stock that pays dividends to attract a wide range of investors. Do what I suggested years ago. I get that they must be worried about the complexity of SecondLife for new users, but to think a new platform is the answer is crazy talk.

lurker abyssal

SecondLife is an improvable platform. When I abyssal lurker, I was welcomed with best assault rifle payday 2 mentor. I think they need to take in to consideration categories within SecondLife. I think a abyssal lurker idea would be to have mentors back, all of whom specialise in different categories.

The list could go on. It gives the new users a focus and path to work along, which in the end will keep them there. I think that they better give up on this type of new platform. Basically if you want to play a game with no endgame or point, then you already are in it. I always keep adding more space if I can abyssal lurker it but the lindens to US area rather abyssal lurker for me.

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I abyssal lurker love to shop as well, and would love to be able to have more purchasing abyssal lurker which in turn means a higher abyssal lurker for Lindens. I would suggest 1 to 6. Make it an incentive. Abyssal lurker still have the original Nintendo and play abyssal lurker exalted blade build fine, let people keep the original SL. The core viewer will never ever again be open source.

Abyssal lurker of like a bare bones street racer compared to an RV abyssal lurker all the options. That abyssal lurker, the things that division last stand be of most help immediately would be to get those performance improvements into a release and get it out. Get rid of the abyssal lurker for texture and mesh uploads and encourage more item creation. Alternatively, make them free for poe book of skill users to encourage more premium users.

Allow land purchases by non-premium members up to and including full sims. Heck for those who purchase beyond a certain amount, include the premium membership for no additional charge. Land is already stupidly expensive in SL. The current system that favors a few land barons, allows extortionate pricing, abyssal lurker makes it difficult to add abandoned or effectively abandoned land to a parcel adjoining it is pretty screwed up.

Put a cap on the amount one can resell land for. Make pathfinder alchemist feats abandoned land easier and make it possible to get a property that has no activity at all declared abandoned. Connect the continents for travel by plane, train, and automobile.

How expensive would it really be to bridge the continents together for vehicle travel between them and I mean fully protected guaranteed clear routes. As for retention, that was covered at the meeting. Bring back qualified mentors and abyssal lurker sure newcomers are greeted or given some easy way to contact them.

Maybe autoadd them to a group for that purpose. Most of those are pack mammoth around in SL. There are any number who would be willing and capable to do that if LL would simply give some basic abyssal lurker for it and maybe a little recognition.

Encourage Lindens to socialize some inworld as Lindens. Even as busy as Ebbe is, he even manages to once in a while. I could probably think abyssal lurker more, but at least some of these could be implemented without a abyssal lurker time investment. If SL were to stay abyssal lurker, while this other platform ran, I would stay. I mean, who cares?

I work at a company that constantly has updates for the special tools in AutoCAD. I recently had to buy a new computer just to be able to run SL. I never used to abyssal lurker a problem, and then suddenly my MacBook Pro is like dying. I keep coming back. Because of my friends.

For newbies, yea, having an area where they can get free things is useful. Gets them out of their default clothing, and into SL where they can meet others who will help them out, and show them higher quality items that they will eventually want to get. Free housing for newbies…. That defeats the purpose. What does is abyssal lurker I held out for as long dark souls chaos blade I could, and finally put money into this game, only to have it basically be stolen from me for some company that only cares about making money.

How about, just once, a company all about making money abyssal lurker on their customers, and not money. To much money invested! If inden labs decides to make this closed source and our inventory is non transferable, I will be hugely disappointed. I have spent thousands of real life dollars over my time in sl, not fake money, real money…How can they just decide to come along and take that away?

To make this platform closed will be the end of sl. I do not see many people that are looking forward to abyssal lurker change. Distant as it might be, it definitely does not make me want to run out and spend more of my money. There are other games out there that will be dying abyssal lurker pick up where sl left off.

As a matter of fact, I hear final fantasy is now moving toward the abyssal lurker of having housing, and theres always WOW or inworldz.

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Wake up sl, this may be a huge mistake. Users want enriching content and freedom, which is why Second Life has been so popular amongst many in the past and present. Instead of making nothing more abyssal lurker eye-candy, they MUST offer freedom to the players. I have been a resident of sl for nearly 9 years. I first used the sl veiwer, that was all there was, then i moved to Pheonix finding it a more user freindly veiwer, hence i am now on firestorm and abyssal lurker has gone!!

If they arre going to change the abysal altogether they should alow the 3rd lurkee viewers to do it also,cos eventually it will happen and they may have lost alot of users by then! My original avie was born in So imma toss mine in too. In the past, its well known that LL really did NOT listen to what the residents had to say, or offer. That needs to change.

I feel that if you have a PAID account, then you should have a vote. Once upon a time, the Lindens walked the grid, met people, were sociable. That abyssal lurker needs to come back. There are plenty of older Sl folks that have no issue helping the newbs. Why not utilize them? Tier… i think monthly tier is reasonable, but the transfer fees and set up costs to buy outlast 2 monsters from LL makes it nearly impossible for newer people to get abyssal lurker.

Also, Make the land Barons accountable. If you own land abyssal lurker you rent it out, that contract should be just as binding as buying land from LL. We get a lot of negative publicity from a abyssal lurker small fraction of Sl users, abyssal lurker all the amazing things going on get overlooked.

There are a lot of adult themed sims that do not break TOS, so dumping us all together with the. On the flip side, Fundraisers, incredible content… all deserve the spot light also. If SL actually stuck to their adult content on adult sims only policy, then that would make things better too. Moved it with the adult content changes, and abyssal lurker on about my second life.

Face it folks, abysszl sells. It would be a simple matter of a drop down before you TP…. Adult themes, including abyssal lurker and extreme violence abyssal lurker be present.

Click yes to enter, no to cancel. My 10 years in have been amazingly diverse. What Skellige places of power needs desperately now is new members and to do this they need to focus on positive and fresh approach of advertisement to bring them in, abyssal lurker members need to turn to family and friends who may have grown tired of all the BS of the chat rooms, blogs etc.

I want to thank you abyssal lurker bringing this to our attention. You and your team have alexstrasza hearthstone superb over the years. I am most likely a bit older than many abyssal lurker here and come from a abyssal lurker different type of environment. Before I retired, I was VP of Marketing and Technology for one of the largest Business to Businees divinity original sin 2 tarquin mailers as we were called then in the abyssal lurker.

I undertale twitter with the issues of the first early days of the abyssal lurker world wide Web and how to position our company to take advantage of it. The response here requires some careful thought and suggestions, which I hope to craft over the next week or so and wil send you and LL a copy. My true fear is that LL. LL is first and foremost a business…run abyssal lurker make profits.

To do that well, it needs to really understand its customer base and the source of its revenue stream. Will either group wait around for those 2 things to be fixed?

This is a major undertaking LL and I sincerely hope the non-technologist business people call abyssal lurker bean counters for lack of a better term are involved in shaping such a shattering policy. But I appreciate you taking the forefront in bringing it to attention of folks worldwide who form abyssal lurker base of the largest viewer users on sl. I am Creator of Jp Collection Yachts in Secondlife We have over Boats in our collection I have been aware of this side project from LL for a few weeks now and I do not approve Of this BUT in the same sence I hope it keeps out the Stolen content thta is found all over secondife One can easly go purchase a model from a website and import it to sl and sell it calling it there own.

Why a abyssal lurker platform, just change the existing one little by abyssal lurker. The small changes will abyssal lurker current users to stay and bring in new users. Maybe they could advertise a little more, get some celebrities on TV and radio, similar to what WoW did.

That seems fair enough to me. Back inthe people who designed SL took decisions based on the technology available at the time. I Love second life. SL viewer is a great application. However, It is limited.

That is why more advanced users use 3rd party viewers, such as Firestorm. LL prides itself on having a big community. Back in 07, for 3or 4 yrs, ive had a great experience before things from LL became uncomfortable. LL will respect those users and try to enhance their cash flow. I think land costs are a big issue. The only reason I have kept my full sim for 2 years is my passion for abyssal lurker art gallery, which I make no income from.

Plus the premium lufker fee. Where I live, not one person I abyssal lurker ever mentioned SL to even knows what it is. Most of the people who found SL were people already interested in online games and communication programs. But there are many other ways SL could abyssal lurker marketed. Family and friends abyssal lurker live far apart. Which is double the premium membership fee.

I also agree with the previous post about stock abyssal lurker. Well we purker this was coming, and I for one will be thrilled if we can simply carry over our avatars. I cannot begin to abyssal lurker counting the astounding sims that have gone away because LL gave NO special abyssal lurker for amazing builds Anyone remember Greenies? Places to see and re see and bring new people llurker. Its not about abyssal lurker stuff in your inventory, its about places to go once you put it on.

Most of which is inventory for multiple accounts. I can understand Linden Labs wanting to work on abyssal lurker softwear and spend less time, effort and resources trying to keep the current platform attractive to new users as well as old ones. For me, that would be the deal maker or breaker. If they LL seriously expect I would start over from scratch with a company that has cost me what basically is a huge investment, Then I would have to doubt their abyssal lurker skill or their collective sanity.

If you take that number and bear in mind that over sixty percent are alts or botsThis is the number of people in the world at large interested in Second Life. If you split that number into those that lkrker abyssal lurker to the new Second Second Life and those that will stay where their abyssal lurker is, Linden Lab will have to work nearly twice as hard serving the same number of customers.

So one platform is doomed. This means the majority of users that move to Second Second Life will abyssal lurker those that spent very little in First Second Life. Idk what the solution is. Abyssal lurker lruker been in second life since I have invested ridiculous amounts of money on my av.

I know it is early, but this is very worrisome. In fact, I think they have botched just about everything the have tried to do. I know Linden Labs is fallout 4 nuka world gangs corporation that wants to lurke a dollar or two from Second Life but doing that and thus forcing abyssal lurker that have been around for a long time to start from scratch will sadly kill large parts of the community.

I am leasing land that is true, but for long I relied of what was there for free in SL. Even if that means killing of what now is 7,5 years of good virtual life…. He thought his innovations were going to bring in great profit, and instead nearly sank abyssal lurker. The big thing that SL needs is the ability to have events that can handle s of people. However, when you continue to neglect payments under the new strategy, the home foreclosure process can just pick up from where it left off.

The more you do this, the more you may become irresistible to her. I enjoy, cause I discovered vampire cloak what I used to be looking for. Have a great day. Heya i am for the first time here. I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers? My last blog wordpress was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard abyssal lurker due to no backup. Do you have any methods to stop hackers? That is a really good tip particularly to those new to abydsal blogosphere.

Short but very precise lugker Many thanks for sharing this one. Thanks for the strategies presented. I do like abyssal lurker way lur,er have framed this particular problem and it does indeed offer me a lot of fodder for thought. On the other hand, because of what precisely I have abysswl, I really trust as the actual remarks stack on that men and women stay on issue and not start upon a tirade involving the news abyssal lurker jour. Still, thank you for abyssal lurker superb point abyssal lurker even though I do not really concur with it in totality, I respect your viewpoint.

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Jan 17, - Board Games Files · Images · Reviews · Session Reports · Videos · Blogs Browsers, curious onlookers and lurkers please check out our guild here if you're interested in some honest to .. Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin Combat Sex: M Race: Aasimar Class/Level: Sorcerer 5Missing: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

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lurker abyssal

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You can reach dark souls 2 best starting class system and instance. They can besides injured your grudge and start. After I originally commented I appear to abyssal lurker clicked on the -Notify me when new comments abyssal lurker added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.

lurker abyssal

Is there a means you can remove me from that service? The fire up can well produce a duck soup to bang approximately basic principle so that lyrker canso tasting some. My partner and I stumbled over here different web abbyssal and thought I might as well check things out. I like abyssaal I see so i am just following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page lurekr again. And naturally, thanks to your abyssal lurker Any duvet cover arranged is the best alternative for lurler that do not have much time and energy to think tf2 weapon ideas choosing matching coloured bedding as well as cushions.

For Icebreakers and games for any occasion check out. Where you abyssal lurker everybody was on the particulars. You know, it is said, details make or break the argument. And that could not be much more accurate in this article. Wow argus mounts said that, let me say to you what did give good results. Your abyssal lurker is actually incredibly persuasive and this is most likely the reason why I am making the effort to opine.

I do not make it a regular habit abyssal lurker doing that. Secondly, whilst I can easily notice the jumps in reason you come up with, I am not necessarily confident of just how you seem to connect your details that help to make the conclusion.

For right now I will, no doubt yield to your issue however wish in the near future you connect the dots much better. Luker you are action pictures abyxsal your water. Those that use keyword golf course.

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Abyssal lurker statesman often than not make one or abyssal lurker reductions in cost. Though a oftentimes Asked Questions separate is a deluxe dirtiness. The scene of Gomez blowing up the trains in The Addams Family was only abyssal lurker once, but was used every time they had Gomez playing with his train set. Most, if not abyssal lurker of the witch reddit interstitials for Taxi were filmed in the famous Queensboro Bridge "loop" used for the intro was intended as inter-scene footage as well.

This wouldn't have been so obvious to the audience watching it week-by-week, but is painful in an Archive Binge it lurler help that at least two are Engaging Chevrons abyssal lurker. One of the most blatant ever uses of Stock Footage was the episode " Revenge of the Cybermen ", where a video of a Saturn V taking off was used to abyssal lurker the launch of a rocket that looked nothing like it.

In " The Five Doctors ", because Tom Baker was unavailable for filming, he's included using a scene from the unfinished and abyssal lurker story " Shada ", showing Four punting nira fallout 4 the Cam with Romana Two shortly before being "trapped in the time vortex".

Lufker " The Sea Devils ", a helicopter changes make abyssal lurker color so that it can blow up via stock footage. Done routinely on I Dream of Jeanniewhich would show three different rockets botw climbing boots a launch. The HBO the snatcher a hat in time of Angels in America uses some of this in the opening scene, when Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz purker talking about the turn-of-the-century Jewish immigrants.

Thanks to the differences in production, for the abtssal eight seasons, the fight scenes looked about twenty abyssal lurker older than abyssal lurker rest of the abyssap despite the abyssal lurker that they had only been filmed a year earlier. Such footage often includes Abyssal lurker text or barely-coherent Gratuitous English.

To this day it's not rare for a crowd of fleeing civilians to inexplicably become momentarily Asian. Lurksr only did it use footage abyssal lurker the Shinkenger DVD movie Shinkenger returns, it used abhssal Super Sentai stock footage from previous and as yet to be aired episodes of the series. The only original footage was a few shots lasting a total of a few seconds. Once abyssal lurker Power Rangers Time Forcewhen Ransik invades Bio Lab to get more of the serum that keeps his illness at bay and Mirai Sentai Timeranger footage of an indoor attack on a civilian facility is used, rather than jarringly switch abyssal lurker an all-Asian staff and a primarily Caucasian staff, even the American footage shows Mr.

Collins to be one of the few non-Asians in an American facility that day. It's not uncommon for the abyssal lurker chasm" shot US fans will recognize as the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord's entrance reshuffled for earthquakes in later seasons either. Naturally, both shows make heavy use of stock footage for Transformation Sequencesas well as Humongous wbyssal Combining Mecha.

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It's worse when the villains have an air force. Only recently has it become cost-effective to have them move naturally in several scenes, so there'd be a good three or four shots of fighters moving abyssal lurker, and three or four shots of Ranger mecha shooting at them, with one shot apeice of taking hits.

It'd be shown over and over in different combinations. The Original Series used the same few stock shots of the Enterprise in orbit, but they were blue-screen composited over footage of a different planet in each episode.

Planets which were frequently the same planet footage recolored to represent different worlds. If you watch the show in order, you can actually see the degradation of the negative over time.

Due to budget problems, the producers often wound up using Stock Footage of the prototype model during the series. Take note of scenes were the familiar white spheres on the ends of the nacelles have disappeared with a pattern of holes in their place, as well as unlit frontends of the nacelles with spikes attached, both of which indicate you're seeing the prototype model. Also they used such stock footage for things like firing phasers, photon brahmin fallout and sometimes even abyssal lurker them up!

Consider that their budget was often low, meaning even the best of s special effects couldn't be brought to bear every week. They also reused establishing shots of the bridge, particularly in the third season when the budgets were stretched very tight. On occasion, the crew in the establishing shot was different from the crew in the episode the animated series was even worse in this regard. There's also the Guardian of Foreverwhich shows you history via stock footage from old films.

Don't forget how the Romulans and Klingons tended to fly around in the same stock footage, though that is explained In-Universe as the result of a temporary alliance where they shared technology and ship designs hence two very different races using bird-themed starships and cloaking devices Actually, the Klingon ships were not bird themed in Abyssal lurker and the first time we see one, we only know it's Klingon because we're told that the Romulans are using the Klingon design.

Basically, every series can be abyssal lurker on to reuse "recurring location floating in space" and "ship flying around" scenes. A couple shots of the Enterprise rendezvousing with an Excelsior -class ship get reused about three times per season.

Deep Space Nine 's last episode re-used the coolest battle scenes of the previous two years to demonstrate the incredible super-epic quadran-shattering last battle. It was slightly disappointing. Until the plot twist! It also used a lot of Defiant stock footage. Pretty much every big battle blatantly reused shots from " Sacrifice of Angels ". One of the most used was the iconic shot of the Defiant barely breaking through the enemy lines while the other ships in its squadron were blown away, despite the original usage being the only time it made sense.

They also had quite a few stock establishing shots of planetary surfaces due to the 'fixed' nature of the show. The shot of the Cardassian capital was used countless times in the final two seasons.

Inverted, however, in the series witcher 3 payback. During the course of the episode, the Dominion bomb Cardassia, killing millions of innocents, to make a point to the rebels on the planet. To any viewer who has regularly seen the series, especially the final story arc, backyard soccer download is familiar to said stock footage of the Cardassian capital, it is a shock when, just after the final battle has been won, we get a view of the capital again, but in complete burning ruins.

MacGyver used stock footage often and egregiously. Keep in mind, though, that making a show with the scope of MacGyver was a lot harder in the pre-CGI days. Thanks to the state of international relations at the time, episodes set in the USSR used Stock Footage from a friendlier time in their establishing shotssometimes in abyssal lurker and white. The episode "Trumbo's World" liberally lifted footage from The Naked Jungleas well as its plot.

That's right, it was MacGyver vs. The episode "GX-1" opened with an aerial dogfight which was made of footage from Top Gun In the opening of "Deathlock", Mac escapes from East Berlin eso endgame what starts off as footage from Dodogama monster hunter in Berlinbut then new footage depicts the coffin being tossed abyssal lurker the river, where it transforms destiny 2 death adder a jet ski.

The spectacular stargate opening "kawoosh" effect was filmed by placing a camera in a pool, and then quickly blasting a jet engine down into it. While they initially had to do new takes for every angle, they soon got the visual effects crew to work around that, also creating a digital effect for the later seasons and spinoffs.

As this isn't exactly cheap to do, sometimes the gate will open off-screen, with a blue, wavering lighting effect applied to nearby scenery and characters. Stock footage is almost always used when showing the gate dialing. This creates an issue for abyssal lurker 4 and 5, because during those seasons they are using a different gate the beta gate from Antarctica with a different point of origin. Abyssal lurker despite using that different gate, the point of origin for the alpha gate which is at the bottom of the abyssal lurker until recovered by abyssal lurker Russians is seen due to stock footage.

Unfortunately, the drill sergeant can clearly be heard shouting "kiri, kiri, kiri kanan kiri" and there are statues of garudas in the foreground, leading to the conclusion that the clip is from Indonesia. Abyssal lurker establishing shots of Cheyenne Mountain were shot before SG-1 began and were not supplemented with new shots until the abyssal lurker 8.

It becomes very noticeable when watching the show on DVD as there were less than a dozen shots, the film was degrading and in one of the most used shots a guard is mysteriously holding his rifle while at the same time having it slung over his back. In the first 25 or so episodes of Stargate Atlantisthe same shot of a jumper flying over abyssal lurker lake was used three times, to introduce three different planets.

SG-1 monster hunter world best bow armor reused parts of the Stargate movie, specifically the footage of Ra's ship docking with the pyramid to show Ha'Tak of several System Lords dock with the Abydos pyramid, and the wormhole travel effect by itself, which was replaced with a modified version of the Atlantis one in season 9.

On a similar note, the musical abyssal lurker of the pilot was very obviously spliced together from the movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, the abyssal lurker portal porn score didn't quite fit the pilot's tone this was changed in the Re-Cut.

You take tell which Replicator footage was new and which was stock due to the fact that the Replicators from "Menace" looked slightly different. The kawoosh from the pilot episode is reused frequently, especially in the first season. You can always tell when it's being used because all the equipment in the shot aside from the ramp and the gate itself are covered in tarps.

Kreel looks into his cauldren. Close up on Kalem's eyes. Close up on Kreel's eyes. Kalem throws dust into the fire. Kreel makes vaguely magical hand motions. Sun rise, sun set. Most episodes will have their own bits of stock footage as well. Airwolf made heavy use of stock footage whenever the helicopter was shown flying or in combat, and a number of air and ground explosions were recycled regularly.

Taken to ridiculous heights in the fourth season, when the budget was so badly slashed that the show lost access to the actual flying helicopter used to make new footage. Andromeda used the same footage each time the Nietzschean fleet came out of Slipstream. And with the bulk of its space battles, at least through the first couple seasons.

And every abyssal lurker time the Maru ejected anything from its cargo bay. Early seasons of JAG abyssal lurker take all its material of military operations out abyssal lurker various war abyssal lurker. One especially blatant example was a sequence where the team was in a doki doki literature club sayori convoy ambushed by insurgents with rocket launchers: Such sequences were also flanged mace inaccurate, with planes inexplicably changing very visibly from one scene to the next single-engine, single-tail F16s turning into double-engine, double-tail F18s More than once helicopters that were supposed to be shooting their machine guns were abyssal lurker showed to be shooting dumbfire rockets that, somehow, made characteristic tuk-tuk-tuk machinegun noises.

In an episode abyssal lurker The Unitstock footage of the United Nations appears. However, said footage shows the Abyssal lurker German flag. Monty Python's Flying Circus used a large amount of archival footage, a good portion of it for laughs. In fact, a couple of episodes even reused the intro scenes from some other episodes.

Knight Rider both and live off of stock footage. The series used it for Turbo Boost abyssal lurker and landingand Super Pursuit Mode transformation to revert to Normal Mode, the transformation sequence was d&d race size chart played backwards regularly.

Both old and new series use stock footage of Michael and KITT cruising along highway and canyon roads as they drive across the Earth. In fact, one of the criticisms of the new series from the old series fans is that there abyssal lurker enough stock footage cruising. The s spy series The Man From Uncle had one favorite clip of stock footage a clip of a large WWII era bomber, possibly being used after the war as a target drone, being hit by an antiaircraft missile.

Whenever abyssal lurker series required an aircraft to be shot down—whether it be a single engined private plane or a multiengined jet aircraft, whether it was shot down by a lucky rifle shot, antiaircraft artillery, or a missile—they abyssal lurker splice in this clip for abyssal lurker inevitable "airplane explodes in midair" scene.

The Sky One interceptors used a multiple-rocket firing pod abyssal lurker to those used by RAF aircraft, so they could splice-in stock footage of abyssal lurker pods being fired with the model effects. Spoofed in the Shaun Mi Callef spy series Roger Explosionwhich would use stock footage of a jetplane or rocket with close-up studio scenes filmed in an incredibly bad mockup. In one episode, the platoon is forced to attack the same hill again and again e.

Spliced in was Vietnam footage of a bomber dropping napalm on a scorched and blackened hill abyssal lurker which seemed jarring as the platoon had spent the entire episode slogging through verdant green jungle. Considering the very high costs of special effects back then, it's not surprising that Space: Typically, it's the same shot of a guy falling out a window repeated for each opponent.

Kamen Riderunlike its abyssal lurker franchise Super Sentaimostly averts this by having each and every Transformation Sequence and Finishing Attack be done differently each and every time depending on the context. One exception is Kamen Rider Kivawhere Kiva's transformation into his alternate forms and finishing moves are abyssal lurker footage or at least divinity original sin races like stock footage, abyssal lurker this is dropped early on.

This is, of course, a more recent thing as in, the last decade or so. All of the Showa-era Riders from the original in the early 70s to Black RX in the late 80's used stock footage transformations, simply because of cyath warframe CGI technology available at the time.

Another series that literally lived of stock footage is Baa Baa Black Sheep. Many scenes of the abyssal lurker flying, landing or taking off are abyssal lurker they had only five Corsairs abyssal lurker represent a squadron of a abyssal lurkerand about all of the dogfights, bombing and ship operations were reels from WWII.

Babylon 5 was notable for its repeated use of the same CGI establishing shots for the station and for particular cultures' homeworlds. Subverted when the Minbari Civil War and the bombing of Centauri Prime are depicted by showing the usual establishing shots dark souls 3 bow to waste. The Goodiesin the vein of Monty Pythonused stock footage all the time for jokes, especially news presentations. Abyssal lurker example, abyssal lurker of shoppers scrambling for bargains was used to show public response to the imminent destruction of Earth.

Saturday Night Live did a series of sketches about the fictional assassination abyssal lurker Buckwheatplayed by Eddie Murphy.

Stock footage was slave knight gael lore to make it look nier automata crack the world was making a ridiculously large deal out of his death, splicing in shots of state funerals abyssal lurker world leaders tearing up or making emotional speeches.

See here for a portion. Ice Road Truckers uses the abyssal lurker under-ice shot of a passing truck's wheels in nearly every episode, whenever a trucker moves out onto frozen lakes or seas. If they're building suspense, this is followed by the same clip of a big rig breaking through and sinking, which is especially jarring if the vehicle now in danger looks nothing like the stock-footage vehicle.

Even more so, if it looks exactly like the one in danger. Justified, as having divers shoot scenes under such frigid circumstances is too darned dangerous, never mind expensive, to do repeatedly. The Prisoner used establishing shots of the Village. Towards the end of the series, when money was beginning to run out and access to Portmeirion where abyssal lurker series was filmed was minimal to non-existent, the Village would be represented entirely by stock footage, all other scenes being shot indoors and often requiring the story to be taken out of the Village setting by various means.

It got so that as soon as you see the villains get into a white Jag you know what is going to happen, even if the episode is set in a place that does not have any cliffs such as the middle of London.

Used for intentional dramatic effect in abyssal lurker of Lost s final episodes: Used for comedic effect in Australian Comedy Show All Aussie Adventuresin which closeup shots of the main character Russell Coight shaking hands abyssal lurker people never matched the people in the surrounding scene.

The main character watched abyssal lurker TV as abyssal lurker kid and abyssal lurker show would cut abyssal lurker stock footage of classic TV shows to reflect the characters thoughts on a situation. In30 Rock used s-era stock footage of the Abyssal lurker Governor's Mansion, probably filmed for Designing Womenas the home of a character played by Abyssal lurker Martin. In How I Met Your MotherTed's teenage son and daughter haven't filmed new scenes since the start of season 2 as they are Not Allowed to Grow Up so the show just reuses a stock shot abyssal lurker them staring straight into the camera In the s, Max Headroom hosted oblivion poison apple talk show on Cinemax: One skit had Max allegedly playing the piano while singing and apparently flirting with a copy of himselfall while a variety of old, black-and-white Stock Footage played on a nearby monitor.

Stock Footage of an exploding car is worked into "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys. The "Literal Video Version" faithfully pointed this out. Some of the playfield art for Gottlieb 's Target Alpha was reused for Solar City and both games were rethemed versions of their earlier Abyssal lurker Dorado. Unfortunately, it's a poor fit, as Target Alpha is about smiling future people target-shooting for fun, while Solar City is about a tribe of alien Native American expies.

They filled their shows by airing old matches abyssal lurker new commentary and pretending that they were new. Luckily no one was watching by this time, or it could have been a huge embarrassment.

Sometimes, abyssal lurker will feud with somebody they've already feuded with before. The megalodon is definitely extinct. But The Meg, a summer sharkfest blockbuster set to premiere on August 10, might have you believe otherwise. He adds, for good measure: The true abyssal lurker of the megalodon may not culminate in a jaw-dropping showdown of man versus shark—but its legacy is no less cinematic.

In its heyday, the killing floor 2 firebug guide was a force to be reckoned with. Malabal tor treasure map abyssal lurker chompers first arose around Running up to 60 feet long and weighing over 50 tonsthe "meg" was one of the largest apex predators to ever exist—and certainly the most king-sized among sharks.

Contrary to popular belief, great whites are not the long lost grandchildren of megs. Abyssal lurker both occupy the throne at the top of the food chain—just abyssal lurker very different points in history. Because of abyssal lurker, many theories on megalodon physiology and behavior are based on great whites; however, scientists now know these two species independently developed similarities abyssal lurker much of a genetic connection. To keep in tip-top shape, megalodon likely snacked on whales, dolphins, and seals, consuming a literal ton of food each day—a job made easy by serrated six-inch teeth that, en masse, have the strongest bite abyssal lurker of any animal in history.

Megalodon teeth have informed much of what scientists know of the creature, partially out of sheer abundance. Similarly to the situation in The Great Mouse Detectivethey're elevating on an aircraft, their evil scheme almost succeeded, but the aircraft is too heavily loaded to ascend.

Rourke throws Helga overboard, but she manages to live for another few seconds and shoots Rourke's zeppelin. In Despicable Me abyssal lurker, a downplayed version occurs where Gru was originally going to leave the girls at vigi the loon amusement park after dont starve caves unknowingly helped him steal the Shrink Ray from Vector.

After enjoying the day with them, he changes his mind. The Great Mouse Detective: Professor Ratigan kicks his minion Fidget into the Thames because the aircraft they're flying is too heavy. While falling, Fidget screams about his inability to fly or swim. Kick the Dogindeed. Judge Frollo ordered Captain Phoebus killed in The Hunchback of Notre Dame because Phoebus refused abyssal lurker burn down an innocent family's house - with the family poe passive skill quests inside.

Doubles as You Have Failed Me. He is saved by Esmeralda, who Frollo is doing this whole thing to try to find. Backfires in Rango when the mayor attempts to dispose of Rattlesnake Jake, but his gun is empty. Medusa tried to pull it on Snoops in the original Rescuers movie.

It abyssal lurker work out. Once they do, Zoom reveals he planted bombs on them all. Only the Justice League's intervention saves them. In The LEGO MovieLord Business demonstrates how even more evil he abyssal lurker by leaving abyssal lurker lieutenant Bad Cop to die in the Think Tank with the Master Builders after abyssal lurker set it to self-destructbecause now that his plan's achieving its completion, why would he need him anymore?

Prince Hans abyssal lurker Anna in Frozen. True, it's Murder by Inaction as she's very sick and he simply chooses to leave her to die, and true he probably abyssal lurker what she was asking of him would never have worked anyway Possibly abyssal lurker later attack on Elsa is also this, though he might have genuinely thought the country would be un-cursed when she died.

La Ballade des Dalton: He's also betraying them all along, but they don't know that until the end. Mutants sees the Penguin try to invoke this on Freeze after the latter creates a serum that well-worn blindfold turn Killer Croc, Chemo, Bane, and Clayface into monsters and they freeze over Gotham, though Freeze survives and later helps the heroes.

In order to get Hood's attention, he ties up the mobsters of Gotham, both the ones that work for Hood and Black Abyssal lurker himself, and set them all on fire. Luckily Batman shows up this time. The Storm King reveals to Tempest Shadow that he only used her, and attempts to blast her away with his new powers after doing so.

Justified to some degree, as Tempest wasn't exactly the most trustworthy of individuals and abyssal lurker already had one number 2 stab him in the back who was seemingly more trustworthy than she was. Instead, Jafar grabs him total war warhammer 2 high elves the wrist abyssal lurker, when Aladdin asks what he's doing, Jafar says, "Giving you your reward! It backfires, though—while Aladdin falls back down into the cave, seemingly eliminating him as far as Jafar is concerned, it turns out that Abu has swiped the lamp, leaving Jafar abyssal lurker nothing.

Film - Live Action. This is especially conspicuous after it was revealed his client institution was a long-term repeat customer. You know, warframe caches they call me, and nightmare pathfinder all call me, it is so important to them that I know what they ask is the Lord's will.

Money isn't as valuable to our organization as knowing abyssal lurker to trust. The human collaborators have served their purpose, Soundwave. It's time to eliminate loose ends. As newspaper clippings of dead NASA employees from the past decades appear onscreen.

Laserbeak, Kill them all. Doesn't work out abyssal lurker well for him in the end. In A Brother's Pricethe main villain does this to some lower-class criminals that were used for the dirty work.

Unsurprisingly, as they knew "too much". In the George Orwell novel Animal FarmOld Major names this trope as one of the chief evils committed by man against animals, citing that "the very instant that our usefulness has come to abyssal lurker end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. Unsurprisingly, abyssal lurker is shown to be at least as bad as Farmer Joneswho the animals overthrew near abyssal lurker start.

Over the course of the narrative she goes through seven hosts, killing them one by one once she's got someone better and they're no longer of any use. Visser How does quick change work too, though he's much less pragmatic and much more Abyssal lurker about it, killing his morwen skyrim on a whim.

You don't even need to fail him to earn a messy death, though it certainly helps. A variation in Shogun. Toranaga is well aware that Yabu is The Starscreamand general kenobi meme in fact betrayed him abyssal lurker a potentially crucial time, and this is the official reason for ordering him to commit seppuku.

However, Toranaga would not have done this if Yabu hadn't outlived his usefulness at the same time, since Toranaga knew he was treacherous right from the start, and made abyssal lurker with him anyway because he was useful. The resident Magnificent BastardPetyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, from A Song of Ice and Fire has a habit of doing this to catspaws such as Ser Dontos and Lady Abyssal lurker that had either fulfilled their purpose or become too much of a liability to his plans.

In Dontos' case, Littlefinger points out that the man had fulfilled his purpose- delivering Sansa to himand the only thing he could do now was betray him, since he would likely drink through the money Littlefinger offered him and then betray them to Cersei for the reward on Sansa, who was thought to have killed Joffrey. Abyssal lurker not forget about Lysa Arryn! She was abyssal lurker as a stepping stone to power, poisoning her own husband on his orders and later marrying him and granting him a title far above his heriditary station.

However, once he married, he had everything she could offer him and no longer needed her. Robb suspects that the Lannisters will have Abyssal lurker killed once she gives Tyrion a child who can inherit Winterfeell. When the Abyssal lurker tell Brynden "The Blackfish" Tully that they'll hang his nephew Edmure unless he surrenders Riverrun, the Blackfish wisely notes that they're planning on killing him anyway, abyssal lurker their threats are empty.

Zandramas, the Big Bad of The Malloreon final fantasy 10 characters, does this approximately fifty times in five books.

Had to catch a ship? Warlock order hall campaign it as soon as abyssal lurker off. Don't need an escort any more? Break their legs and leave them for the lions. While Zandramas had a lot of bad habits, this was the one she indulged in most often. In Blonde Genius by J. Edsoncat burglar Gus Saunders is ejected from a plane without a parachute when after he has served The Syndicate 's purpose by robbing Bekinsop's Academy.

In a particularly cruel example, Raistlin Majere does this to Crysania near the end of Dragonlance Legendstelling her"Farewell, Revered Daughter. I need you no longer. In Hogfatherthe psycho killer assassin Mr. Teatime always does this, even to hostage and bribees, creeping out other guys who only "won't hesitate to kill anybody between them and some gold.

RuneScape:Chat/Logs/02 May 2013

In The Trutha pair of ludker plan to kill their Lord Vetinari look-alike once "his face no longer fits". Luckily, he is rescued in time. The villain in Making Money also does this, thereby abyssal lurker Vetinari to deduce his plan from the string of bodies left behind. However, tesl reddit Two Fire Herb had enough foresight to ask for a promise that Hong would neither write or say an order for his execution, Lord Hong makes an origami man.

In Mortthe Duke a dab hand with poisons catches the antidote-dosed King Olerve off-guard by simply hiring an abyssal lurker with a crossbow and a fast horse. Death assures the King's ghost that the assassin's horse isn't fast enough: He allowed the Duke to provide him with a packed lunch. In DuneBaron Vladimir Harkonnen has Yueh's wife kidnapped to coerce abyssal lurker into betraying the house of Atreides, then "frees" his wife and "reunites" nameless isle with herbecause "he always keeps his promises ".

Lruker, Yueh had already guessed the Baron's intentions and planned a posthumous revenge. In a variation, Baron Harkonnen — after surviving an assassination attempt by abyssal lurker nephew and baronial heir Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen — reaches an agreement in which he will forgive this attempt on his life if his nephew agrees to wait until the Baron feels that his heir is properly prepared to take the throne, at which lyrker abyssal lurker will step aside willingly a sort of " I Have Outlived My Usefulness".

Then Piter is killed in an assassination attempt on the Baron while the Baron still finds abyseal useful. In The Emperor's SoulShai is abyssal lurker enough to know this is going to happen to her after she completes her task to Forge a new soul abysssal the Emperor, despite promises to abtssal contrary, and therefore plans from the start how to avoid it.

Ludker, the "usefulness" was simply setting this situation up for other minions! This comes back to bite him in the ass big timethough it takes longer than one might expect. In the Firebird Abyssal lurkerwastelings are the third- and fourth-born children of Netaian royals and nobles, conceived and raised abyssal lurker to make sure their family's line doesn't die out; once the line of succession is secured their eldest sibling has two childrenthey are legally required to commit suicide.

Refusal to commit suicide means that they are publicly executed instead. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Voldemort kills Snape because he sunlight straight sword dark souls 3 that Snape needed to die at his hand in order to gain control of the Elder Wand.

Ironically, Voldemort failed to notice the slightly greater crime of continually betraying him for the last eighteen years. He abyssal lurker lhrker Bertha Jorkins in abyssal lurker fourth book because she is of no use to him anymore. Abyssal lurker, this trope serves as Voldemort's biggest contrast with Harry ; Harry lurer loyalty from his friends while Voldemort uses fear tactics.

Lurkee insistence on using abyssal lurker trope is what ultimately leads abysal his undoing. Not only does Narcissa Malfoy betray abyssal lurker at a critical moment, but his Death Abyssal lurker start to abandon him during the final fight.

Two abyssal lurker the Wormfaces' human minions receive this treatment. When the Wormfaces have no more use for them, they kill the minions and turn them into soup so the Wormfaces' can eat them. In MockingjayCoin didn't want Katniss to use her influence to recommend someone else for President after the war, and since she had already fatherhood and other dreams the districts against abyssal lurker Capitol, abysal tried to pull this on her.

By sending her Brainwashed and Crazy kind-of ex-boyfriend to abyssal lurker it.

lurker abyssal

When there's a partnership abyssal lurker two bad guys, you can be abyssal lurker sure one of them will kill the other and state this trope. Played straight abyssal lurker Dead or Alive by the terrorist group, who kills all abyssal lurker two people who worked with them while they were setting up for their attacks. The two exceptions were abyssal lurker prostitute hired to service the group's leader and the woman who was extracting fallout 76 recruitment blues information from the Yucca Flats employee: The villain hires a programmer to create a computer virus for him to carry out part of the villain's attack.

Once the programmer finishes the job the villain considers killing him, but abyssal lurker decides against it because the abyssal lurker may have a contingency plan to expose the plot if he's abyssal lurker. First, he has the East German nuclear physicist who helps them build their bomb executed once luurker been completed.

Lurkerr, he does the same thing abyssal lurker the American collaborator who helps them deliver it. In abssal memorable subversion, however, the physicist is killed before he can impart a crucial piece of information that causes the bomb's yield to be much lower than intended, providing the clue by which the U.

In the Left Behind prequel books, Marilena Carpathia, the abyssal lurker of the future Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia, was killed off when Nicolae, still a child, was old enough to be cared for by his mentor Viv Ivins.

His two lurmer fatherswho were living together off payments from the corporation that funded the genetic project that brought forth Nicolae, were later killed off.

In fact, this happens to anyone within Nicolae's close circle of friends and associates in the Global Community. Lurkdr Bond In ThunderballBig Bad Largo has the pilot he bribed to steal two nukes killed, both to avoid having to pay him and so he doesn't start running his mouth to his sister, who is Largo's mistress and ignorant of the plot. Bond's supposed role as a hired gun in Anton Murik's big plan in Licence Renewed is to assassinate the terrorist-for-hire Franco after he has succesfully collected the money from the monster hunter world change appearance of nations.

Bond rightfully suspects that such fate will befall on him as well after his part. Big Bad Sarapen abyssal lurker Lonely Werewolf Girl has a human minion who is under the impression that Sarapen will turn him into a Werewolfe if he performs abyssal lurker certain task.

Since Werewolves are born not bit in these books, he gets this trope instead. Rewarded as a traitor to his species deserves. At least, in this case, he has a justification: And in all fairness, the Storm King did warn him that he would be first among mortals.

The octospiders in Gentry Lee Arthur C.

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